Richard P. Hendry, CDFA™

Richard P. Hendry, CDFA™

Firm Overview

Richard Hendry, CDFA provides comprehensive divorce financial planning services through Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. (Member FINRA/SIPC)

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Richard Hendry

How would you like to simplify the tedious aspect of the financial settlement assessment for your divorce?  We provide you the Divorce Financial Planning expertise to help with your settlement at a reasonable cost.  Here is how the process works and the benefits to you. 

Steps to Implement

We meet with you and start to gather financial affidavit information at which time we conduct an in depth interview with you to assess what your long term goals and needs are during and post divorce.

We work hand in hand with you or your attorney to help expedite your case.  We provide to your attorney all the financial affidavits and asset summaries to streamline your contact with them to keep costs to a minimum.  We will copy all documents that we need and return all originals to you.

We will meet with you on an ongoing basis to fine tune your settlement offer and provide to your lawyer 2-3 financial scenarios for your divorce settlement.

Benefits to our Clients
We simplify and streamline your divorce case to reduce overall fees paid for divorces.

  •  We work with our clients post divorce to help execute your divorce settlement.

  •  We prepare and file QDROs* to receive 401k and future pension benefits.

  •  We help provide a valuable resource in helping you get through a difficult time in making proper financial decisions that is based on facts not emotion.

Pre-Divorce Settlement Services Prepare Financial Affidavit & QDROs*

  • Spreadsheet assets for division

  • Prepare Child support worksheet and alimony recommendations

  • Prepare and draft possible 2-3 settlement options with a summarized breakdown of assets for negotiation with drafting of the Memorandum of Understanding

Post Divorce Services Follow up of QDRO & 401k spousal transfer to IRA account.

  • Investment account re-titling of taxable accounts.

  • Transfer of company pension benefits from spouse’s account.

  • Helping to re-finance of current mortgage to client’s single name only.

  • Set up of new Term Life Insurance designed to protect divorce settlement.

  • Set up of Children’s education accounts.

  • Post- divorce investment portfolio allocations & income planning.

  • Beneficiary updates & changes for Wills, Trusts, & Investment accounts.

  • Set up new health & dental care coverage for client and children.*

  • Help client find new automobile, homeowners, or renter’s insurance.

  • Set up Disability & Long Term Care coverage for client.

Who is a good Fit for our Services? Individuals whom have never handled the finances during their marriage.

  • Individuals whom are over 50 years old and need solutions to providing income post divorce.

  • Individuals whom need someone they can trust to help them make good sound financial decisions post divorce.

  • Individuals whom have significant equity in their home.

  • Individuals needing a QDRO to be followed up for retirement assets.

  • Individuals with multiple investment and bank accounts to divide.

*These services are not affiliated with Raymond James Financial Services, Inc.

  • Bar Number: Life - Health - Vari
    Georgia , 1995
  • Bar Number: Securities Industry
    Georgia , 1994
  • Webster University
    M.B.A. , 1993
    Beaufort, SC
  • Auburn University
    Management , 1990
    Auburn, AL
  • Justice Center of Atlanta
    Domestic Law & Domestic Abuse , 2008
    Atlanta, GA
  • Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts
    Certified Divorce Financial Analyst , 2007
    Atlanta, GA