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Solutions was built on and recognizes that it is hard on a family when it is facing legal problems. I built this firm specifically to attack the injustices that are faced by families in the legal system who often do not have the means to fight back themselves or afford an attorney to fight for them.

Solutions Law Firm is a low overhead, high quality law firm designed to help its clients at the lowest possible price. In fact, the firm does not charge a fee for some of its services. My name is Robert Maxwell and I am the litigator at Solutions. Give me a call or send me an email, because all of the initial consultations are free. I look forward to helping you out, so give me a call and let us work your problems out together.
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Child Custody
In Whose Best Interest?
In the District, when parents fight over custody, the court places the child with the person who, the court believes, is in the best interests of the child. While this phrase has a complicated and often deceptive meaning, put simply it is where the child will best thrive and grow up to be a productive member of society. This phrase will bring about discussions and often verbal fights, about which parent the child has the best relationship with, who has spent the most time with the child, what situation is the child used to, and who has not hurt the child.

While this sounds like a good foundation to stand on, this discussion is happening at the expense of the child. We are talking about two adults who could not agree on where the child should go or what the child should do, so they go to a room full of people and argue, all the while the child is stuck in the middle, being asked questions like, where do you want to go? One would think that parents would speak praises about themselves and all they have done for this child, but no, instead they offer attempts to tear down the other parent, with allegations after allegations about how bad the other person is. I cannot blame the parents because this is a high stakes emotional roller-coaster with the loss of a child as a consequence to failure.

So whose best interest is this proceeding in? Not the child. YES, it is in the best interest of the parent and whatever motivation they have for coming before the court. All be it that a lot of times there are really good reasons to go, but in the end, the child is losing a full time parent, to be replaced by a part time one.
Child Support
Child Support 101: How To Change Your Child Support Payments
In order to change or stop child support payments one must show the court that something new has happened that has a material and substantial effect on a parents child support obligations. This includes things like a change in the child's living arrangements, a substantial change in one of the parent's income or a change in the amount of time the child spends with each parent.

Let's take a change in the amount of time the child spends with each parent as an example. Lets also assume that each parent makes roughly the same amount of money and the parent paying child support only spends weekends with his or her child. In this situation, even if the parent spent every weekend with his/her child that would only add up to 104 days. If you can add 73 days, getting that number up to 183 days (50% of the year), then your child support obligations should be reduced to $0.

The amount of days necessary to cause this to happen would be different if each parent made a different amount of money. So the key to ending child support payments is to spend the summer and a lot of weekends with your child.
Collaborative Divorce
Legal Separation & Divorce
Robert Maxwell will represent your Legal Separation & Divorce matters.
Divorce Mediation
Divorce Mediation
Areas of Law:
-Legal Separation & Divorce
-Family Law
-Divorce including Legal Separation
Family Law
Robert Maxwell will represent your Family Law matters.
Military Divorce
Military Divorce
Areas of Law:
-Legal Separation & Divorce
-Divorce including Legal Separation

Robert Maxwell

Robert Maxwell is the founder of Solutions, PLLC in 2010. He created this firm to help individuals who could not afford traditional legal fees. Robert practices law in the field of Family Law, which includes things like Domestic Violence and Child Custody. Robert's focus is on Child Abuse and Neglect and Child Support, especially Interstate Child Support, which is situations where the parent live in different states, sometimes far away from each other. Robert has help clients that live in different Countries as well as on the West Cost in cases in the District of Columbia. Robert's goal is to help families protect their child and the family unit at an affordable price. Robert was a graduate of the avid A. Clarke School of Law at the University of the District of Columbia in 2010. Robert is a current member of the CCAN Panel

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Admitted in 2010, District of Columbia
Admitted in 2013, United Stated District Court for the District of Columbia

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David A. Clarke School of Law at the University of the District of Columbia
Class of 2010

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Born in 1980
Washington, DC, May 5, 1980

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District of Columbia Bar
United Stated District Court for the District of Columbia Bar