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We don't believe in the cookie-cutter approach. Your case is unique and you deserve an individualized solution. With over 55 years of experience, our attorneys work as a TEAM to deliver results and give you the personal attention you deserve.

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At Pheterson Spatorico LLP, our mission is simple: build long-term relationships with our clients by delivering the highest quality legal services at a fair cost. We are a full service law firm dedicated to providing "big firm" results with an emphasis on "small firm" attention and values.

For over 55 years combined, our highly experienced attorneys have represented clients in a wide range of practice areas including real estate, personal injury, auto accidents, civil lawsuits, business, immigration, estate planning, DUI/traffic and more.

Feel free to call us to speak with a qualified attorney to discuss your case. We welcome your business and look forward to being an instrumental part of your long term success.
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Immigration Law
Immigration law is complicated. We handle the complicated issues for you so that you can focus on planning for the future. We represent clients in immigration courts and agencies nationwide and welcome national and international inquiries.
We invite you to check out some of our immigration practice areas below and contact us for a consultation.

Appeals, Motions to Reopen & Reconsider, and Requests for Evidence (RFE)
Every year, the United States government denies thousands of applications for immigration benefits. Often, these denials can be resolved by submitting a motion or appeal containing the appropriate legal arguments and, in some cases, additional evidence. In these cases, it is best to have an attorney research the issues and draft an appropriate response. There are strict filing deadlines so you should act immediately upon receiving the denial letter or RFE.

Asylum is available for those individuals that can adequately demonstrate a well-founded fear of persecution based on either race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion. The affirmative asylum process is an administrative-type process where a person who is not in removal proceedings can file an application package and appear at a non-adversarial interview. If the claim is rejected, the applicant will present his or her case at a trial in front of an Immigration Judge. If the individual is already in removal proceedings, he or she can file a defensive asylum application in Immigration Court with the presiding Immigration Judge. Unlike an affirmative asylum claim, the defensive asylum process skips the non-adversarial interview and proceeds directly to trial in Immigration Court. It is best to have an attorney at all stages, because he or she can recognize the legal and evidentiary issues and also provide competent representation at the interview and/or trial.

Business and Investor Visas
There exist multiple immigration options for overseas businesses and investors. Whether you are a Treaty Trader (E-1), Treaty Investor (E-2), Intracompany Transferee (L-1), or applying under the Immigrant Investor Program (EB-5), there are multiple pathways to become a temporary or permanent resident in the United States. The process of obtaining a business or investor visa is complex, posing numerous legal and practical hurdles. A qualified attorney will help you navigate these unfamiliar waters and assist you in achieving success in the United States.

Deportation Defense
The government issues a Notice to Appear (NTA) to individuals that it seeks to deport from the United States. The reasons for removal are stated on the NTA, and can include any of the following: (1) Entering the United States without proper authority; (2) Violating the terms of admission or working without permission; (3) Committing a crime that makes a person deportable; (4) Becoming a member of certain prohibited organizations; and (5) Becoming a public charge within the first 5 years of admission to the USA. These cases are decided by an Immigration Judge and are prosecuted by an attorney working for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It is best to have an attorney, because the nuances of the rules governing removal are complex and avenues for relief may be available. More importantly, DHS attorneys are not there to fight for your interests, so you should have an attorney that will.

Employment-Based Visas
The type of employment visa you apply for is dependent on a number of factors. Those individuals seeking permanent residence in the United States can apply under the EB category. Those individuals seeking non-immigrant temporary visas based on employment can apply under a few other categories with varying requirements. The employment visa process is multi-tiered and complicated; thus, it is advisable to seek counsel of an attorney.

Family-Based Visas
Each year, the U.S. government allocates between 226,000 and 480,000 immigrant visas for certain family members of current U.S. citizens and permanent residents. The waiting period is determined by a combination of factors, including the nature of the relationship, the immigrant status of the petitioning relative, country of origin, and the number of available visas. An Immediate Relative of a U.S. citizen can obtain a green card within months, while a ÂœQuota-Subject Relative will have to wait in line based on the status of the monthly immigrant visa bulletin. These two categories are discussed below. Since each category has very specific legal and evidentiary requirements, it is recommended that you seek an attorney.

Other Temporary Non-Immigrant Visas
Temporary non-immigrant visas allow individuals to enter the USA for a certain time period and for a specific purpose. There are dozens of categories, but the most common include: business visitors (B-1), visitors for pleasure or medical treatment (B-2), academic or language students (F-1), fiance/fiancee of a U.S. citizen (K-1), spouse of a U.S. citizen (K-3), persons of extraordinary ability (O-1), ministers/religious workers (R-1), and certain Canadian and Mexican professionals.
We offer a suite of legal solutions for your business. Whether it'™s helping you select and organize the appropriate business entity or assisting you with transactional matters as they arise, we are here for you every step of the way.
The practice areas below do not cover every single problem that a business might encounter, so feel free to contact us to discuss your particular issue.

