Telios Law PLLC

Telios Law PLLC

Telios Law is a Colorado law firm serving religious ministries, churches, individuals, and businesses in litigation, appeals, and alternatives to litigation.

Firm Overview

Telios Law is a Colorado law firm serving religious ministries, individuals, and businesses across the Front Range and beyond, representing them in litigation, appeals, and alternatives to litigation.

Our firm name reflects our approach to legal practice. "Telios" means "complete, perfect, or whole," and it is related to the word for finishing or completing. "Telios" defines successful results in terms of being complete, whole, or mature. Excellent legal work is important, but wasted unless it makes your business, personal life, or ministry more whole and helps you achieve your vision more perfectly. Legal services are expensive, and legal conflict has high costs financially and otherwise. Telios Law helps you consider whether legal solutions help bring completeness in your business, ministry, or personal life, and which legal solutions are likely to reach your desired end.

Telios Law's religious organizations and corporate practice ranges from advising on legal and policy issues with a special emphasis on First Amendment policies, international law, child protection policies and practices, and employment to assisting with internal investigations, business disputes, and litigation defense. Appellate practice also makes up a portion of Telios Law's practice, usually as appellate co-counsel with other attorneys who have served as trial counsel.
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Theresa Sidebotham

Telios Law PLLC focuses on general litigation and appellate work for businesses and individuals, on representing churches and ministries in a variety of religious law issues, on religious liberties law, and on civil rights law. "Telios" is a Greek word that means "complete," "whole," or "mature." Theresa Sidebotham, the founder, says that excellent legal work is important, but wasted unless it makes your business, personal life, or ministry more whole and helps achieve your vision more perfectly. Because Theresa is an Allied attorney with Alliance Defending Freedom, she does pro bono religious liberty work.

Although Theresa was born in New York, her parents arrived in Indonesia just in time for the "Year of Living Dangerously," and her family was among the few foreigners who stayed in Jakarta through the Communist coup and counter-coup. Fortunately, she was too small to remember any of it, including the death threats. She grew up in West Java, making her a Third Culture Kid or Missionary Kid. Like many TCK/MKs, she has lived in 7 countries for a summer or more and learnedand mostly forgotten7 languages if you include English. Her schooling included international school, missionary boarding school, private Christian school and American public school, though mostly home schoolof the "have these books finished before the end of the school year" variety.

She left for Wheaton College with no visible means of support when she was 16, going on 17. There she met her husband Bruce, who was on a full ROTC scholarship for the U.S. Army. Theresa graduated in the top 1% of the class and decided to be a military wife. The four Sidebotham boys were born on three different continents. After Bruce's military service and further education, the family headed to Sumatra for seven years.

In Sumatra, Theresa managed a tri-lingual household in a fairly primitive setting. She taught English literature in a university, and helped start a quilting home industry for under-privileged women there. Daily life in their home included her four sons; a small international school that she ran with students from at least four different countries; her husband's office and coworker; her household helpers and their child; and a constant stream of visitors, some from remote villages. Their most terrifying family adventure was the time her husband and some friends were in the crater of an active volcano when it erupted. No one in their group was killed, but Theresa helped evacuate two of the victims to Singapore, and her husband carries the burn scars to this day.

After coming back to the U.S. for family reasons, Bruce stayed in ministry. Theresa spent some time homeschooling their sons, partly to help some of them overcome disabilities, which later gave her an interest in special education law. Theresa started law school with her four sons still at home. Law school was a relaxing change, and she graduated first in her class in 2005.

Theresa was mentored by judges at the Colorado Court of Appeals and worked at a large law firm serving religious institutions and doing general litigation before opening Telios Law PLLC.
  • Bar Number: 36713
    Colorado , 2005
  • Wheaton College
    Bachelor of Arts, Literature
    Class Rank #5.5, GPA 3.91; Summa cum laude; Scholastic Honor Society
  • University of Denver Sturm College of Law
    Juris Doctor , 2005
    Class rank #1; Faculty Prize and Order of Saint Ives

Jessica Ross

Jessica graduated in the top 10% of her class from University of Colorado Law School in 2012. While in law school, Jessica developed a passion for appellate practice and complex constitutional law. She served as an intern for the Honorable Timothy M. Tymkovich on the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit, and competed as the switch oralist for the school's National Moot Court team. She took practically every class available relating to legal religious issues and the First Amendment, and gained experience as a Blackstone Legal Fellow after a summer immersed in constitutional theory and practice.

After law school, Jessica pursued her appellate interests, serving as a judicial law clerk to the Honorable David M. Furman on the Colorado Court of Appeals, and then as a clerk for the Honorable Nathan B. Coats on the Colorado Supreme Court.

Jessica grew up in the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska and remains an avid Nebraska football fan. She has called Colorado home ever since she moved here to complete her undergraduate studies at Johnson & Wales University in Denver, where she double-majored in Marketing and Management. She lives in Denver with her family.
  • Bar Number: 44927
    Colorado , 2012
  • Johnson & Wales University
    Marketing, Management , 2007
    Summa cum laude
  • University of Colorado Law School
    Juris Doctor , 2012
    Dean's List: Fall 2009, Fall 2010, Fall 2011, Spring 2012