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We specialize in Social Security disability law, including SSDI and SSI claims, and have represented clients throughout California. Why is this important? Because being represented by a firm in Texas or New York, no matter how fancy their commercials, will never provide the same kind of local experience and knowledge that an attorney who lives and works here can give. Every administrative law judge can have his or her own nuances, rules, and expectations, and knowing those differences can be the difference between a winning case and a devastating loss.
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Main Office

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You finally have someone to be the strength to get through this.
We understand that a disability claim can be a lengthy and exhausting ordeal, and make it our goal and our duty to assist our clients through every step of the process, from filing the initial application to representation at an administrative law hearing.

Free consultations:
When you contact us, you will speak directly to an attorney who will listen to you. Disability claims can be won or lost in the details, and so we will listen to every detail of your case, and do everything we can to help determine how we can best proceed in representing you in this difficult matter.

No fees until you win:
No upfront costs, no advances, no payments until you have won your case. You have enough on your plate without having to worry how you can afford an attorney. We will represent you diligently from the first day of your claim to the last, and all without you giving us a penny in advance. Zealous advocacy is something that everyone should have access to, not just the wealthy.

Local attorney, local experience:
We have represented clients in hearing offices throughout California, and have knowledge and experience with the dozens of administrative law judges that hear cases throughout the state. Different judges have different rules and different expectations: one judge in Pasadena holds hearings that end after only 40 minutes, while another judge in Norwalk expects a written brief no less than 10 days before each hearing. Don't trust distant attorneys to be familiar with the nuances of California judges! Ensure that your case won't be hurt because a judge is offended that his or her personal rules were broken.

Knowledge and Expertise:
Many Social Security law firms talk about the disability hearings exclusively, but cases can be won at the Initial and Reconsideration phases as well as after a hearing. The difference between a successful case and a lost one can be as simple as the description of a job you held 15 years ago. Don't settle for attorneys who make you do everything and only want to come in at the end to get paid! We work with you throughout your claim to make sure that you are always presenting the best case as strongly as possible.

Work directly with an attorney:
At SoCal Disability Group, we don't assign your case to some paralegal or law clerk. You want our legal experience and expertise? You got it. You work directly with an experienced Southern California disability attorney, never with anyone else. No middle men, no out of state attorneys, and no non-attorneys. Ever!

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

I am attorney Rafi Issagholian, founder of SoCal Disability Group. I have worked in Social Security disability from the moment I began practicing law. Social Security disability claims can often be convoluted and frustrating, and I have come to realize that many people are often left wondering whether anyone is advocating on their behalf, including their attorneys. When I started SoCal Disability Group, I made a promise that providing knowledgeable and compassionate advocacy would not just be some lofty ideal, but a real commitment that I made to each and every client.

Attorney Rafi Issagholian has dedicated his professional career to serving the people of California in the trying and difficult time of filing for Social Security disability.

Rafi Issagholian

Even before he had been sworn in as an attorney with the California State Bar, he had begun practicing in Social Security disability. The practice of this nuanced and difficult field of law inspired him, and seeing how so many deserving claimants would be denied their well-deserved disability benefits because of routine errors and lack of proper advocacy drove him to do better.

In forming SoCal Disability Group, Rafi Issagholian made a promise: that he will do everything he is able to assist you in obtaining your Social Security disability benefits. He will not shirk his responsibilities, nor simple "pass you on" to a paralegal or another attorney who knows nothing of your case and cares even less. When you call, you will speak to him; when you email, you will write to him; and when you have your hearing, you will be represented by him.

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