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Our Personal Injury Lawyers handle all types of personal injury claims, including burn injuries, defective products and product liability claims, car wrecks, wrongful death cases, slip-and-fall claims and nursing home abuse claims.

If you or a loved one was injured due to the negligence of another, you have the right to pursue damages.

We offer FREE case reviews to determine the merits of your claim and we don't get paid unless you collect.
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Auto Accident
Admittedly, while there can be many causes of a car crash, at the Edwards Law Firm we strongly believe that negligent drivers need to be held responsible and accountable for their actions.
In a report recently issued by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, in 2010 there were over 610 fatal crashes on the roads of Oklahoma that year. Of this total, over 450 were the drivers on the vehicles, and unfortunately, 217 were either passengers, bicyclists, pedestrians or occupants that we simply parked in a vehicle.

With this in mind, we are dedicated to ensuring that injury victims receive fair and just compensation when injured in a car wreck, and will fight for the MAXIMUM amount that our client may be eligible for.

Common Accident Injuries:
Due to the various circumstances and vehicle types that can be involved in a collision, there are many types of injuries that can result from a bad car wreck.

Some of these include (but are not limited to):

Back injuries
Brain and head traumas
Spinal cord injuries
Leg and knee injury
Seat belt trauma
Broken bones
Internal bleeding
.... just to name a few.

It is important to note that any time one driver injures another, it needs to be proven that a lack of duty of car has occurred on behalf of the at-fault driver. This is where our team of attorneys can help.

What To Do After A Collision:
A collision scene can be a very disorienting environment. With potential hazards of smoke, fire, broken glass and debris at the scene - along with flashing lights and sirens of any law enforcement or first response teams - it can be difficult to be mindful of the events that happen shortly after a crash has occurred.

Some simple tips to remember include:

-move away from immediate danger
-remain calm
-call 9-1-1
-turn on your hazard lights (if they are operable after the crash)
-write down the names and contact information of any -witnesses of the accident
-exchange information with the other driver
-use your cell phone to take pictures of the scene
-ask the responding officer for a copy of the accident report

As people often forget the details of an event shortly after it has happened, these simple tips can help to provide valuable information for an attorney, should you need to pursue a claim for compensation.

Handling Insurance Company Inquiries:
In most post-collision situations, the insurance company that has issued an insurance policy to the at-fault driver will often send out an assessor to determine the cause of the accident, and an approximate estimate of the damages.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to understand that these investigators are NOT your friend. They are highly-skilled individuals, that are trained to obtain sensitive information from you and your loved ones when you are most vulnerable.

This is where we can also help. By hiring our services, we can help to prepare you for their questions or in many instances, will simply have you refer all of their inquiries directly to our attorneys.

By doing this, we can help to further guide you safely past the areas that many injury victims fall into - thereby allowing you to focus on your recovery - in the knowledge that we are representing you with your best interests at heart.

What Does It Cost To Hire Your Attorney?
Here at the Edwards Law Firm, we have a strong belief that everyone should have access to competent legal cousel. With this in mind, we proudly work on a contigency basis. What this means is that we do not charge you for our services or our fees unless we obtain a settlement for you.

We also gladly offer a "Free Case Review" - which allows potential customers just like you to contact our team of attorneys with information about your injury, and we will then review it and help determine if you have grounds to file a claim - totally free.

If we deem that you do have a case, we will advise you on the best way to move forward with proceedings.
Medical Malpractice
Medical malpractice is the term that is used to describe the failure of a healthcare worker to provide adequate care to a patient, as a result of not following recognized standards of medical safety.
Despite most patients expecting to receive adequate care whenever they visit a medical practitioner, unfortunately mistakes can be made and consequently, innocent people become the victims of medical malpractice.

If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of the negligence of medical staff, you may be eligible to receive compensation for any damage that was caused by the at-fault party.

Who Is Responsible For Medical Malpractice?
Contrary to popular belief, doctors are not the only people that can be the source of medical malpractice. While it can be difficult to prove who is responsible, there are a variety of other medical practitioners and areas of the medical profession that can contribute to a patient injury.

