Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm

Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm

Certified Criminal Law Specialist: Is YOUR lawyer certified? Stephen G. Cobb has been certified as a Criminal Trial Law Expert by the Florida Bar Association since 2002. He has practiced criminal law exclusively since 1990.

Firm Overview

In addition to his expertise in the courtroom, Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm founder Stephen G. Cobb is a pioneer in the field of multi-disciplinary team strategies.

After seven (7) years spent refining his skill in criminal law as an Assistant Public Defender, Attorney Stephen G. Cobb went into private practice on October 1, 1997. Now, Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm handles criminal defense cases statewide, and is often called upon to lead legal teams both large and small. Technologically, Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm is one of the most advanced law firms in the world.

Example cases

Capital Sexual Battery on a Child under the Age of Twelve (12): Not Guilty after a trial by jury.

Quadruple Homicide - Murder in the First Degree: Guilty after a trial by jury and sentenced to death. Listening to your lawyer is probably a good idea.

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Free Initial Consultation?
Our firm uses a two part consultation - Part I is an investigative interview that takes about twenty to forty minutes. Part II is a free initial consultation that may take up to an hour.
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm uses fixed-priced fees and does not use hourly fee rates.

Traditionally, most law firms have used "retainer" agreements where a client puts a certain amount of money into a client trust fund account. Next, the lawyer bills an hourly rate against the amount deposited. When the money runs out, the client refills the trust fund account or the lawyer closes the file.

This file closure is not allowed in criminal cases, so many lawyers offer "teaser" fees that increase over time - with either hourly rates or "payment plans."

Payment Plans are something to avoid: Lawyers and law firms who use them often have more clients than they should be handling at one time. A lawyer and a law firm only has a certain number of hours they can physically work each day - and those who take payment plans seem to have an unlimited number of clients. Cheap Legal Fees = Cheap Service or No Service.

Payment Plans and hourly fees can create an out of control legal expense that reduces service and creates great resentment.

NOTE for Initial Consultations: There is one exception to our initial consultations: Underage Drinking/Minor in Possession of alcohol cases - there is a $250 fee for a consultation effective July 1, 2009. The reason? We are not going to waste our time with young people who are not going to hire us anyway because their "friend had the same charge and the friend said..." These people usually handle their cases on their own, have their driver's license suspended and are unaware (until an employer does a background check) that they have a criminal conviction. The $250 consultation fee is applied towards the representation fee if our firm is retained.
Hourly Rates
Not applicable.

Office Information

Office Hours
By appointment.

Additional Phone Numbers
Crestview and Walton County: (850) 423-0035
Shalimar: (850) 651-6565
Destin, Fort Walton Beach and Niceville: (850) 244-1625
Pensacola and Milton: (850) 477-6166, TOLL FREE (866) 651-6565
Office Manager
Janice Richardson.
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Other Offices

Escambia County
3 W Garden Street
Pensacola,  FL  32502
Walton County
544 U.S. Highway 90
DeFuniak Springs,  FL  32433
We have multiple meeting places across the State of Florida available for consultation.
Tourist? We can represent you without you having to return for many, and sometimes any, court appearances.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I needed a job that would give me experience, and discovered that I actually liked it a great deal. When I discovered the hidden secret as to why people get into legal trouble over and over again, I found a problem that was interesting to solve - a problem most people think cannot be solved. However, the problem of crime has not been solved by harsh punishments, and cannot be solved without effective scientific analysis, effective intervention and patient/defendant compliance measures.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

Our firm requires clients to educate themselves, not only about the law, but also about how to help your lawyer help you. The first way clients and their families can help themselves is to use the support materials on our book and CD list: How you think and how you feel is the most important thing you can focus upon. Most people fail to understand how critical this can be. A well rested, confident client sounds convincing when testifying and looks good when not testifying. A stressed out, upset and panicked client sounds untrustworthy and looks like they have something to hide. This cannot be overemphasized.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

Cobb Criminal Defense Law Firm clients are expected to review case discovery documents, prepare reports, and tell us what happened in writing. We require a report about the incident prepared over a four (4) day time period, a list of personal accolades, witness information and other information. Criminal cases are very serious and we must be completely prepared for court.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

No: I would no more coach a self representing client than a surgeon would coach a patient about to self-perform heart surgery.

You make a mistake in criminal court, you do not simply lose money - someone goes to jail.

The worst time to "DIY" is in First Offender cases: The prosecutors are very skilled at getting "Do It Yourselfers" to take plea "bargains" that have lifetime consequences. A prime example of this is Minor In Possession of Alcohol: The defendant thinks that they achieved a great outcome without a lawyer's expense, then finds out that every prospective employer runs a background check, finds the MIP charge (no, it was not "just a fine like a ticket"), and then concludes the prospective employee lied about their criminal history.

Stephen G. Cobb

Mr. Cobb began his criminal defense career on July 2, 1990 in Pensacola, Florida, his hometown, with the Office of the Public Defender. He was rapidly promoted and then transferred to the Okaloosa County branch office.

This question is not important. Such a question should not influence you in your decision to hire an attorney because it has nothing to do with a lawyer's skill, ability, or experience. While the answers to such questions may be interesting, they have a tendency to cause clients to focus on the unimportant at the expense of important things. In criminal trial law, one must always major in major things. And never major in minor things.

Strategy: First, middle and last.

Tactics: How you carry out the strategy; the execution of a sound game plan.

You may want a hand holder, but you need a strategist.

Personal interests:

I enjoy almost any sport that I can play, and believe that a lawyer should be both physically and mentally fit if they are going to represent people in a court of law. I run, bike, play basketball, read, play chess, bowl, snowboard, hike, and do a number of different activities to stay sharp.

  • Bar Number: 0835171
    Florida , 1989
  • Florida State University
    Juris Doctorate, Law , 1989
    Tallahassee, FL
    Honors Moot Court program.
  • University of Missouri
    Bachelor of Arts , 1985
    Columbia, MO
    Selected for full year abroad and finished senior year at the Victoria University of Manchester, England. Studied History and International Law.
  • Pensacola Junior College
    Associate of Science (two separate degrees), Computer Technology and Electronics Technology , 1982
    Pensacola, FL
    Chief Magistrate of Traffic Appeals Court.

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