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A high quality, affordable attorney who understands the law and business, and how they work together.

Firm Overview

I provide my clients the benefit of 17 years' experience in business litigation involving a wide variety of business matters (see Firm Specialties). I serve small and mid-size businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals with business legal issues.

I also have ten years' business experience, providing me a business perspective with respect to legal issues that most attorneys cannot match.

I further provide "Outside In-House Counsel" services whereby I review your business operations or plans with the goal of helping you avoid potential legal pitfalls and legal issues. For businesses and entrepreneurs, the best time to develop a relationship with an attorney is before you need one.
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Main Office
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Contracts and Breach of Contract
Interference with Business or Contract
Unfair Business Practices and Trade Secrets
Agency, Partnership, and Fiduciary Duty
Negligence and Business Torts
A "think-outside-the box" attorney, I have 17 years' experience litigating the types of matters listed above. I also have an academic business background, and was a business executive for ten years prior to becoming an attorney, enabling me to view legal disputes from both legal and business perspectives.

There are numerous ways to resolve legal disputes. "Outside-the-box" resolution is always possible if the parties are willing. Options include informal settlement, mediation, and other types of structured alternate dispute resolution. Some initial litigation may be necessary in order to learn enough about the opposing party's case to negotiate the best settlement. But I believe litigation should generally be used as a path to settlement instead of a path to trial.

An "outside-the-box" approach to litigation can tip the balance in your favor. For example, when pleading a case, many attorneys include every possible claim against a defendant. I believe it's better to plead only your two or three strongest claims. Today's court budgets are so restricted that a judge's primary goal is to move cases through the court, and he or she may anticipate that a case that pleads numerous claims will require more time than necessary, and view it with disfavor.

I am experienced with and able to take your case to trial, if necessary. However, I advise avoiding trial if possible because it is so expensive. Trial requires a great deal of attorney time, which is good for the attorney, but not so much for you.

I can and will provide whatever quality, affordable legal services your legal dispute requires, always with the goal of obtaining the most favorable outcome for you.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I have an academic background in business, and was a business executive for more than 10 years before becoming an attorney. Business law was a natural fit.

I have exceptional litigation-oriented abilities (convergent thinking and analytic reasoning). Litigation was also a natural fit.

I started my legal career with an insurance coverage firm. Insurance coverage practice involves defending large insurance companies in lawsuits that arise because the insurer is faced with a large claim with respect to an issue that is a close call legally; the insurer decides to litigate instead of paying the claim. The litigation abilities of insurance coverage attorneys are probably the most tested of any legal specialty, because judges are skeptical of the motives of large insurance companies, and hold the attorneys to very high standards. The experience tested my business litigation acumen, with favorable results.

What are your firm's strengths and style?

I left large firm practice in order to become a sole practitioner because I grew disenchanted with helping large insurance companies avoid paying claims to their policy holders. I find it far more gratifying helping entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals.

I keep my rates affordable by relying upon technology. Law is essentially an information analysis enterprise, and with the use of modern information technology, I can effectively run my practice from my desktop computer, with no staff and little assistance.

Because law is an information analysis endeavor, it is essential that an attorney be adept at analyzing information. I possess 95th percentile convergent thinking and analytic reasoning abilities -- the abilities most essential to legal analysis. (Convergent thinking is the ability to quickly see the relationships between an array of often seemingly unrelated facts; analytic reasoning is the ability to make logical sense of those relationships.)

Using modern information technology, I can perform most work myself, thereby lending my analytic aptitude to your entire case. I use paralegals for discovery (fact gathering) and clerical work, but I perform nearly all research and legal writing personally.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

I am open to assisting clients inform themselves about legal issues, to assisting clients with only a portion of their cases, and to coaching clients who wish to represent themselves.

Rod K. Tanner

I was very young when I was born. I intend to be very old when I pass. I hope I can fairly say that everything in between was a process of learning, improving myself, playing with gusto, and helping others.
  • Bar Number: 195479
    California , 1998
  • University of Georgia School of Law
    J.D., cum laude , 1997
    The Univ. of Georgia is ranked among the top 35 law schools in the nation.

    Undergraduate B.S., Honors, San Jose State University School of Business.

Rod Tanner

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