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Firm Overview

I have focused on criminal defense as the single largest area of my practice since 1988. I decided to restrict his law practice to criminal defense in 1996 and I formed the Tinsley Criminal Defense Team in 2004.

The attorneys at the Tinsley Criminal Defense Team are reminded every day that anyone can be accused of a crime. The allegations do not have to be true, they only have to convince the officer who is taking the report. As such, an arrest is the end result of a decision made by a human being acting on information provided by other humans. A criminal charge incorporates the sum of all of the strengths and weaknesses that humans bring to all of their activities. What the lawyers from the Tinsley Criminal Defense Team cannot agree upon is who in is in most need of an aggressive, intelligent defense. Is it the person who has been falsely accused or the person who has been correctly accused? Until there is a satisfactory answer to that question, the Tinsley Criminal Defense Team has resolved to provide each client with an aggressive, intelligent defense.

Example cases

I have defended cases from the smallest misdemeanors up to two second degree murder cases. I am not death penalty certified and never intend to be. If you visit my office, however, you will see a collection of over 230 VHS DUI video tapes in addition to a stack of DUI CD's/DVD's about two feet deep. Only approximately half of my DUI cases have had any kind of video. While I defend a large number of DUI cases and a wide array of other traffic cases, I have successfully defended clients on charges of domestic battery, sexual battery (rape), child sex crimes possession, sale and trafficking in drugs, as well as white collar crimes, financial crimes, fraud and theft.

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A free consultation is always available in every case.
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Fees are determined after consultation between the attorney and client.
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We never charge hourly rates.

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How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I defend persons accused of crimes because they are the people in most need of help.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

Contrary to what they say on Law and Order, the police do not have to read any rights to anyone. Police officers are experts when it comes to inducing people into making statements. They have studied the rules regarding the admissibility of evidence and they practice various techniques for getting information out of people who know that they have the right to remain silent. The average defendant does not know the rules or even what the issues are. There are people who insist that they have cleverly talked their way out of trouble with investigating police officers, but they are in the minority. When a person who is under investigation talks to a police officer, that person is playing games with an expert who is not playing games.

The lawyers at the Tinsley Criminal Defense Team believe that more information is always better than the alternative. An aggressive defense lacking intelligence is a pathetic sight. The issue for the non-lawyer, however, is whether he or she has acquired all of the information relevant to the case. Two of the hardest decisions for an attorney to make when researching an issue are deciding if he or she has found all of the relevant exceptions and when to stop the research. How can a layperson make those decisions? If the layperson gets it wrong, he or she is going to have a very bad day in court. Self education is the American way. Self defense is an act of desperation or self abuse.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

I am more than willing to review documents prepared by clients if they are willing to listen to advice.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

I am more than willing to coach a person in self representation, as long as I don't have to watch the case or hear about it afterward.

Steven R. Tinsley

I began my legal career as a prosecutor in the Ninth Judicial Circuit. In that time, I handled over 2,000 cases. I left the state and I've been defending persons accused of crimes since 1988.

I like almost everyone I meet. This attitude makes it very easy for me to fully focus on how best to solve my client's problems.

The Tinsley Criminal Defense Team is goal-oriented. We have found that an aggressive defense is typically the best initial approach. The key to an effective defense, however, is an intelligent plan well executed.

Personal interests:

I am an avid poker player, but I'm smart enough to realize that Joanne Tinsley is a much better poker player. I play guitar, and as an act of public service, I'm careful to insure that otherwise innocent bystanders are not exposed to my playing.

  • Bar Number: 578649
    Florida , 1986
  • Washburn Law School
    Juris Doctor , 1985
    Tokepa, KS
  • University of Michigan
    Bachelors of General Studies , 1983
    Ann Arbor, MI

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