Firm Overview

We were established in 1998 as Maryland's first virtual law firm in divorce and family law matters. We recently expanded our activity to the District of Columbia.

Our focus is no-fault divorce, marital separation agreements, Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDROs), plus wills, powers of attorney and other common family law matters all delivered over the Internet..
• No hourly fees -- every service at a fixed price.
• Reliable and fast turnaround using Internet technology.
• Legal Advice + Legal Forms = A Complete Legal Service.
• Low in Cost - Slightly more than you pay a legal document preparation company - which offers little value for the price you are paying.
• All of the protections afforded by dealing with a licensed attorney - confidentiality and security; accountability; conflicts of interest checks; and regulated by the Maryland and District of Columbia Bars.

There was a time when you only had two choices to get a divorce in Maryland:

(1) retain a full-service lawyer and pay considerable, up-front costs and hourly fees, plus engage in a conflict-oriented process that eats up your dollars and tears you apart emotionally, or

(2) purchase forms from a non-lawyer document preparation or legal forms company, such as, and pray that you are doing the right thing.

Now there is a third way. We offer a new way for you to get a divorce. It involves no conflict and no expensive legal fees -- represent yourself in a no-fault divorce, but with lawyer assistance, plus all of our services are delivered over the Internet for a fixed price.

We are the law firm that provides legal services that you can afford and at your convenience.

We assist you throughout the divorce process and offer you the following services over the Internet:
• preparation of your state-specific Maryland or District of Columbia Divorce and/or Marital Separation Agreement forms and other related documents;
• legal advice from a licensed Maryland and District of Columbia family law attorney included in one flat fee; and
• guidance on how to represent yourself in court, and how to avoid any crucial mistakes.

Example cases

Our typical case is a couple who can resolve their issues either directly, or with mediation. Once all issues in a divorce case are resolved, the parties can file their own documents as they have an uncontested divorce. Rather then spending thousands of dollars in legal fees, the couple spends only a few hundred. As a result the couple has more resources to deal with the emotional and financial consequences of divorce. This is particularly true if they have children.

Main Office

1629 K Street, N.W.
Suite 300
Washington  DC  20006

  • (202) 618-4596
  • (888) 592-9907


Free Initial Consultation?

We do not offer a free initial consultation. We do offer legal advice online for a price of $35.00 per incident or question.

Services Offered For Fixed Fees?

We only charge a fixed price for our services.Here is a sample of our pricing for completely prepared forms with legal advice:

No-Fault Divorce Documents Based on a One or Two Year Separation with a Marital Settlement Agreement with Children (DC or MD) $325.00

No-Fault Divorce Documents Based on a One or Two Year Separation with a Marital Settlement Agreement without Children (DC or MD) $275.00

No-Fault Divorce Documents Based on a One or Two Year Separation without a Marital Settlement Agreement with Children (DC or MD) $225.00

No-Fault Divorce Documents Based on a One or Two Year Separation without a Marital Settlement Agreement without Children (DC or MD) $175.00

Pre-Marital Agreement (DC or MD) $150.00

Maryland Settlement/Separation Agreement (DC or MD) $125.00

Living Together Agreement (Share Property) $100.00

Name Change of a Minor $149.00

Name Change of an Adult $129.00

We charge the same prices in the District of Columbia.

Hourly Rates

We do not charge by the hour.

Office Information

Office Hours

We are a virtual law firm
We are available by email 8:00 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Office Manager

Pam Andrews

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We focus our practice on family law matters in Maryland and the District of Columbia helping pro se litigants represented themselves.
We were the first virtual law firm in the State of Maryland and the District of Columbia. As a virtual law firm all of our legal services are provided online for a fixed fee.

We offer legal forms bundled with legal advice for an affordable fee that is often less than you would pay just a legal forms provider such as LegalZoom.

We also have a dedicated web site in the State of Maryland that offers Last Wills,Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills for a fixed fee with legal advice included. See:

Our Maryland virtual law firm web site is located at and our District of Columbia divorce web site is located at

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

I decided to focus my work in family law when I witnessed many of my friends getting divorced and spending from $5,000-$15,000 on legal fees when they could not afford it. In my opinion, it would be better if they used these funds to get on with their lives and to invest in their children's future, rather than pay excessive legal fees. In some cases, the cost of full service representation is justified. But in many cases, a satisfactory result for both parties can be achieved by spending much less. I wanted to create an alternative law practice that would make getting divorced affordable for those individuals capable of taking advantage of the approaches we offer.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

The focus of our law firm is helping people to help themselves. We believe that clients are capable of educating themselves on the issues involved in a divorce, and that many couples can resolve their outstanding issues with the correct legal information and advice. One of my passions is figuring out how to help people divorce peacefully and get on with their lives, without spending thousands of dollars on legal fees. If you have children, the money is better spent on your children rather than on legal fees, if you can avoid it.

I am also intrigued by the potential of the Internet as a means to lower the cost of legal services and for demonstrating new ways to offer legal services. In 1998, during the early days of the Internet, I established Granat Legal Services, P.C., to demonstrate the concept of a law firm on the web, or a "virtual law firm". A virtual law firm is one which offers legal services in domestic relations matters at a price that people of moderate and middle income can afford.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

Document Review is one of core services. We are able to review documents prepared by clients quickly and affordably using our Internet-based technologies.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

We provide court coaching services for a fixed price.

Richard Granat

• the Coordinator of a pro se project on self-help representation in family law matters at the University of Maryland Law School Clinical Program. See research on pro se representation at This is where I learned about the power of self-help, and I maintain this site for others who are interested in this important movement

• the Founder of the People's Law Library of Maryland. This was the first state-wide fee legal information source for consumers. This project taught me about the power of the Web to change people's lives through the provision of legal information.

Dean and President, Philadelphia Institute for Paralegal Training - the nation's first school of paralegal training.

Director, Center for Legal Studies, Antioch School of Law, - the nation's first clinical law school.

Counsel, National Legal Services Program, U.S. Office of Economic Opportunity.

I spent two years working as a supervisor to law students in the Maryland court system helping thousands of pro se litigants represent themselves in family law matters. This taught me that people want to resolve their conflicts and get on with their lives with a minimum of stress and expense. This experience taught me that there is a huge market of individuals who are not served well by the legal profession. Often people came to us after they had spent thousands of dollars in legal fees without getting the result that they needed and wanted.

Our goal is to listen carefully to your concerns and help you to figure out how to secure a divorce for the least possible cost, without compromising your rights.

We are different from a typical family law firm because:

  • Bar Number: 6610010025
    Maryland , 1966
  • Bar Number: 964965
    District of Columbia , 1968
  • Columbia School of Law, Columbia University
    J.D. , 1965
    New York, NY
    Research Assistant to Professor Marvin E. Frankel
  • University of Pennsylvania
    M.S. on Organizational Development and Technology , 1990
    Philadelphia, PA
  • Lehigh University
    B.A. in Philosophy , 1962
    Bethlehem, PA

* Nolo has confirmed that every member attorney has a valid license and is in good standing with the state agency that licenses lawyers. Any past disbarments and suspensions (with possible exceptions for minor violations or nonpayment of dues, in our discretion) will be indicated accordingly in the badge. Member attorneys are required to notify Nolo immediately if they become the subject of any disciplinary action by any state licensing agency.