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Here at Romine Law Office we believe that every client deserves our specialized attention, no matter how big or small your case.

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Integrity. We know that you have several options when choosing an attorney to handle your legal matters. That's why we believe it is important to build a relationship of trust and confidence with each of our clients. When you choose Romine Law Office to handle your legal needs, you can be assured that we are integral in our billing practices, efficient, and resourceful.

Respect. No matter which side of a case you may find yourself, the attorneys at Romine Law Office believe every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. Whether you need assistance navigating through the criminal justice system or a civil proceeding, our attorneys are here to assist you.

Honesty. The attorneys at Romine Law Office place a high priority on being truthful with each of our clients. Our attorneys are not afraid to advocate on your behalf and will aggressively defend your rights. Even still, it is our goal to give each client a honest evaluation of their claim and avoid creating unrealistic or unreasonable expectations.
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Most Americans are living paycheck to paycheck and one unexpected event can spring them into a financial crisis. Give Romine Law Office a call today to see how a Chapter 7 or 13 may provide you and your family with the financial relief you need.
Chapter 7: The purpose of filing a Chapter 7 is to liquidate (get rid of) your non-exempt property and distribute the proceeds to your creditors, thereby discharging your debt.

Chapter 13: The purpose of filing a Chapter 13 is to restructure the debtor's debt allowing them to keep their property and make payments over a period of time.

Whether you need to liquidate your debt or restructure your debt in an affordable payment plan, our attorneys have the experience to guide you through this unnerving process. Call our office today for a free consultation where one of our attorneys will discuss with you the options available in bankruptcy proceedings.

*************************Emergency Bankruptcy Filing*********************************
If you received a Notice of Trustee's Sale, call our office immediately to discuss how Bankruptcy may be able to stop foreclosure proceedings. (818) 669-8683
California's new Homeowner Bill of Rights offers homeowners greater protection against foreclosure. There are also federal laws protecting homeowners from illegal bank practices.
When do you need to call a Foreclosure Defense Attorney:

1. You are behind on your mortgage or you fear that you will be falling behind if you don't get immediate assistance

2. You received a Notice of Default

3. You received a Notice of Trustee's Sale

4. You were negotiating a Loan Modification with your bank when you received the Notice of Default

5. You are a tenant and the property you were renting was recently sold at a foreclosure sale

Our attorneys have represented clients in both State and Federal courts and are familiar with the strategies that work and those that do not. Our attorneys will evaluate your individual case and determine the best strategy to defend against foreclosure. In some cases that may mean filing a lawsuit, in other cases it may be more beneficial to negotiate a Cash for Keys Settlement or Loan Modification or file for Bankruptcy. Give Romine Law Office a call today for a free consultation.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Our attorneys have extensive experience practicing before the various US District courts and branch courts throughout Southern California. This experience gives our attorneys a keen understanding on how the different judges tend to decide cases and how they view certain issues that are sure to arise in bankruptcy and foreclosure proceedings. Our attorneys understand the different standards of proof required in each forum and how Federal and State laws interplay. Our attorneys will be able to thoroughly discuss with you the advantages and disadvantages of where to file your case and the best option available to you.

When you choose Romine Law Office to handle your case, you will be represented by an attorney that will not only zealously advocate on your behalf but who has experience practicing before most courts in Southern California.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Romine Law Office is dedicated to building a relationship of trust and honesty with each of our clients. It is our goal to always provide you with an honest evaluation of your case. Being involved in legal proceedings is inherently stressful and draining. There's nothing worst, however, than expecting to achieve a certain result only to learn - after you've spent thousands of dollars - that your expectation was never realistic or achievable to begin with. It is our aim to avoid such unreasonable and unrealistic expectations by being upfront with our clients and giving them our honest opinion regarding their case, even if it means that we don't handle your case. If our attorneys tell you they believe you have a good case, then you can trust that we honestly believe you have a good case and we will aggressively fight on your behalf. Following the free initial consultation, we will review the documents you provided before we agree to represent you. After one of our experienced attorneys has considered the details of your case in light of relevant case law it is at that time that we will discuss with you whether or not Romine Law will be able to assist you. That way, both you and the attorney can discuss any potential challenges with your case or claims you may not have considered. In the end, our job is not to simply tell you what you want to hear so that you'll pay us a big retainer. Our attorneys are here to give you our honest professional opinion so that you know exactly what we're fighting for when you choose use to handle your case.

Tiffany Romine

Ms. Romine's career path demonstrates a sincere commitment to serving her community. Romine, a native of Columbus, Ohio, began her legal career as a Deputy Attorney General for the state of Indiana. As Deputy Attorney, Romine represented the state in over 50 criminal appeals, more than 2/3 of which she obtained a favorable judgment on behalf of the state. Prior to obtaining her law degree, Romine was a law clerk for the Franklin County Public Defender's Office and represented Delaware County Ohio in several cases as a student prosecutor.

Romine brought her talents to the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area in 2009. After working in both large and small firms as an Associate Attorney, Ms. Romine founded Romine Law Office. Romine'

Tiffany Romine

Tiffany Romine

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