Richard F. Sweeney Attorney At Law

Richard F. Sweeney Attorney At Law

Richard F. Sweeney Is an attorney practicing law since 1985 in both the private and public sectors.

Firm Overview

A former A.C.A. in the Westchester County Attorney's Office during which time he gained an invaluable insight into the legal needs of the people of the county. The number and variety of cases in which he was involved has provided him with a knowledge of the tactics employed by opposing counsel that is critical for a successful defense.

During his distinguished legal career he has risen to the level of being a judge for the City of Yonkers where he has attained even more knowledge and experience of the legal system.

Your case requires a lawyer with the reputation, skills, dedication and experience that few attorneys in the state can match.
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Criminal Defense
Richard F. Sweeney with his service as a City of Yonkers Judge and his experience as an A.C.A. for Westchester County has achieved a level of expertise in prosecuting, defending and presiding over criminal cases that few attorneys can claim.
If you are under investigation for a crime or have already been arrested and charged, the resources of law enforcement and the prosecuting attorney's office will begin bringing their experience and considerable resources against you. They will be attempting to convict you of the maximum charge with a sentence at the maximum penalty.

Fortunately, the constitution guaranties you the right to legal counsel to balance their efforts. Although the public defenders of the county are hardworking, dedicated, and experienced, their case loads can often be overwhelming and the attention they can provide to your case might not achieve the best possible results for you. Often you will not even have a say in who will actually be representing you, and good luck getting return phone calls.

When it comes to criminal charges the stakes are too high to take chances with your legal counsel. You need a privately retained defense attorney whose only consideration is defending your interests in the case. A dedicated, skillful, experienced attorney who aggressively defends your rights and interest makes a substantial difference in the outcome.

- Armed robbery
- Auto theft
- Assault charges
- Burglary
- Criminal motor vehicle charges
- Disorderly Conduct
- Domestic violence
- Drug Charges
- D.W.I. / D.U.I.
- Felony charges
- Fraud
- Juvenile delinquency charges
- Larceny
- Misdemeanor charges
- Obstructing Governmental Administration
- Probation violations
- Resisting Arrest
- Sex offenses
- Violations
- Violent crimes
- Violation of protection order
- Weapons charges

Richard F. Sweeney with his service as a City of Yonkers Judge and his experience as an A.C.A. for Westchester County has achieved a level of expertise in prosecuting, defending and presiding (as a judge) over criminal cases that few attorneys in the state can claim. With his all around experience in the criminal legal system he has acquired the knowledge, skill and experience necessary to protect your rights and interests in defending yourself against the charges being brought. Putting all of this to work for you greatly increases your ability to defend yourself in the legal matters you now find yourself involved in.
Traffic Tickets
Richard F. Sweeney is a former City Of Yonkers Judge who has ruled on countless traffic related cases.
In the eyes of the law you are not guilty just because you have been issued a traffic ticket. The municipality issuing the violation must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are guilty.

Not contesting a citation successfully will result in a conviction which can have long-term negative consequences including :

- Points on your license
- Increase in insurance premiums for years to come
- Loss of license
- Loss of job ( for commercial drivers)

Most individuals seeking to contest a traffic ticket will not resolve the situation to their satisfaction. Unfamiliarity with traffic court, ignorance of the laws and inexperience in detecting flaws in the procedures employed by law enforcement personnel can combine to guarantee your conviction.

If you are serious about contesting a traffic violation you should retain a lawyer with extensive experience with the following areas:

- Speeding
- Reckless driving
- Red lights
- Stop signs
- Equipment citations
- Insurance or registration violations
- Cell phone violations
- Seat belt violations
- Suspended or invalid license
- Commercial vehicle violations
- Child safety equipment citations
- Driving too slowly

Richard F. Sweeney is a former City Of Yonkers Judge who has ruled on countless traffic related cases. He has attained a level of experience in traffic related charges that few attorneys in the state can claim.

Provided the violation does not involve criminal charges, Mr. Sweeney can appear in court to contest the summons without you even being present, saving you from loss of income from missing work or removing the complications of appearing in court when you have small children.

Put his dedication, skill, knowledge and experience to work for you.

Richard F. Sweeney

Richard F. Sweeney is a lifelong resident of Westchester County. He is the son of a prominent attorney and the grandson of a New York Supreme Court Judge. He has spent his professional life serving the residents of Westchester County in both the private and public sectors.

Judicial Experience:

- Former City Of Yonkers Judge

Professional Legal Experience:

- Westchester County Attorney's Office
- Wrote and reviewed Westchester County Contracts
- Drafted Legislation
- Worked on establishing senior housing; enforced County Living Wage Law
- Prosecuted Juvenile Court cases
- Represented Westchester County in paternity & child support cases
- Family Court Guardian representing children as Attorney for the Child
- Family Court Attorney representing moms and dads in paternity, child support,
child visitation, family offense cases
- Criminal law
- Conducted felony and misdemeanor jury & nonjury trials
- Arraignments, Bail Applications, Motions,Discovery
- Real Estate law
- Conducted landlord and tenant cases
- Jury and nonjury trials in personal injury and
insurance/property damage cases
- Associate With Cerrato, Sweeney, Cohn, Stahl and Vaccaro Esqs.
- Associate With Fitzmaurice and Timone Esqs.


- Fordham University School of Law, J.D. 1984
- SUNY Oneonta, B.A. - Business / Economics, 1981

Professional Associations:

- Admitted to practice before the United States Supreme Court, 1998
- Admitted to practice before the Southern District of New York Federal Courts, 1986
- New York State Bar
- Westchester County Bar Association
- Yonkers Lawyers Association
- Teamsters, Local 456 (1993-2007)

Community Service and Activities:

- Access Westchester, Inc.
- Westchester Disabled on the Move, Inc.
- Volunteer for Big Brothers / Big Sisters
- Yonkers Lions Club
- East Yonkers Rotary Club
- Gorton High School Mock Trial Competitions
  • Fordham University School of Law
    Juris Doctorate , 1984