Susan W. Culpepper, Attorney at Law

Susan W. Culpepper, Attorney at Law

Susan offers quality family law legal services and can assist you in finding the best solution for your legal issues with child custody, divorce, support, visitation, or adoption. Susan works in counties throughout North Mississippi. 662-801-8617.

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Susan Culpepper believes that everyone deserves honesty; respect; and open communication throughout the often painful and complicated family law legal process. Susan Culpepper offers reasonable flat rate fee options and guarantees quality service and open communication throughout the duration of your legal proceeding. Susan Culpepper offers a free initial consultation so that you can become informed of all your options before you commit to taking action. You can visit Susan at her office in Oxford, MS; or she will be happy to meet you at a convenient location if you live in another county. The counties that Susan serves include Lafayette; Pontotoc; Lee; Yalobusha; and Panola. Her services include child custody; divorce; paternity; child support; adoption; visitation; name changes; conservatorships and more.

Child Custody - In Mississippi, it is extremely important to understand the law before you make an agreement with regard to who has physical custody of a child. This is because once an Order of physical custody is issued by a Court, it is set in stone, and cannot be changed unless a material change occurs that is detrimental to the child. Courts DO NOT take this lightly.

Divorce - It is important to know that the only way to get a no fault divorce in Mississippi is if BOTH parties agree to it. This takes about 60 days. Otherwise, you have to file for a fault divorce based on cruelty; adultery; drug use, etc. This is not always easy to prove. If you don't think your spouse will agree to a no fault divorce, you will have to prove your case in court. Temporary relief is also available through the Court system if support or property division is needed while the fault based divorce is pending.

Child Support - Child Support is determined by a percentage of the non-custodial parent's income and cannot be negotiated away. It is always available as a matter of law because it if for the benefit of the child.

Alimony - The modern trend is for Courts NOT to award alimony if the parties have not been married at least 15 years. However, special circumstances may apply. If you are planning to go through a divorce, it is always a good idea to have a plan in place to fall back on, because alimony is never guaranteed.

Paternity - If you are male and you are not on the birth certificate, it is best to request a DNA test before signing it unless you are absolutely sure the child is yours. If you think the child is yours, it is ALWAYS best to file a Petition wit the Court for paternity; custody; or and visitation; and request a DNA test. If you file first, you will not have to pay for the mother's attorney's fees if the mother files a Paternity action against you.

Adoption - Step-parent adoptions are pretty straight forward and must be accompanied by a proceeding to terminate the parental rights of the biological parent. This can either be consented to or requested through the Court.

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Susan offers reasonable flat fee options to ensure that you know exactly what you will be paying from the beginning of your legal proceeding to the end.
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How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Susan enjoys family law because there is a need for caring and compassionate attorney who can see the big picture in a situation and help resolve problems from a practical and holistic point of view. Susan will stand up and fight for you when needed; but I will not run up your legal bills when there is a diplomatic solution at hand. There are many facets to the family law process and it does not always have to end in a court battle, which only causes more resentment and old wounds to fester.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Susan has a family and children of her own and understands the complexities involved in marriage and parenting. Susan has an undergraduate degree in psychology; has taught stress reduction for years; and has been professionally licensed as an attorney since 1991.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Susan offers flat rate fee options and will make sure that you completely understand all of your legal options and likely outcomes before proceeding with your case.

Susan W. Culpepper

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