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Firm Overview

We are strong legal advocates who will work to protect your legal rights and interests at all times. The outcome of any family law matter can have long-term effects on your life, and particularly your financial affairs. We will work to ensure a just and fair resolution to these matters. We will do our best to deliver the results that you desire.

We take a comprehensive approach to your problems. We address the legal concerns, but we also work with you to resolve the financial, emotional and spiritual concerns that commonly accompany family / divorce law matters. We believe that everyone has a unique destiny, and we work hard to assist you in making this very difficult transition.

Seeking Fairness, Justice and Peace of Mind for All Involved
As a lawyer, Barry Fischer is cool and calm, even in turbulent and emotion-filled family law matters such as divorce or child custody and visitation disputes. Throughout the legal process, we will stand by you with compassion and firmness of purpose. For us, a successful outcome is more than just a court order or stipulation; it means a workable solution, peace of mind, and a sense of justice for all involved.

Many of our clients have net worth in the tens of millions of dollars. Unfortunately, often one spouse has held the power and control throughout the marriage. They have been able to hide assets, use other names and place funds outside the control of the other. Our firm is able to locate assets that should be distributed fairly. Alternatively, we are able to preserve your assets, and prevent your spouse from unfairly obtaining them.

This approach to family law resolves more than just the immediate problems. It enables you to grow beyond the disappointments of the past, so that you can move forward with your life in a positive way.

For a free consultation with Barry Fischer, Attorney at Law, call 877-600-4LAW (877-600-4529) or contact us online. We represent clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California.

We are aggressive, results-oriented advocates for our clients.

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Barry Fischer

Barry Fischer firmly believes that family law matters can be most effectively addressed by taking a comprehensive approach. By considering the financial, emotional, and spiritual impact of family law matters, he is able to resolve complex and complicated legal concerns and find solutions that work for his clients.

He utilizes a variety of legal tools to achieve these results, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. He prefers a collaborative approach with the client and experts, offering creative solutions, not just issuing demands as is so common in the practice of family law.

For a free consultation with Barry Fischer, Attorney at Law in Los Angles, California, call 877-600-4LAW (877-600-4529)

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