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Rawsi Williams Law Group
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How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

At Rawsi Williams Law Group, Ms. Williams practices only in legal areas which affected her life personally or professionally. You see, she became an attorney after her brother's incarceration. He is the only Son of 5 children. Previously, she had over 20 years beginning in healthcare and is still a Registered Nurse today. She holds multiple additional certifications; honors; and ongoing peer recognition accomplishments. She combines all of her experiences with her Purposed Fight for YOU.

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What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

Ms. Williams brings not only her Attorney license and J.D. degree, but many additional certifications to her work. Prior to becoming an attorney, she has worked for 20 years in roles including entry-level all the day to executive level management and national consulting. She has also trained thousands of learners, from college students to executive level management, and is currently working on her Ph.D. Thus, Ms. Williams knows how to work with all demographics of people, regardless of race, finances, education level, or any other factors which could hinder the attorney-client relationship. After all, she's not here to judge you; she's here to DEFEND you!

And, unlike most attorneys, Ms. Williams knows what it feels like to sit on both sides of the desk, having endured the hardship of the Criminal Justice system during her brother's trial and prison incarceration, prior to her becoming an Attorney. She KNOWS that helpless feeling. Finally, Ms. Williams has represented clients in both misdemeanors and felonies, and currently has never lost a case or had a client convicted. She FIGHTS for you!!!

It's Her PURPOSE to Fight for Your Justice.
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What distinguishes your law firm from others?

At Rawsi Williams Law Group, one of the Main distinguishing factors is that Ms. Williams knows how it feels to sit on both sides of the desk. You see, she not only sits in the Attorney's seat, but has sat in the client/family seat, because it was the incarceration of her brother that led her to enroll in Law School! She remembers the vulnerability of her brother and family as they placed him in the hands of the jury; staunchly believing that he would be exonerated; only to have the jury come back with a guilty verdict! She KNOWS that Pain. She channels that into her Fight for YOU! Learn more and see what prior clients have said at CallRawsiWilliams.com. It's her PURPOSE to Fight for Your Justice.

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Rawsi Williams

Ms. Williams enrolled in Law School after her brother's painfully crushing trial and incarceration. He is the only Son of 5 children. She earned academic recognition in Trial Practice, and was chosen by the Law School's graduating class as commencement speaker. After two standing ovations for her speech "Lead Through Service", FL Attorney General Pam Bondi stood before the entire assembly and requested Rawsi work with her office. Prior to becoming an attorney, Rawsi had over 20 years' healthcare experience beginning in the Army. In college, she participated in Army R.O.T.C. and earned the distinction of first female Ranger in the University's over-100-year history. As a Registered Nurse, she earned vast credentials and opened her medical-legal consulting business. She was also a sought-after public speaker and speechwriter. She is Florida's only State-approved Assisted Living (ALF) and Adult Family Care Home Core Trainer who is an attorney, and Certified ALF Administrator. She authored and is the exclusive provider of the Long-Term Care Legal Nurse Consultant (LTCLNC) certification course, and still provides state-approved training in our online Caduceus Gavel center. She has received ongoing professional recognition including Presenter for the 2017 F.A.D.O.N.A. Conference; elected 2016 Chairperson of the National Bar Association's Administrative Law Section; 2015 Speaker and Panel Moderator for the Florida Bar's annual Health Law Fundamentals/Ethics Conference; Pro Bono Appreciation from the Miami-Dade Public Defender's Office; 2016 and 2013 requests by two different Nursing Schools to utilize her published nursing quote (authored over 20yrs ago) as their graduating class theme; and more. She is a member of the Miami-Dade Criminal Court and Probate Committees; and the Bar's EASL Committee. She continues years of service in Christian leadership and civil rights (including the local NAACP's Legal Redress and Religious Affairs); speaks for the Florida Bar Speaker's Bureau; author; and guest radio analyst. She hosts our Live "YOU Be the Jury!" national radio broadcast (see "Outreach" page), and is working toward her Ph.D. Most importantly, Ms.Williams has been privileged to successfully represent clients statewide. She has been retained as Expert and Co-Counsel by other attorneys, and is admitted in State and Federal Courts. She is known as The Evangelist of Defense for her sermonic clarity but targeted Fight. Ms. Williams aggressively serves you in Practice Areas which shaped her life personally and professionally, bringing not only textbook knowledge, but personal insight of her additional experience to your case.

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Rawsi Williams

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