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We have over one hundred years of combined experience helping clients in Southern California with employment, real estate, business law and estate planning needs. Enlist the help of reputable attorneys who can provide you with favorable results.

Firm Overview

We have built our reputation on providing individualized services to each of our customers who enlist our legal knowledge. We believe every client in need of a reputable business lawyer, employment attorney, estate planning lawyer, or real estate attorney should always have access to the most honest, dependable and affordable services available in Southern California.

At Olins Riviere Coates and Bagula we practice in many areas of the law, but we focus our practice upon four of the most complex areas of the legal system: labor/employment, real estate, estate planning and business law. Our team of attorneys work diligently to ensure that they stay up to date on all changes that take place within these areas of law. Our clients have the confidence in knowing that they have access to the best legal services available to them. Our law firm provides our services in a professional, honest and affordable manner.

Olins, Riviere, Coates and Bagula is based in San Diego, California and our legal team has the ability to handle legal cases throughout the United States when they are allowed an admission of pro hac vice. This means that if you have a business law matter, real estate matter or employment matter in another state our professional attorneys can provide you the legal services and representation with the permission of the court. Individuals that may be residing in the San Diego, California area but operate businesses or want to purchase property in another state will find the services of a real estate attorney from our firm to be very convenient for all of their legal service needs.

Schedule a free initial consultation with one of our expert attorneys today at (619) 272-4235 or (714) 769-9070 or contact us online at www.orcblawfirm.com.
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Estate Planning
Our firm has a robust and resourceful trusts and estates practice, which includes drafting trusts, wills, administering trusts and handling probate matters. Our estate planning attorneys are committed to protecting our clients' assets.
At Olins, Riviere, Coates and Bagula we specialize in all aspects of estate planning law including, but not limited to:

Durable Power of Attorney
Advance Health Care Directives
Asset Protection

More specifically, as part of your estate plan, Olins, Riviere, Coates and Bagula typically prepares four documents:

1. a revocable trust
2. pour-over will
3. durable power of attorney
4. an advance health care directive

The following is a very brief explanation of each document:

1. Revocable Trust: Essentially, the revocable trust describes exactly how you want your assets distributed at the time of your death. A revocable trust is a valuable tool for two primary reasons. First, if the manner of distributing your assets is clear, then there is less of a chance that probate courts will have to be involved to settle disputes. Second, depending on the size of your estate, you may be able to avoid costly estate taxes.

2. Pour-Over Will: The pour-over will essentially acts as a "catch-all" to make sure all your property (unless specifically stated otherwise) will be distributed through your revocable trust. So, for example, if you were to win the lottery before you died and did not place that money in an account for your trust, the pour-over will requires that money to be distributed pursuant to the terms of your revocable trust.

3. Durable Power of Attorney: A durable power of attorney is a document that allows you to give another person (typically a spouse or trusted relative) the power to act on your behalf (i.e., handle financial affairs, etc.) in the event you are incapacitated.

4. Advance Health Care Directive: The advance health care directive deals with how you want to be treated with respect to end-of-life decisions (for example, do not resuscitate).

Every client is different and Olins, Riviere, Coates and Bagula will tailor its legal services to meet each client's needs. In many cases, Olins, Riviere, Coates and Bagula is able to charge a flat fee to prepare estate plan, thereby saving our clients' money. Moreover, unlike many law firms, Olins, Riviere, Coates and Bagula will assist with transferring clients' property into Revocable Trusts.

At Olins Riviere Coates and Bagula our team of attorneys work diligently to ensure that they stay up to date on all changes that take place in business law. Our law firm provides our services in a professional, honest and affordable manner.
Business owners often find themselves in need of legal advice when it comes to all major areas of their business operation. Enlisting the help of a business attorney at Olins, Riviere, Coates and Bagula can provide you with support in many areas: pre-litigation consultation, aggressive and efficient courtroom representation, services for contracts, resolution of ownership disputes, mergers and acquisitions, business dissolution, business and joint venture formation, unfair competition and corporate officer defense situations.

Contact our law offices in either San Diego at (619) 272-4235 or Anaheim at (714) 769-9070 today to speak with an experienced business attorney.

At Olins, Riviere, Coates and Bagula we specialize in all aspects of business law including:

Business Litigation
Business Torts
Unfair Business Practices
Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Breach of Contract
Contract Drafting and Revision
Mergers and Acquisitions
Business Sale Transactions
Commercial and Corporate Litigation
Medical Business Law
Trade Secrets
Derivative Shareholder Suits and Partnership Dispute Resolution

Notable Cases

Resolved Partnership dispute wherein one partner attempted to abscond with partnership property. The case resulted in a sale of the partnership by my clients at a profit.

Gained a Judgment against four Chinese corporations for $6.8 million in a case which began as a defense of three individuals and their corporation. Initially, my clients were sued personally for liability exceeding $2.7 million dollars each.

Represented commercial tenant who faced improper competition due to prior guarantees by professional property manager and corporate landlord at strip mall to not face competition. Resolved matter gaining a monetary settlement, reduction in rent, and additional options to rent.

Litigated against past Majority owner/Manager and new Majority Owner/Manager on behalf of one owner. Ultimately, my client gained a $4,000,000 windfall, expelled the Majority Owner and gained complete ownership of the business.

Represented a group of over twenty limited partner doctors in a dispute with their General Partner over a real estate option to purchase improperly taken; and fraudulent accounting practices. Ultimately, the limited partners gained a benefit which exceeded $12,000,000.
Our employment attorneys have over six decades of combined experience litigating cases on behalf of employees, particularly union employees.
We have represented corporate executives seeking compensation upon termination. We have also represented many small business employers. Small business employers will encounter the necessity of enlisting the help of a labor lawyer at one time or another.

These legal services are required when one is threatened by the accusations of an employee for situations such as operating an unsafe work place, unfair treatment, sexual harassment, unlawful discharge and many other areas that can arise when you are in the employer role within a company.

At Olins, Riviere, Coates and Bagula we specialize in all aspects of employment law including:

Labor/Employment Litigation
Employment Policies and Contracts
Employment Related Negotiations
Wrongful Termination

Notable Cases

Negotiated an excellent severance plan for a high level executive without the need for litigation.

Litigated on behalf of a vice-president of a major corporation a claim for wrongful termination. Ultimately negotiated a $300,000 settlement.

Represented business owner (personally sued) and his business in suit for wrongful failure to promote based on alleged racial discrimination. Defeated the Plaintiff and gained a Judgment summarily without the need for trial. Argued and prevailed at appeal.

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