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Secrets of Hiring a Lawyer

Category: Working with an Attorney, Working with an Attorney

There are numerous articles on how to choose a good lawyer. And, frankly, much of what authors try to pass as new and insightful information really isn't that new or insightful.


How to Choose a Good Bankruptcy Attorney: 3 Top Tips

Category: Bankruptcy Information, Filing for Bankruptcy


Famous Bankruptcy Filers

Category: Your Debts in Bankruptcy, Debt Relief


Modifying Child Support

Category: Child Support, Child Support Modification

Most states calculate the amount of child support to be paid using a two-pronged approach that takes into account both the financial means of the parents and the needs of the child. While child support payments may be changed as needed...


Collecting Child Support

Category: Child Support, Enforcing Child Support

If you are not receiving the child support you and your child are entitled to, you are not alone, and you do have options. Child support is a court-ordered amount that a non-custodial parent must pay to the custodial parent to cover a certain amount of a child’s expenses...


True Costs of a DUI Charge

Category: DUI/DWI, DUI and DWI

A DUI charge comes with some of the most damaging penalties of any crime where most offenders actually serve relatively little jail time.  The serious penalties are partly in effect as a means of highly discouraging this activity.  For people actually aware of the true, all-inclusive cost of a DUI...