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Firm Overview

I am a dedicated debtor's rights attorney. I offer free face-to-face consultations with potential clients so that you have the opportunity to ask questions, gain information and meet me prior to making any decisions. Together we will go over your financial situation and figure out if you would be a good candidate for bankruptcy. I will answer all of your questions in a straight forward manner and I will explain the basics of bankruptcy law so that you fully understand why bankruptcy would or would not benefit you.

After our meeting I will send you away to think about what you want to do. Bankruptcy is a big decision and I want you to take the time to make that decision at home with your family.

If you decide that bankruptcy is the right path for you to take and you chose to engage my services, I will ask for an upfront fee to represent you in your bankruptcy. As your attorney I will review all of your financial documentation, I will ensure that notice is sent to your creditors, I will prepare your bankruptcy petition and file it with the proper bankruptcy court, I will attend your Meeting of Creditors with you and I will support you throughout the bankruptcy process with promptly returned calls and updates about the status of your case.

This is a stressful time. I understand. I also know that contacting a bankruptcy lawyer may feel like giving up. You are not giving up. You are acknowledging that your life cannot continue as it is. You are taking responsibility for your finances and taking the next step to protecting your financial future.
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123 Jewell Street
Santa Cruz  CA  95060
  • (831) 818-6950


Free Initial Consultation?
I offer a free, no pressure, initial consultation.
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
I offer a low fixed price fee for a simple chapter 7 bankruptcy plus costs such as filing fees, credit counseling fees and a credit report. My fixed price will increase with the complexity of your case. My chapter 13 fees are governed by court standards. Please call to obtain information about my fixed fees.

Office Information

Office Hours
Consultations are by appointment only.
Office Manager
I do not have an office manager or assistant when you call Sunrise Bankruptcy, you will speak directly with me.
Emergency After Hours
Languages Spoken
I speak passable Spanish

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

I spend the time to get to know my clients. I want to make sure that we establish a good relationship so that you feel comfortable both with talking to me and with the bankruptcy process in general.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

I believe that every individual involved in any legal proceeding or dispute should educate themselves to some degree about the issues in their case. I also feel that individuals with sufficient time and motivation to fully research law and procedure can go it alone. However, it takes a lot of time and a lot of research to do it right and even then there are issues that an individual may not even know exist that could end up biting them. I guess the best analogy I can give is fixing my car: with a great deal of time and a good do-it-yourself book I might be able to wing fixing it, but I couldn't be sure I did it right and I would just as soon get someone who knows what they are doing to fix it for me. Your bankruptcy is a major life decision and it can get very complicated very fast.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

No — I only practice bankruptcy. Reviewing an individual's bankruptcy petition would require me to review all of the client documents involved in creating the petition (bank records, title records, loan documents). It would also require me to consult with the client about their financial affairs to make sure nothing was missed or put down incorrectly. I prefer to simply represent my clients from the start.

Melia Powell

Prior to starting Sunrise Bankruptcy, I worked on civil rights cases with the American Civil Liberties Union and protected the rights of migrant workers with California Rural Legal Assistance. I chose to work in bankruptcy because I love the feeling of satisfaction I gain by helping my clients start over.

  • Bar Number: 260336
    California , 2008
  • University of California Hastings College of Law
    J.D. , 2008

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