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Split Simple Chicago

Chicagoland's leading divorce mediation provider. Our attorney-mediators have extensive experience handling divorce matters, and we can help you create a balanced and more effective divorce agreement than one achieved through litigation.

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Main Office
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Split Simple has another way of doing things. It's an approach that values transparency and consistency. You can find our fixed prices on our website, clear as day. And they won't change at any point during your time with us that's our guarantee to you.
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Divorce Mediation
At Split Simple, we are committed to a better process, a rigorous, data-driven, transparent process in which highly charged issues of finance and parenting are dealt with in an open and honest fashion. The result is a fair agreement.
What to Know about Split Simple

Our effective, proven uncontested divorce process prioritizes your time and money. We won't waste either with needless haggling or bickering. Instead, our attorney-mediators work in a calm, objective fashion to resolve disputes and find a fair and equitable solution.

This means working out common child care issues, including child support and custody arrangements. We know how important your child's future is to you, and we act accordingly.

And it means establishing a completely transparent and predictable pricing plan. As you can see, we place our prices online for you to examine beforehand. And we will answer any questions you might have in that exact same spirit of fairness and transparency. We don't charge by the hour or leave you in the dark regarding what you can expect to pay.

The statistics show that our uncontested divorce process saves you money in the long run over a traditional divorce.

About Our Attorney-Mediators

All of this is made possible by the attorney-mediator handling your case. Trained and experienced in family law, our attorney-mediators have transitioned to the field of mediation, where we work hand-in-hand with both parties to reach a divorce settlement that will be approved by a judge.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

We set out to change the way people get divorced. The traditional divorce process, which involves lawyers, judges, courtrooms and no small amount of acrimony, fails many clients. The court system is, by design, an adversarial one, and when the emotions and secrets of a years-long marriage are thrown into the equation, the chances of a productive agreement are poor.

In addition, divorce attorneys charge by the hour your but your interest is in quickly and fairly ending the process and moving on with your life. These are two competing and many times unaligned interests. Split Simple uses transparent, fixed prices and guarantees court approval of all divorce documents.

At Split Simple, we are committed to a better process, a rigorous, data-driven, transparent process in which highly charged issues of finance and parenting are dealt with in an open and honest fashion. The result is a fair agreement and a clear path forward.

Split Simple's attorney-mediators work with both parties to the divorce. We don't represent one side or the other- our goal is to find an agreement that treats everyone fairly. You will spend time in a conference room, not a courtroom.

We believe that everything can be addressed through mediation. We specialize in uncontested divorces, but "uncontested" refers to the end result, not the beginning stages. We've helped hundreds of clients work through thorny and complicated issues long after both sides had despaired of ever solving the problem.

You can view our pricing page for a clear breakdown of what you can expect to pay during your time with us. The long-term financial savings that come with choosing Split Simple over a traditional divorce lawyer are immense, and that's without discussing the value of your time.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

We have years of experience providing clients with the benefits and advantages of mediation. Every case is unique, and we can't say the divorce mediation is the right path in every case, but we've rarely run into any problems that can't be solved via mediation.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

In a traditional courtroom divorce, both parties are (usually) represented by an attorney. Lawyers are ethically bound to vigorously represent the interests of their clients- doing otherwise is a violation of their ethical code.

By contrast, a mediator is tasked not with representing one party, but instead with finding a solution that fairly meets the needs of both parties. It's a significant difference.

At Split Simple, our attorney-mediators work to reconcile the seemingly irreconcilable disagreements between you and your spouse. But unlike other mediation services, our attorney-mediators are also trained as lawyers. We have experience in family law and in courtrooms.

That experience has led us to the conclusion that the traditional divorce process fails many clients. But it also means we understand all relevant divorce laws in your area and know how to forge a settlement that will earn a judge's approval.

The Split Simple process provides clients with a number of considerations they generally find exceptionally helpful. These include:
1) Affordable, transparent and up-front pricing
2) Assistance crafting a solution to all outstanding child care issues - doing what's right for your children is our top priority
3) Help with financial matters, including financial planning and the tax implications of divorce
4) A guarantee that our settlement will win the approval of a judge, and if it doesn't, we will make the necessary changes free of charge

Our process is simpler, smarter and proven effective. We're convinced it can help just about any couple trying to reach an equitable divorce settlement, no matter how intractable the problems might seem.

Rebecca Billick

Rebecca L. Billick is the attorney-mediator who provides Split Simple's divorce mediation services to couples in the Chicago area. Ms. Billick earned her law degree from Indiana Maurer School of Law in Bloomington. She is licensed to practice law in both Illinois and Indiana. In addition, she has undergone extensive training in the fields of domestic relations mediation and collaborative law. This background allows her to facilitate the productive discussions necessary when resolving a divorce in a collaborative manner.

Ms. Billick also has extensive experience working with children and families. She has conducted training sessions in conflict resolution, worked on efficacy studies for child-focused programming, and written briefs on a wide range of topics associated with children and the law. This work provides her with an understanding of how issues associated with divorce impact the daily lives of children and families, enabling her to guide you through the process in a child-centric manner.
  • Indiana Maurer School of Law in Bloomington
    Juris Doctorate
  • Purdue University
    Master of Science Counseling
  • Florida State University
    Bachelor of Science in Criminology

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