Tatia D. Barnes, Esq.

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My practice focuses on providing clients with high quality professional service in a cost effective manner.

My unique approach is based on learning a client's circumstances and legal needs through communication, and then empowering the client with an understanding of the legal options or ramifications they are facing.

Throughout the course of the attorney-client relationship, the client develops a keener understanding of their concerns and our legal strategy.

The resulting success benefits both the client and the case overall.

This is a vision I developed in law school, and it's quite fulfilling to finally practice what started as a provocative theory of an eager law student.

Soon after establishing myself as a probate and estates practitioner, my practice has grown and I am regularly retained by clients here in New York as well as from other states (regarding New York estate matters).

It has been an exhilarating experience thus far. I love what I do.
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Fees are normally discussed during our consultation, and are always clearly set out in writing, whether based on a flat fee or hourly rate.

Determining the cost of handling your legal matter will depend on a number of factors including the nature of your legal problem, its complexity and our legal objective.

Flat rates for Wills begin at $1,500.

Flat rates for Trusts begin at $4,000.

Flat rates for Estate Trials begin at $25,000.

Flat rates for Estate Appeals begin at $40,000.

A 50% Retainer Is Required In All Cases.

Disbursements are billed and required to be paid monthly.
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It is understandably difficult to deal with the loss of a loved one while also bearing the burden of reviewing their assets and administering the estate.

Consulting with a caring and experienced New York Estates & Probate Attorney to discuss the handling of your family member's estate can be a welcomed relief during your time of bereavement.

New York Estate and probate proceedings often require Surrogate's & Supreme Court appearances, document filings and sworn responses in the following areas:

Probate Petitions & Proceedings
Administration Petitions & Proceedings
Surrogate's Court Citations
Discovery, Depositions and Witness Appearances
Article 81 Guardianship Proceedings
Article 17(a) Guardianship Proceedings

Schedule a free consultation to discuss retaining an experienced attorney for your court filings and appearances.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

As a litigator, there were many instances where I was retained to handle a court matter for a new client, and then ultimately assisted with their Estate Planning or Probate matters. This lead to my current specialization in probate and estate law.

What made this a perfect transition for me was the fact that there is a human factor involved in any probate and estate law practice that requires a firm but caring approach.

Most situations are sensitive and the necessary discussions can be triggering. So you can imagine how difficult it is to deal with:

(1) the loss of a loved one while also bearing the burden of reviewing their assets and administering the estate;

(2) the heartbreak of dealing with the mental or physical deterioration of a loved one while having to marshal their assets and arrange for long term health care; or

(3) the anxiety of a medical emergency (or scare) creating the need to prepare a Power of Attorney, Guardianship Petition, Will or trust.

While it seem's unbearable to talk "business" while going through any of these situations, you still need the assistance of an attorney to navigate the various legal options and restrictions.

So there is a huge benefit in working with an Attorney who takes the necessary time to understand the details of your legal situation while maintaining respectful consideration of what you are personally experiencing.

Whether you are seeking to
draft a Will,
draft a Trust,
draft a Power of Attorney,
draft a Living Will (healthcare proxy) or are
involved in a guardianship matter or
the administration of an deceased family member's estate, the approach that I have developed ensures that you are heard and understood, and that your rights and assets are properly protected.

This is the human factor that makes me love the work that I do. It enable me to be caring and supportive while still providing outstanding legal services. An added bonus is that I'm more than capable of handling any estate litigation matters that arises in the course of representation.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

I encourage my clients to educate themselves regarding the legal issues that concern their assets, goals and families.

The law permeates every inch of their existence as property owners, investors as well as family members seeking to pass on a legacy.

I invite clients to seek my expertise as a legal professional, just as I seek medical expertise from my own physician (and I actually attend medical visits with a list of questions).

Educating themselves in the law only leads to a more productive attorney-client relationship.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?


Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the various ethical restrictions attorneys are bound to govern themselves by.

After an initial consultation, I would prefer to enter into an attorney-client relationship first, and then assist the client to the best of my legal and ethical abilities.

If an attorney-client relationship were not possible, then I would refer that person to one of the many legal volunteer programs for pro se litigants.

Tatia Barnes

I've provided a rather detailed history of my legal career on my firm web page.

Without repeating that information here, my legal career has been a very rewarding experience.

As a result of my serving as an Assistant District Attorney and trial associate, I am an aggressive, polished, and creative attorney. I enjoy litigating.

I have also enjoyed assisting business owners with their legal circumstances and industry practices for several years.

After assisting business owners with their estate and probate needs, it was a powerful move to establish a probate and estates law practice designed to meet these legal needs of hard working and successful families seeking to preserve, protect and eventually pass on their assets.

My experiences in dealing with people from all walks of life, and from various areas of the legal field have taught me to treat each person with human dignity, regardless of what side of the podium they're standing on.

Creating a working relationship with my clients is also important to me. I seek to understand my clients' concerns in order to address them thoroughly. This creates an ongoing collaboration that makes that attorney-client relationship work well. Communication is where it all starts.

Personal interests: Hiking, Life Coaching, Traveling and Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Bar Number: 4324109
    New York , 2005
  • Fordham University School of Law
    Juris Doctorate , 2004
    New York, NY
    Commercial Real Estate

Tatia Barnes

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