Patrick McLaughlin, Esq.

Patrick McLaughlin, Esq.

Services Offered: DWI, AUO, speeding tickets, traffic tickets

Firm Overview

Save money on insurance rates, save time on court appearances, save
money on fines and eliminate points from your license.

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Tonawanda  NY  14150
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Patrick McLaughlin

Attorney Patrick McLaughlin graduated from the University of Toledo College of

Law in 1993.  While attending U of T, Mr. McLaughlin interned in the
Defenders office in Toledo Municipal Court, handling criminal
and vehicle and
traffic cases.  He was also the chairman of the
Environmental Law Society at the
College of Law.

Since 1999, Mr.
McLaughlin has dedicated the vast majority of his time
criminal and vehicle and traffic defendants, as an Attorney in New
State.  Since 2005, Mr. McLaughlin has operated Patrick McLaughlin, Esq. as
an independent entity, no longer accepting public assigned cases.

The goal of Patrick McLaughlin, Esq. is to provide professional
representation to
criminal and vehicle and traffic defendants, at a
reasonable cost.