The Law Office of Andrea David Vega

The Law Office of Andrea David Vega

At the Law Office of Andrea David Vega we understand every client is different, much as every legal issue is different. Our first commitment is to listen and understand each client. Our clients can trust us with their specific needs.

Firm Overview

At the Law Office of Andrea David Vega, we ensure that we have a complete understanding of the complexity of each client's legal issues and specific goals. This understanding allows a focus of advice on specific needs. We can then offer resolutions and solutions that are attainable. Our expertise is grounded in recognizing the intricacies of our clients' legal issues. Our goal as a law firm is to ensure each clients' receipt of legal advice is specific to our clients' needs. By focusing on individual circumstances and objectives, the result is a uniquely tailored comprehensive array of options for resolving any legal issue.

We believe that the practice of law is about helping others. We strive to be more than just providers of legal services. As a small but forward moving law firm, we have an exceptional ability to craft immediate, comprehensive, and customized solutions for our clients. This adds value beyond simply drafting documents or reviewing legal requirements. As a small firm, we offer localized yet full service legal counsel. We believe that every client, no matter how big or small, should have a full-service law firm. In that capacity, we are able to identify and prevent collateral problems that would go unnoticed by law firms that have a singular focus. At the same time, we provide responsive, localized service to our clients, many of whom have realized that a full service law firm doesn't have to be a big law firm.

Each case and each client is different. Some cases benefit from mediation, some from arbitration while some must be tried in court. With some matters we are able to reach creative solutions before the adversarial process begins. Whichever path your case may follow, we will listen and work diligently to protect your rights and to achieve a satisfactory resolution of your case.

Our clients satisfaction defines our success. Clients sign on the dotted line. Clients must be comfortable with the advice and solutions presented to them. To ensure satisfaction, we focus our efforts on providing timely, precise and practical advice and solutions. We know that the legal advice we provide to our clients must promote their objectives.
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242 South Culver Street
Suite 204
Lawrenceville  GA  30046
  • (770) 962-1923
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Office Hours
8:30 am to 6:00 pm
Office Manager
Dayana Manrique
Languages Spoken
Solo practitioner who is well versed in assisting individuals with deciding whether bankruptcy is an option for them.
Our goal is to provide the best possible legal services. We assist individuals with deciding whether bankrupcty is an option. If bankruptcy is an option, we discuss which chapter of bankruptcy best suits their needs. Everyone has different circumstances and will be afforded an opportunity to meet with the attorney and discuss their specific set of circumstances.

Andrea David Vega

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