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At Stevens & Gailey, PC, we are committed to one objective, our client. We strive to move your case forward in a logical and calculated manner with your goals in mind.

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We communicate directly with our clients and explain each step and option along the way. Our goal is to make sure our client is able to move forward with a clear understanding of their actions and with the information needed to promote their best interests.

At Stevens & Gailey, PC we strive to ensure that you always receive value for your money. We work feverishly to ensure our clients receive the best service at a reasonable cost. Stevens & Gailey, PC is constantly improving processes and procedures to increase efficiency and has invested heavily in technology which is used in our firm to increase productivity.
We have worked to provide our clients with a variety of payment options from the traditional hourly retainer to flat fee services, ask our attorneys which options are available to you. Stevens & Gailey, PC will also work on a limited basis in some types of cases; ask our attorney if limited scope representation is available in your circumstance.

As always, Stevens & Gailey, PC offers a FREE initial consultation for all cases. To take advantage of your free consultation, simply call our office to schedule an appointment.

Military and Student discounts are available.

Stevens & Gailey, PC serves all of Utah.
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Main Office
76 North Merchant Street
298 24th Street, Ste. 205 Ogden Utah 84401
American Fork  UT  84403
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Stevens & Gailey, PC
298 24th Street, Ste. 205
Ogden,  UT  84401
Criminal Defense
If you have been charged with a crime your rights and freedom are on the line. You are likely facing substantial fines and jail time. This is not the time to think you are able to walk in and do it yourself.
Do not face the prosecutor and government without a plan for your defense. You need experienced and competent representation to avoid the implications of your charges. Our legal system is fraught with complexities and you can not expect to know the ins and outs of the criminal justice system. You need attorneys experienced in the law and procedure of our system.

As always, Stevens & Gailey, PC offers a FREE initial consultation for all cases. To take advantage of your free consultation, simply call our office to schedule an appointment.

Military and Student discounts are available.

Stevens & Gailey, PC serves all of Utah.
At Stevens & Gailey we are experienced in all aspects of family law. We can assist with the simple divorce to ensure your future interests are protected. More important, we can guide you through the complicated and emotionally draining divorce
Stevens & Gailey, PC is here to help with the important issues including custody, child support, and alimony. We know how important it is to preserve your rights from the beginning. We will fight for you, your rights and your future. It is extremely important that you address the important issues right the first time and we are here to make sure that happens.

We are ready to work for you in correcting past choices. If your situation has changed and you need to change your Decree, we can help with the modification. Don't wait to call; we want to work to ensure your Decree is to your greatest advantage. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to make the changes you need.

Remember, at Stevens & Gailey, PC, you always receive a free initial consultation.

If you fail to request a driver license hearing, you will lose your license and there will be little we can do about it. Contact us now to find out how to receive representation you need.
A DUI is nothing to play around with. You need serious help from a serious attorney. We are here to help you keep money in your pocket, stay out of jail and keep your driving privileges. Have you ever thought about getting around Utah without a drivers license? How would you get to work, home or to visit friends and family? You need to take action now to do everything that can be done to protect your driving privileges, avoid serious fines and avoid almost certain jail time. Call Stevens & Gailey, PC now for your FREE DUI consultation. Our attorneys are ready and willing to help and guide you through this complicated process. Our attorneys are ready to fight for your rights.

Stevens & Gailey, PC serves all of Utah.
Traffic Tickets
Do not stand by and let your rights be washed away, do not simply enter a plea because the prosecution says it is the best you will do. Stevens & Gailey, PC offers FREE consultations.
At Stevens & Gailey, PC you will retain dedicated and knowledgeable legal counsel ready to fight for your rights. If you have received a traffic ticket you need to act now. Traffic tickets require specific actions to avoid license suspension. It is essential that you act promptly and to the right charge so as not to affect your drivers license privilege.

Stevens & Gailey, PC serves all of Utah.

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