Pelta Law offers the advantage of a former prosecutor and trial attorney who fights for his clients and cares about them in felony and misdemeanor cases. Experience counts. Don't take chances with your future. Our website is:

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At Pelta Law, the needs of the client come first. Marc Pelta does not accept every case even if the person can pay the fee.

At Pelta Law, it is more important to ensure every client is satisfied with the service provided than to take someone's money and leave them unsatisfied with the service. Marc Pelta's attention to careful client selection ensures a successful attorney-client partnership in every case he accepts.

Pelta Law was opened to give people accused of crimes the unique advantage of being able to effectively defend against crimes they are charged with or get the best deal possible by using the knowledge, experience and judgment of Marc Pelta who is a former experienced prosecutor in felony and misdemeanor cases including: sex crimes;narcotics for sale; marijuana transportation; cultivation and possession for sale; burglary; assault; DUI Drugs; DUI alcohol; juvenile offenses; probation violations; and most other serious and violent felonies.

It is important a client hire a lawyer who not only fights for the client but also goes the distance of trying to get the client the best deal possible at every stage including trial. At Pelta Law, the client has this expectation met.

If you have any questions or concerns about your case please call us at 415-963-1152 and a friendly and personable representative will gladly speak with you to schedule a time for you to meet with Mr. Pelta for a no-charge, in-person consultation.

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Criminal Defense
Mr. Pelta -- a former prosecutor -- has been an attorney for more than five years and has significant jury trial experience. The fees charged for a case are competitive with other experienced attorneys in the area.
Mr. Pelta is a dedicated advocate for the accused regardless of guilt. At Pelta Law, no one is judged. Marc and his team is devoted to serve every client to the best possible outcome. That all depends on the facts of each case which are unique. Marc has experience defending and prosecuting a wide range of cases from sex crimes to burglary to narcotics possession to DUI and many other crimes in between.
Mr. Pelta has significant experience fighting DUI/DWI cases in court. He has gone up against the best and won. Winning often means getting the best deal for a client. You get what you pay for. Don't Take Chances.
Mr. Pelta has experience in felony and misdemeanor DUI drugs and alcohol cases. It is important to not simply hire the person who quotes you the cheapest fee because a criminal conviction is often permanent unless you are fortunate to get it expunged.

Attorneys who are successful in DUI defense must have certain current and specialized training and experience to be most beneficial to clients.

In addition, the attorney needs to be dedicated because DA offices rely on defendants to be scared and plead guilty as early as possible.

Often times. people plead guilty without the assistance of an attorney or will get an attorney from a public defender's office, which may be overwhelmed with cases and may not be able to devote the special time and attention your case may need so you can get your driver license back and end up with the least painful punishment resulting from a DUI conviction, if you cannot get a dry-reckless or a dismissal.

At Pelta Law, Marc and his team are devoted to ensuring that the needs and goals of each client he agrees to represent are met to result in the best possible deal or result.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Based upon experience in court

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others

Extensive training and experience both as a defense attorney and prosecutor. It is a rare, unique advantage to have a criminal defense attorney who knows what the prosecutors are taught to do to convict you because then he or she can find a way around their tactics.

Marc Pelta

  • Bar Number: 253315
    California , 2007

Marc Pelta

Marc Pelta is a former Deputy District Attorney from Del Norte County where he prosecuted at hearings, jury and bench trials in adult and juvenile cases. Marc brings his vast wealth of experience and knowledge as a former prosecutor to apply it for the benefit of our clients. Marc's experience as a prosecutor includes Pelican Bay State Prison, DUI drugs and alcohol, domestic violence, marijuana cultivation and sales, child support, narcotics possession and/or transportation for sale, child support and welfare fraud. Marc has extensive training both from prosecution agencies and from the California Public Defenders Association that is an asset for our clients here at Pelta Law.

Marc Pelta was born in Manhattan, New York in 1972 and attended schools in Los Angeles, California before before graduating from San Francisco State University in 1997 with a B.A. in History (Honors Program) and Political Science. He obtained his J.D. in law from the City University of New York School of Law in 2002. CUNY Law has the highest ranking criminal defense clinic in the country.

While still a college student, Marc volunteered in the District Office for Congressman Tom Lantos in San Mateo because of his passion for human rights and interest in world affairs. He served as an advocate for the indigent at the Homeless Advocacy Project of San Francisco and then in the San Francisco District Attorney's Office. He assisted the Chief of the Criminal Division with legal memoranda and other administrative tasks. He gained an appreciation for helping people from all walks of life while served as a lifeguard in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Areas.

As a law student, Marc first practiced law in the prestigious United States Attorney's Office's Summer Intern Program in Brooklyn New York, where under the supervision of experienced federal prosecutors, he arraigned defendants in criminal cases and assisted prosecutors at all phases of the pre-trial and trial process from providing legal research to prosecutors presenting cases in secret to federal grand juries to interviewing cooperating witnesses to preparing exhibits for trial. Marc then served in the Queens County District Attorney's Office, first in the Misdemeanor Trial Bureau and then in the Appeals Bureau.

Marc served as a Bar-certified law student with the Los Angeles County DA's Office. He first served in the central Preliminary Hearings Unit trying felony cases and then in the Juvenile Division trying felony and misdemeanor cases at trials and hearings, which was rare for law students to do.

Next, Marc served in the San Francisco DA's Office as a Bar-certified intern in the Preliminary Hearings and Narcotics Units assisting prosecutors who were fighting cases involving felony charges. Marc fought for the DA in felony cases at hearings to dismiss charges and suppress evidence.

Marc then served as a Civil Rights Extern in the New York Attorney General's Office because of his passion for ensuring people's rights are respected even by law enforcement. He assisted with cases involved in federal court involving law enforcement agencies who were accused of violating people's civil rights. He was assisting State attorneys who were prosecuting these police departments for violating people's civil rights.
Marc served as in intern in the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission. The CFTC is similar to the Securities and Exchange Commission except it investigates federal crimes involving commodities and futures. Marc assisted prosecutors and the FBI who were investigating and prosecuting Enron, Dynegy and Global Crossing. All of these cases are well known in the news on-line.

Marc is a member of both the State Bar of California and the California Public Defenders' Association, which is the main source of ongoing required professional training for defense counsel in the State.

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