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Our firm offers IP legal services to small/medium businesses and independent inventors. The services we offer are comparable to those provided by large law firms to large businesses. We offer all the basic services related to patents and trademarks. But we also offer contract reviews, licensing agreements and litigation support where needed. Additionally, we have a professional association with an established Certified Public Accounting (CPA) firm with certification in patent valuation. These are the full range of services usually provided to large businesses by large law firms. We provide these services to small/ medium businesses and independent inventors, but with very reasonable, practical prices. We also provide strategic advice and recommendations to assist the smaller entities who have to compete with the large enterprises.

We are a law firm that prefers to work with serious inventors. We provide legal services that provide patent and trademark protections for inventors and business people who are serious about protecting their property and serious about making money. We do not do pro bono work. Neither do we take contingency cases. If you are looking for a law firm that will work hard to help you protect your invention property contact us.
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Intellectual Property
IP Valuation Services
IP Valuation Services.

Although intellectual property (IP) is often the most important and valuable asset of a company, IP is often under-valued, under-managed, and under-exploited. Premier Law Group has developed a professional association with an outstanding CPA firm with certification in all forms of IP valuation. This firm specializes in assisting small to medium-sized companies to value, manage, and profit from their intellectual property.

IP valuation is complex. The value depends on the answers to the questions:
* What: what is being valued (the IP, the company, the ownership interest in the company)
* Who: for whom is the valuation being done
* When: at what date is it being valued
* Why: What is the purpose of the valuation (internal management and resource allocation, merger or acquisition, dissolution, sale or licensing).
* For sale or licensing, is there a known potential buyer or licensee?

If you are even considering any of the following, you would benefit greatly from having an independent professional IP valuation:
* Selling or licensing your IP,
* Franchising,
* Obtaining a loan,
* Seeking venture capital from angel or other investors,
* Deciding how to allocate resources among IP efforts,
* A merger or acquisition,
* A dissolution, and/or
* Bankruptcy and restructure.
This firm has the skills and proven track record to value your IP. Your valuation will be performed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) who is also a Certified Patent Valuation Analyst (CPVA). Our credentials and experience means that we understand business! We will work closely with you to ensure that you benefit from our services.
You will receive a robust valuation report that includes all three main valuation methods (asset/cost based, income based, and market based), and that includes many valuation methods and techniques within each of the three main methods. This report will ensure that YOUR IP assets are not under-valued, under-managed, or under-exploited. Armed with this report, you will be in a powerful position to negotiate any transaction involving your IP. And your report will have the credibility of being prepared and signed by an independent CPA and CPVA!

We know your time is valuable. That is why we are agile, efficient, and effective in providing services to you. And that translates to cost savings, which we pass on to you in the form of very competitive pricing of these services.

The following Business Planning and Valuation Services are also offered:
* Business Plans
* Business Valuations
* Intellectual Property Valuations
* Calculating Intellectual Property Infringement Damages
* Patent licensing audits
If you would like a free consultation to discuss any of our services, please contact David Mazur at Premier Law Group at 703-934-6031 or at To learn more, visit our website at

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact David Mazur. He will be happy to discuss at no charge your IP needs!

David Mazur

David G. Mazur (Dave), Director-Business Development



Dave brings a wealth of varied business experience to the firm. He received a BS in Government and Public Administration from American University, Washington, DC and has completed Masters courses in Business Administration at Southeastern University. His career includes ten years with Bell Atlantic/AT&T performing technical marketing functions for large government accounts, primarily the Department of Defense, his expertise being primarily as a technical marketing “trouble shooter”. He headed the installation of various complex C3 (Command, Control, Communications) projects, including the conferencing bridge systems for the Pentagons’ National Military Command Center and the Air Force Command Center. This included personally drafting the operations manuals for both systems. Dave was also instrumental in the sale and installation of the data switching capability for the DODs’ Washington Metropolitan Area Centrex system (100,000+ lines).


Dave left Bell Atlantic to go into business for himself, shifting industries and owning/managing two successful wholesale food distributorships with annual sales exceeding $10M.  After the sale of these businesses Dave joined

Wood & Eisenberg/ Premier Law Group.


Dave is noted for his “hands-on” approach to client service. Whenever possible, he prefers to answer incoming client calls himself. Don’t be surprised if Dave answers when you call Wood & Eisenberg.




Christopher Wood

Christopher D. Wood, Esq., PhD (Bar Admissions: Illinois, Federal Patent Bar)
Christopher (Chris) has prepared and/or prosecuted over 200 patent applications in a variety of technical
areas, including mechanical, electrical, pharmaceutical, immunology, industrial, tissue culture, surgical
devices, microbiological, downstream processing, chemical, biochemical, bioinformatics, agro biotechnology,
telecommunications, software, and mechanical.
Chris has a B.S. with honors in Microbiology from the University of Wales, a M.S. in Biotechnology from the
University of Central Lancashire, a Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Glasgow, and a J.D. from the
DePaul Law School. Before joining Wood & Eisenberg, Chris worked as an Attorney and Technical Assistant
for several nationally recognized law firms.

Daniel Eisenberg

Daniel J. Eisenberg, Esq. (Bar Admissions: District of Columbia, New York, Federal Patent Bar)
Daniel J. Eisenberg (Dan) studied Computer Science at Hofstra University, has a B.B.A. in Finance from
Mercer University, and a J.D. in Law from Syracuse University. Before joining Wood & Eisenberg, Dan
worked as an Attorney for an Intellectual Property law firm in the Washington D.C. area, drafting patent,
trademark, and copyright applications. Dan has drafted patent applications in the following areas:
mechanical, Internet, and business methods. In addition, Dan has worked as a defense litigator in New York
representing national companies such as Airborne Express, and was an officer in the Unites States Army
Judge Advocate General’s Corps. Dan is a registered patent attorney and is a member of the American Bar
Association and New York State Bar Association.

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