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The focus of the firm is values-based estate planning. What this means is that we create a plan that passes down your values, not just your assets. Of course we draft effective and creative documents, but we also give you the tools to share your vision, values and experience with your loved ones.

One of the unique options we offer is a Lasting Legacy video, in which you sit down with Steve, a digital video camera, and with your spouse if you are married, and he asks you thought provoking questions which lead to discussions about values, wisdom, influences and philosophy. After you sign your documents, Steve gives you a DVD which you can pass down to your children, and grandchildren. This treasured conversation may well be the most valuable part of what we provide.

Example cases

We recently helped a friend who's husband died suddenly to probate his estate and prepare a new will, revocable living trust, power of attorney and advance directives, as well as a special family trust for a vacation home.

We assisted a client who was opening a new clothing store by forming a limited liability company for her, as well as preparing a joint living trust for her and her husband.

A couple with one young son came in last week and we prepared an estate plan, including designation of standby guardian, pour-over will and a living trust.

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Free Initial Consultation?

By telephone, 15 minutes. The fee for the Initial Estate Planning meeting (90 minutes) is usually $495, but if you mention Nolo, we reduce that to $250. The cost of the IEP meeting is applied to the final cost of your plan.

Services Offered For Fixed Fees?

Parent Peace of Mind Plan
This may be the plan for you if have minor children and you want to ensure that they are well cared for no matter in event you are disabled or die, that your health care wishes are respected, and that your loved ones are able to use your assets appropriately using a durable power of attorney (or through the trust if that is selected) if you become incapacitated.
A will based plan is appropriate for the family with minor children who does not have any assets that would be subject to the Probate court process at death. A trust based plan is appropriate for a family with minor children with probate assets who wants to avoid both living probate and estate probate. This plan includes:

• Will
• Health Care Proxy
• Living Will
• Advanced Designation of Conservator
• Laminated ID card with the name and contact information for your standby guardian, so he or she can be contacted in the event of an emergency.
• Durable, Financial Powers of Attorney
• Letter of Instructions to Guardian and Trustee
• Designation of Guardian (for minor children)
• Designation of Standby Guardian (avoids ugly custody battles and prevents your children from being placed into foster care, even for a short time)
• Testamentary Trust for minors (optional)
• Living Trust (optional)
• Spendthrift Trust (optional)(protects assets from children's creditors)
• Bloodline Trust (optional)(protects child's inheritance from irresponsible spouse or ex-spouse)
Fees range from $1000 to $3500 depending on whether a trust is used, and if so, what type of trust is used.

Family Essentials Plan
This may be the plan for you if you don't have minor children and you want to make sure that your loved ones are able to handle and care for your assets using a durable power of attorney if you become incapacitated, and you want to make sure that your wishes regarding your property are carried out after your death.
This is a will based plan that includes:

• Will
• Health Care Proxy
• Living Will
• Advanced Designation of Conservator
• Durable, Financial Powers of Attorney (springing or immediate)
Fees Range from $750 to $1000.

The Trust Plan
This may be the plan for your if you want the peace of mind of knowing that, in the event of your death or incapacity, your property will go to your loved ones quickly, easily and without unnecessary lawyer's fees associated with probating your estate. The Trust Plan allows you to protect your loved ones' inheritance from being lost to divorce, lawsuits, and immaturity, if you choose to include "spendthrift" or "bloodline" protection.
This is a trust based plan and includes Trust Plan includes:

• Revocable Living Trust
• Pour over Will
• Health Care Proxy
• Living Will
• Advanced Designation of Conservator
• Durable, Financial Powers of Attorney (springing or immediate)
• Deed of a single property to the Trust
• Spendthrift protection (optional)
Fees range from $2000 to $3000.

For those who require more advanced estate planning tools, we can create a plan using a variety of more sophisticated trusts including the following:

• Life Insurance Trusts
• AB Trusts
• Credit Shelter Trusts
• Special Needs Trusts
• Irrevocable Trusts
• Charitable Trusts

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How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Steve's practice focuses on helping families plan for unexpected life events in part because he had to deal with his father's unexpected death as a young man. Steve was 14 when his father died suddenly and he became the "man of the house." His father had planned for the unexpected, so there was none of the financial turmoil that could have accompanied such a tragedy, but Steve learned valuable lessons during that period, especially the value of planning for the unexpected. Steve also learned the importance of having advisors you can trust.

An MIT educated materials scientist by day, Steve's father was a part-time professional photographer at night and on weekends. Though he captured many touching images of others, as the man behind the camera, there were few pictures of Steve's dad, and even fewer movie images of him. Years after his father's death, Steve found an old tape recording of his voice. It was just a short recording, made on a random day, and contained nothing special except his father's voice. Although he treasured that recording, sometime over the years it was lost. This priceless recording was the inspiration for Steve's Lasting Legacy program.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

I view my clients as critical and hopefully active participants in whatever legal process we end up in, and so the more my clients know the better. Professional training is all well and good, but there is no substitute for the client's eyes, ears and gut when making key decisions about legal issues.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

I am always happy to review documents prepared by the client and I will make appropriate suggestions for improvement when possible. However, proper review of a document still requires that I have a clear understanding about a client's individual needs and situation. Without this information, I can't be sure that the documents do what the client intends.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

Over the years, I have coached many clients who represent themselves, with mixed success. It really depends on the client.

Steven Basche

I started my legal career in 1986 at a prestigious Hartford firm, Schatz & Schatz, Ribicoff & Kotkin, and then worked at a Cohn & Birnbaum, P.C, also in Hartford. In 1991, I joined the firm of Jacobs, Walker, Rice & Basche, LLC (now known as Jacobs, Walker, Rice & Barry, LLC) where I practiced for 16 years working in a wide range of areas.

I've worked in all sizes of law firms, from one of the largest in Connecticut, to a 25 person firm, then to a 7 lawyer firm, and now I'm a solo practitioner. I've had the training of a large firm, but the breadth of experience of a small firm. I've worked on very complicated, sophisticated corporate and securities litigation and also small claims matters. I've worked with teams of in-house attorneys, and I've also worked with Mom and Pop store owners. In short, I know what clients need.

I attended UConn undergraduate school and UConn Law School and I worked all through school to pay toward the cost of that fine education, so I know the value of hard work.

I have three wonderful children who teach me about life every day and a wife of almost 25 years who keeps me laughing, so I appreciate what really matters in life.

All of this makes me who I am and makes me the best lawyer I can be.

My goal is to provide legal advice to individuals, families and businesses for life. I combine over 23 years of experience, with sound judgment, strong communication, and the highest technology to assist clients in a broad range of areas.

Personal interests:

I enjoy golf, tennis, sailing and the latest gadgets. I am trying to learn to play the guitar and to learn Spanish. Both are much harder than I thought. I've coached soccer, basketball and baseball, but I think the only thing I taught my players was to enjoy the game.

  • Bar Number: 305841
    Connecticut , 1986
  • University of Connecticut School of Law
    Juris Doctor , 1986
    Hartford, CT
    Moot Court Board.

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