Some of these include (but are not limited to):

ER staff
first aid medics
nursing home staff
health clinics
hospital technicians
general practitioners
.... just to name a few.

In the event of a serious personal injury, it is important to contact a reputable lawyer who can help to advise you on your options - should you decide to pursue compensation for your injuries.

Common Types Of Medical Malpractice:
Despite most medical professionals not intentionally trying to hurt their patients, simply due to the large volume of people that an average care giver attends to in a day, mistakes can happen.

Some common areas in the medical field where these mistakes occur can include:

general negligence
prescription errors
medication miscalculations
anaesthesia errors
birthing room mistakes
failure of patient monitoring
dental malpractice
surgical errors
delay of diagnosis
psychiatric assessment mistakes
radiology errors
optical surgery oversight

Unfortunately, the after-effects of any mistakes in this industry can create life-changing circumstances for those involved.

Injuries That Can Be Sustained After A Medical Error:
As there are specialists for almost every part of the human anatomy, there are many types of injuries that can manifest after a medical error.

Some of the most common include:

traumatic brain injury
spinal damage
interal bleeding
cerebral palsy
vision defects
hair loss
nerve damage
.... just to name a few.

The resulting costs from a medical error can be crippling for most injury victims and their families - additional medical costs needed to correct any problems, medication costs, loss of wages and other factors can simply be unsustainable for many people.

Here at the Edwards Law Firm, we strongly believe that negligent individuals and companies need to be held responsible and accountable for their actions. We have a hard won reputation of fighting for the people - not large firms and corporations - and have the knowledge, resources and experience to take on large organizations to pursue the MAXIMUM compensation benefits for our clients.
Personal Injury
With decades of experience handling personal injury cases throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas, our skilled team of attorneys have won over $70 MILLION in successful verdicts and settlements for our clients, and are ready to help you today.
Types of Personal Injury Claims:
While our team can handle most types of personal injury litigation, in an effort to best assist our clients, we tend for focus our services on some specific areas of personal injury law.

A list of these include (but are not limited to):

Car accidents
Truck collisions
Motorcycle crash injuries
Defective drugs
Defective products
Dog and animal bites
Faulty medical devices
Medical malpractice
Nursing home abuse
Oilfield accidents
Slip-and-fall incidents
Social security disability
Wrongful death lawsuits

When you have been hurt due to the negligence of another, we believe that you have a right to receive fair compensation from whoever is responsible for causing your injury - whether it is an individual, an insurance company, or an entity such as a hospital, a business or a manufacturer.

What Defines A Personal Injury?
The term "personal injury" is a legal description for an injury that a person can sustain to their body, mind or emotions. It's important to note that in many personal injury cases, the property of the injured can also be damaged, and with that in mind, many personal injury compensation claims also include provision for the replacement of any damaged items (or sufficient finances to fix the them).

A more detailed description of each area of injury includes:

Personal Injury - this is defined by someone being physically injured in an accident due to the negligence of the at-fault party, or as a result of a defective product. An example of this may be when a motorcycle rider suffers a broken leg due to being hit by a drunk motorist.

Psychological / Emotion damage - in many personal injury cases, victims often suffer from the memory of the accident or resulting injury, which can prevent injury victims from returning to their previous way of life. An example of this would be a freeway auto accident victim, that is afraid to drive on the interstate for fear of being injured in another car crash.

Damage to property - this can apply when damage has been sustained to material goods or items as a result of an accident. An example of this would be damage to a motor vehicle that was sustained after being hit by a fatigued driver.

If you or someone you love has been injured, our team of Tulsa personal injury attorneys have the knowledge and resources to fight for your MAXIMUM compensation benefits.

How We Can Help You:
In many instances, injury victims and their families are left at the mercy of insurance companies from the at-fault party. Following an injury, these companies will often send out highly-skilled "estimators" that are trained to not only determine the cause and extent of the damage, but to also obtain any sensitive information from the injury victims that can (and will) be used against them in a court of law.