Business Formation
Choosing the appropriate business entity is one of the first and most important steps in starting your own business. Your decision will have a direct impact on how much you pay in taxes, the extent of your personal liability for business debts and actions, and your ability to raise capital. Should you incorporate? Should you form an LLC? What about a sole proprietorship or a partnership? Let us meet with you to discuss your options and help you answer these questions. From there, we will organize and file all necessary documentation, including the articles of organization and operating agreement, along with helping you obtain all necessary business licenses to ensure that you are in full compliance with the rules and regulations.

Business Contracts
A contract is a legally binding agreement that solidifies the duties of all parties in a transaction. In the business setting, we cannot overstate the importance of having a solid agreement containing fully negotiated terms. Boilerplate contracts simply will not work and you risk entering into a transaction that might result in a future lawsuit. A qualified attorney will anticipate the legal issues and real-world implications of the transaction and assist you in drafting, negotiating, and reviewing contracts. At our law firm, we routinely draft, negotiate, and/or review asset purchase agreements, employment agreements, payment processing agreements, licensing agreements, commercial leases, joint venture agreements, non-competition agreements, share transfer agreements and more.

Business Collections
Whether it's a customer refusing to pay for a recent sales order or a tenant's failure to pay his rent, you are bound to end up with the bill at one point or another. It is a fundamental reality of doing business. At our firm, we will fight to recover those funds in the most time and cost efficient manner possible. We file lawsuits only after exhausting all pre-litigation efforts, which results in savings to you. As an added bonus, we will review your existing sales and/or rental agreements to ensure that the breaching party is responsible for attorney's fees in future disputes.
Our litigation lawyers provide initial consultations with a view of early settlement of a case if that is practicable. If not, our firm strives to deliver a litigation effort that results in the best cost and time value for the client.
"Discourage litigation. Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. Point out to them how the nominal winner is often a real loser -- in fees, expenses, and waste of time. As a peacemaker the lawyer has a superior opportunity of being a good man. There will still be business enough." - Abraham Lincoln

Being a party in a lawsuit is not fun. Television dramas aside, the real-life lawsuit will take a toll on your time, emotions, and ultimately, your wallet. Lawsuits can drag on for months or even years, and a cloud of uncertainty will follow you every day while your legal fees pile up. Lawsuits also tend to bring out the worst in people. Who actually wants that negative energy in their lives? For plaintiffs, this is why filing a lawsuit should be the last resort only after all other reasonable attempts at resolving the conflict have failed. For defendants, this is why a realistic and sensible defense strategy is absolutely necessary when facing an unwanted lawsuit. Before it reaches the point of no return, talk to each other. If you take away one thing from reading this section of the website, let it be this: try to resolve the dispute without hiring attorneys.

If you have arrived at a point where talks have failed, it is time to hire an attorney. Our firm routinely represents individuals and businesses in various litigation matters, including breach of contract, negligence, fraud and other business torts. Our attorneys employ a sensible and realistic approach with an eye towards achieving successful outcomes not influenced by anger and emotion. Contact us to discuss your matter.

Steve Pheterson

Steve is a highly experienced attorney who has spent many successful years serving clients in the practice areas of commercial real estate, residential real estate, mediation and corporate/business law. Steve frequently lectures on issues involving real estate closings, commercial real estate and the unlawful practice of law and is a title agent for both Stewart Title and First American.
  • Bar Number: 1356237
    New York , 1978
  • University at Buffalo Law School
    Juris Doctor

Derrick Spatorico

Derrick concentrates his practice in the areas of personal injury, corporate/business law, litigation, and real estate. He is legal counsel to various corporations ranging in size from small single shareholder corporations to large multi-national corporations. He also represents numerous limited liability companies, sole proprietorships and partnerships.
  • Bar Number: 2716744
    New York , 1996

Kamran Hashmi

Kamran practices in many areas, including immigration, litigation and corporate/business law. Whether it's negotiating a white label licensing agreement for a software startup, counseling a foreign executive on investor visa options or successfully litigating a corporate buyout, Kamran has advanced the diverse needs of his clients. In addition to practicing law in New York courts, Kamran represents immigration clients nationwide and internationally.
  • Bar Number: 4826533
    New York , 2010
  • Bar Number: 80453
    Virginia , 2010
  • Bar Number: 55988
    Florida , 2008

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