Robert Russell Law Group (Robert C. Russell, P.C.)

Robert Russell Law Group (Robert C. Russell, P.C.)

We Are Very Good At What We Do; And We Can Help You Resolve Your Problems, Serving Vancouver, Clark and Cowlitz Counties.

Firm Overview

For more than 20 years we have helped everyday people and businesses resolve real life financial problems.

We offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to sort through your options - debt settlement, bankruptcy, mortgage modification, etc., etc.

Example results

(1) We file several cases a month were the debtor gets to keep all their property, including their house and car, and discharge more than $50K in debt; it's a regular occurrence.

(2) We modified an elderly woman's mortgage to reduce her interest rate from 7% to 2.5%, brought her mortgage current and reduced her payment so she could stay in the home.

(3) We received approval of a Chapter 13 plan that removed a second and third mortgage as liens from a client's home. When then plan is complete, they'll only have a first mortgage, and it will be current.

Main Office
12500 SE 2nd Circle
Suite 140
Vancouver  WA  98684
  • (360) 882-8990
  • (360) 260-7178


Free Initial Consultation?
Yes, one 30 minute free consultation.
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
Chapter 7 fees vary depending on the circumstances. A "simple" Chapter 7 normally is $999 plus the $306 filing fee. In a Chapter 13, the court sets the "initial" fee at $3,500; however, we might only need the $281 filing fee to file a case.
Hourly Rates

Office Information

Office Hours
Monday through Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Office Manager
Robert Russell (
Emergency After Hours
Languages Spoken
English / Spanish and Russian (available)
We offer quality services in many areas including pre-bankruptcy debt settlement, bankruptcy, mortgage modification, mortgage mediation, criminal defense/DUI/Tickets, general civil ligation and estate planning
We have helped thousands of people file for bankruptcy assistance. We do so with skill, care and compassion.

One client says: "Robert Russell and his assistant were very thorough, thoughtful, calming, ethical and efficient. They made a difficult situation painless with their compassion. He is a top class Attorney and human being. You truly can't go wrong with Robert Russell Law Group."

We think that makes the pointy better than we ever could.

We hope to here from you for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.
Foreclosure PREVENTION is a LOT of what we do and most enjoy. And we are very good at it.
Robert Russell is a regular speaker and presenter at foreclosure prevention events. One attorney attendee said:

"The reason I went was because Rob was the primary speaker - and he was excellent!."

We know your options to prevent home foreclosure.

We offer FREE INITIAL CONSULTATIONS to review your options.

If you would like to know how you might avoid foreclosure, give us a call.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Over 20+ years of practice it has become abundantly clear to me that I am meant to help people and small businesses solve their financial problems. I love stopping the big bank from taking a clients home. I love keeping families in their homes. We all need help from time to time - and I love being able to be there to help in meaningful ways. That is probably was I was recognized at the CCBA Volunteer Attorney of the Year several years ago - I love to help people.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

We want clients to understand as best they can what is going on and why in their case. We offer lots of information (forms, videos) that help the client better understand what is going on. We find that a client that better understands their case is a happier client. :-)

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

Well, again, it's probably just cheaper to hire us to do it right. But we are usually happy to give a quit tip to someone trying to file themselves.

What are your firm's strengths and style?

We are very good at what we do. I have help THOUSANDS of people over 20+ years review and, when appropriate, pursue their bankruptcy options. My skills and ethics are highly rated by several companies that provide those services.

We know that life happens. We are compassionate and helpful. I (Robert Russell) was even awarded the Voluntary Attorney of the Year award for the CCBA.

Please free to review my testimonials and you'll see that clientsbare extremely satisfied with your services.

Robert C. Russell

Just prior to opening this office, I was a partner in a Vancouver law firm that had 10+ partners and 20+ support staff. Prior to that, I was a partner in a three attorney law firm. For the last 20+ years I have help consumers with their financial problems, whether that be through bankruptcy, debt settlement, mortgage modification or doing whatever it took to resolve their issue.

I have always been competitive. I love a good discussion. I love a challenging sporting activity. So, I really enjoy my work.

Larry Clow, my favorite high school teacher, encouraged us to be reasonable, thoughtful, and think outside the box (amongst many things). Ad Rutschamann, our head football coach at Linfield, taught us a method to achieve success, both on the field and in life. In short, success comes through setting a goal, making a plan, taking action, and making adjustments along the way until you get the desired result. These two people helped shape my thought process and approach to life and, thus, the practice of law.

Along the way, I came to understand how and why these people were put in my life. Everything happens for a reason. God has a plan, is in control and He is never surprised.

While the office atmosphere is professional, I do not care to wear a suit and tie. I am just like everyone else; I just happen to be an attorney and have the education and twenty years of experience to help people deal with the financial problems. Come as you are. Be real. It's okay to cry. It's okay to laugh. We'll figure it out together. :-)

Personal interests:

I love playing all sorts of sports and in particular football and basketball. I love keeping up on world events and trying to figure out how we got here and where we might be going. I love a good discussion. I love hanging out with my family. I am active in my church and love hanging out with my friends.

  • Bar Number: 19151
    Washington , 1989
  • Northwestern School of Law at Lewis & Clark College
    J.D. , 1989
    Portland, OR
    Consumer Law.
  • Linfield College
    B.A. , 1986
    McMinnville, OR
    Double Duel Majors in Business, Computer Science and Mathematics.

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