Here at our firm, we are aware of the tricks and tactics that these insurance companies use on injury victims, and can help to shield you from their inquires. We are also highly trained in our respective fields, and can assemble a robust case for your injury compensation - which may include provision for:

Pain and suffering
Medical bills
Ongoing treatments
Lost income
Permanent disability
Loss of intimate relations with a spouse or partner
Damages(punishment) for the responsible parties

It's important to note that in most states throughout the U.S, injury lawsuits must be filed within a set period of time after the incident. With that in mind, by contacting our staff shortly after your incident has occurred, we can begin protecting your best interests, and enable you to focus on your recovery.
Trucking Accident
At the Edwards Law Firm, our personal injury attorneys have very detailed knowledge of the commercial vehicle accident laws throughout Oklahoma and can help injury victims to fight for the MAXIMUM amount of injury compensation that they deserve.
In a report recently released by the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office, it was noted that in 2011 alone, there were more than 4,500 crashes throughout Oklahoma that involved trucks or larger commercial vehicles - with more than 1,700 resulting in injuries and a further 84 of those crashes creating a fatality.

While there can be many different causes of an accident that involves a commercial vehicle, it's important to note that due to the sheer amount of force that is produced at the moment of impact, the resulting property damage and personal injuries can be staggering for all parties involved.

Causes of Truck Accidents:
According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, in 98 percent of big rig crashes, the driver of the car was killed, not the trucker - with one out of eight traffic deaths involving a large commercial truck or vehicle.

With industry profits expected to almost double in the next five years, here at the Edwards Law Firm, we believe that transport companies and truck owners need to assist the existing efforts of government officials, by helping to further enforce the current standards for adequate vehicle maintenance and driver education for the vehicles and drivers.

However, while this would be a worthwhile place to start, it's important to note that there can also be many different causes of accidents that involve trucks.

Some of these can include:

Driver fatigue, because of the deadlines placed upon the driver
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Using defective equipment
Lack of driver training
Bad weather conditions
Inexperienced drivers
Load shifts / incorrectly secured cargo
.... among many others.

With many semi-trailer accidents involving driver error, it's important that other motorists remember to drive in a defensive manner whenever sharing the road with a prime mover - making sure that they stay out of that vehicles blind spot whenever possible.

Popular Vehicle Types:
Due to the increasing demands of the transport industry, many manufacturers have created vehicles that are designed to handle specific requirements of the industry.

Some of these include:
18 Wheelers / tractor trailers
Delivery vehicles (UPS / USPS / FEDEX)
Dump trucks
Fire trucks
Flat beds
Livestock haulers
Passenger movers (buses / coaches / tour buses)
Waste disposal vehicles
.... just to name a few.

All of which have been designed to perform a specific function for the owner or operator of that vehicle.

Common Types Of Injuries:
Despite the crash avoidance systems and vehicle occupant protection devices that are built into many of today vehicles, the sheer force of thousands of pounds of weight colliding at speed often creates an impact that most vehicles cannot withstand.

The resulting injuries to vehicle occupants can be life changing for all parties concerned. Some of the most common injuries that crash victims experience can include:

Traumatic brain injury
Spinal cord damage
Back and neck injury
Broken bones
Facial damage
Internal bleeding
.... just to name a few.

In many instances, accident victims are also faced with substantial medical costs, long term rehabilitation and mental fatigue related to the incident.

Injury Victim? Contact Our Tulsa Truck Accident Lawyer Today

Following your accident injury, you may have been pressured by the attorneys of the trucking and insurance companies to accept a settlement. While settling these kinds of cases is not uncommon, the advice and negotiating skills of an experienced Tulsa injury attorney can help to ensure that you have an advocate for a fair settlement.

Here at the Edwards Law Firm, our team of accident lawyers are always prepared to build a case and see it through in court - seeking the MAXIMUM compensation amount for damages that you have incurred, which can include provisions for:

medical expenses
lost wages and income
suffering and pain
property damage or loss
the loss of companionship with a spouse or family member
future earnings that would be lost
.... and much more.

