The Baker Law Office

The Baker Law Office

Bill Baker has 25 years experience representing people who are charged with various offenses from traffic tickets to major state and federal felonies. We also restore the right to possess firearms after felony convictions.

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If you are involved in a traffic stop, or a police investigation, DO NOT agree to take any type of tests, including blood, breath or urine tests, answer any questions, perform roadside tests, consent to a search, or admit anything until you have consulted with attorney Bill Baker. DO be polite, show your drivers license, proof of insurance and registration AND CALL BILL BAKER IMMEDIATELY, I am available by telephone 24 hours a day. My telephone number is (509) 294-0839.
If you have lost your right to possess firearms because of a felony conviction or Domestic Violence conviction, we may be able to restore your rights. Also, we may be able to vacate your felony conviction from your record so that you can honestly answer that you have never been convicted of a felony. If a police officer tries to questions you, politely advise him that you will not answer any questions until you have consulted with BILL BAKER
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Main Office
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Criminal Defense
Bill Baker has been representing people charge with crimes for over 25 years.
Bill Baker represents persons charged with major felonies, misdemeanors including domestic violence, drug charges, assaults, theft, DUI, Driving While License Suspended
Bill Baker has represented thousands of people charged with DUI over the past 25 years with satisfactory results for my clients.
If you are stopped for DUI, DON'T agree to take a blood, breath, or urine test; answer any questions or agree to be taped, perform roadside tests, or admit anything until you call and talk to Bill Baker at (509)294-0839
Bill Baker has represented hundreds of people who have had prior felony convictions and has vacated the convictions and restored their right to possess firearms over the past 25 years.
If you have a felony conviction and have lost your right to possess a firearms and 5 years have passed since the date the offense was committed, Bill Baker can restore your right to possess firearms.
Bill Baker may be able to vacate the conviction from your criminal history record if more than 5 years have past since the date the offense was committed and you have had no subsequent convictions of felonies or misdemeanors.
Also, Bill Baker has helped people through the process obtaining federal and state pardons and restoration of civil rights such as the right to vote after a felony conviction.
Traffic Tickets
Bill Baker has represented people charged with traffic offenses for over 25 years, including speeding, improper land changes, failure to yield, driving too fast for conditions, etc.
Bill Baker can represent you regarding traffic tickets in contested hearings, deferments, amendments to non-moving violations and mitigations in traffic tickets.
Sex Crimes
If you are charged with a sex crime, call Bill Baker at (509)327-7567 or (509) 294-0839 immediately.
Do not answer any questions or perform any tests until you have called Bill Baker.

Bill Baker

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