Panakos Business Law, APC

Panakos Business Law, APC

Providing comprehensive, fixed-rate legal solutions to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and transitioning businesses.

Firm Overview

Panakos Law provides comprehensive legal services to California small business owners, non-profits, and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our Focus is providing Entrepreneurs and young companies solutions needed to succeed. Panakos Law was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs and we understand that startup companies and small businesses require more than just legal advice in order to succeed.

The foundation of Panakos Law is built on the relationships we create by exceeding our client's expectations. We go the extra mile and assist beyond legal counsel to ensure our clients achieve their goals while minimizing the time and costs associated with our services.

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Free Initial Consultation?
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
All our legal services are offered on a fixed-fee basis besides litigation services.
Hourly Rates
Providing San Diego entrepreneurs and business owners the legal solutions needed to succeed. Panakos Law was founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs.
As the name Panakos implies (Pan="all"; Akos="remedy"), our team focuses on providing a wide range of both proactive and reactive solutions for entrepreneurs throughout the entire business cycle including starting, funding, running, or exiting a business.

Our attorneys specialize in providing comprehensive solutions that may include business entity formations, contracts (drafting, review and enforcement), fundraising and investor relations, intellectual property, business disputes including mediation and litigation, and estate planning including wills and trusts.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others

Both our experienced business attorneys and support staff have owned, operated, and exited numerous business ventures and also have on-hands experience working within the private equity industry and thus have a unique view from the "other side of the table."

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Work with an experienced team of business attorneys and MBA's who have owned, operated, and exited their own businesses. Virtually all our services are flat-fee with completely transparent and upfront explanations of the matter at hand.

We strive to build long-term relationships by providing our clients with what they need, not what they're willing to pay for. For this reason, we offer a free, no-obligation initial consultation to help individuals identify their specific needs before any legal services are recommended or provided.

The foundation of Panakos Law is built on the relationships we create by exceeding our clients' expectations. We go the extra mile and assist beyond legal counsel to ensure that our clients achieve their personal and business goals while minimizing the time and costs associated with our services.

Stephen Gordon

Mr. Gordon is the founder and managing attorney of Panakos Law Center ("Panakos Law"). His practice currently focuses primarily on business law including corporate governance, venture finance, contracts, entity formation, estate planning and probate. Over the past thirty years Mr. Gordon has helped countless clients with a wide range of legal matter ranging from business to personal injury disputes.

Mr. Gordon founded Panakos Law to provide comprehensive legal services by attorneys with the experience and expertise needed to assist business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs with more than just legal advice. Mr. Gordon demonstrates the firms standards through his legal expertise and comprehensive experience as an entrepreneur, business owner, and seasoned attorney across a number of industries.

Mr. Gordon was admitted to the California Bar in 1980 has been actively practicing law for over thirty years in San Diego, California. As a business owner Mr. Gordon has owned numerous businesses that range from restaurants and bars to joint ventures in finance and business consulting firms.

Mr. Gordon received his Bachelor of Arts Degree Political Science with Honors in 1972 from Richmond College of the City University of New York.

Aaron Sadock

As a partner in the firm, Mr. Sadock applies his skills and experience as an entrepreneur and attorney to form, protect and grow early stage companies. Mr. Sadock has in-depth experience in business development, investor relations, strategic planning, and management of startup and emerging companies. As an entrepreneur and business owner, Mr. Sadock is able to provide Clients a unique perspective that goes beyond legal advice.

Mr. Sadock’s practice is focused on business law for entrepreneurs, business owners and early stage-venture companies.  His practice includes a wide range of corporate and securities matters, venture financing, mergers and acquisitions, licensing, deal structuring, corporate formation, partnership disputes, mediation, negotiations, and general business counseling.

Mr. Sadock has extensive experience with counseling business across a broad range of transactional matters. He has represented clients in more than 150 transactions with their investors, partners, employees, vendors and customers, and in numerous private offerings valued in excess of $25 million.

Mr. Sadock obtained his Juris Doctorate from California Western School of Law and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Security with an Emphasis in Conflict Resolution from San Diego State University. Because of his education in conflict resolution and experience as a mediator since 2003, Mr. Sadock also manages the Panakos Law Center’s mediation department and provides mediation services specialized in partnership disputes.


During law School, Mr. Sadock started his first venture, "Get to Give," a cause-based marketing company that raised funds for charities by promoting local San Diego businesses. After a successful investment pitch and sale to a local private equity firm, Mr. Sadock was hired as the Project Development Manager to expand the firm’s internal infrastructure while working directly with the company’s core investments.

Mr. Sadock applied his skills to grow the private equity firm's investment portfolio, raise capital, and structure lucrative exit strategies for early-stage companies.  Mr. Sadock’s experience in trying to raise capital as an entrepreneur and his experience working directly with early stage ventures at the private equity firm has provided Mr. Sadock a unique understanding of the due diligence process, deal structures, and pitfalls for early stage ventures seeking capital. Thereafter, Mr. Sadock applied his experience and unique skillset to cofound Panakos Partners LLC., a strategic business development firm headquartered in San Diego which he continues to contribute to in conjunction with his practice of law.

Mr. Sadock is a true entrepreneur at heart and continuously seeks to make a difference. For this reason he continues to seek out new opportunities beyond his practice of law and supports numerous non-profits. When Mr. Sadock is not working directly with the firm's business clients, he is providing his assistance to other aspiring entrepreneurs and non-profits through participating within their management team, as a part of their board of directors, and/or as their trusted legal council. He is also intimately involved with the expansion of numerous businesses and joint ventures including Exquisite Care, Discovered Locally, Mission Valley Business Center, The San Diego Growth Program, ScanSold, SD Startup, Mediate San Diego, and many others.