With a proud history of representing injury victims throughout Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas, we have won more than $50 MILLION in successful verdicts and settlements and are ready to help you today.
Wrongful Death
Here at the Edwards Law Firm, we understand that there is little to no comfort in pursuing compensation for the loss of a loved one - however, there can be relief in knowing that you held someone accountable for their wrongdoing.
Wrongful death is defined as an action that involves the taking of a life due to the willful or negligent actions of another person or persons.

A wrongful death attorney fights for the compensation that the remaining family members may be eligible to receive when a person, group or a corporation caused the death of your relative due to reckless, careless or neglectful behavior.

Common Causes of Wrongful Death:
Unfortunately, there can be a variety of accidents that can lead to a wrongful death. As part of the "personal injury" tort family, wrongful death lawsuits hold either an individual or entity accountable for any damages that they may have caused to the victim.

The most common causes of wrongful death in Oklahoma and throughout the U.S include:
Vehicle or pedestrian accidents
Large commercial truck accidents
Death at a workplace
Construction site incidents
Medical malpractice
Drunk drivers
Faulty products - called "product liability"
Bus, train and plane incidents

Following most accidents of this nature, quite often the at-fault party will enlist the service of an attorney - which may also include representation from any applicable insurance agencies, in an attempt to convince you to settle for an amount that could potentially be just a fraction of what is possible.

You may find that these people will carefully avoid any apology, admission of guilt or even sympathy in an attempt to ensure that they admit no wrongdoing at this point of the process.

With this in mind, it's important to consider hiring the services of a skilled wrongful death lawyer, who can make sure that your best interests are represented. At our firm we not only fight for answers, but we also often hire leading industry professionals to help investigate our claim - putting our experience and resources to work on behalf of the surviving family members.

Key Requirements:
In almost any lawsuit, it is necessary for the plaintiff to establish and prove that the defendant in the case was responsible for the actions they are being accused of. In a wrongful death case, those same rules apply. However, in order to obtain a favorable result, there are generally four primary areas that need to be addressed.

These primary areas include:
-there was a duty that the defendant had to the deceased
-that duty was not fulfilled by the defendant
-the death was cased by this failure
-why the surviving members of the deceased are entitled to compensation

By helping to establish these points, the team of attorneys at the Edwards Law Firm can help to construct a robust, comprehensive case and provide you with the best opportunity of securing a favorable verdict.

Statute of Limitations in Wrongful Death Claims:
While we understand that you and those that were associated with the deceased are grieving, and it may have taken time for the actual cause of death to be known to you.

It's important to note that there is a limited period of time after a death in which an attorney is allowed by law to file a wrongful death claim.
Aviation Accidents
Edwards Law also represents Aviation Accident cases.
Contact Edwards Law if you need someone with experience in Aviation Accidents.

Tony Edwards

Tony is AV Rated by Martindale-Hubbell and has practiced in the area of Personal Injury Law for over 25 years. He is admitted to practice in all state and federal courts in Oklahoma & Arkansas. He has also handled cases in Texas, Louisiana, New York, and Ohio.

He began practicing in Ada, Oklahoma after law school graduation in 1982. After working there for several years, Tony and his family moved to McAlester, where he began working for the Stipe Law Firm. While there his practice almost exclusively consisted of representing injured persons and the families of deceased individuals. He tried many cases against negligent parties, including many major corporations.

After working as a partner in the Stipe Law Firm for many years, Tony, Mark Edwards (no relation) and Trevor Furlong decided to leave and start a new, smaller firm that would allow a more personal approach to practicing law. In May 2006 they began the Edwards Law Firm.

Tony's main areas of practice include:

Automobile Accident
Drug and Medical Device Litigation
Products Liability
Power Line Injuries
Chemical Exposure
Oilfield Accidents

Tony was born in McAlester, Oklahoma and grew up near McAlester, attending and graduating from school in Stuart in 1974. After high school he attended East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and Psychology. Tony attended law school at the University of Oklahoma, graduating in 1982.

While at College in Ada, Tony met and married his wife DeVonna. They have five children; three daughters and two sons.

The Edwards' Family attends Lakewood Christian Church, where Tony has served as an Elder for 15 years. He has also served on the board of directors for the McAlester Boys & Girls Club.

In his spare time, Tony enjoys golf, basketball and being with his family.