Nancy J. Wallace, Attorney at Law

Nancy J. Wallace, Attorney at Law

Be Smart. Get REAL Workers' Compensation help. Nancy Wallace, a Certified Specialist in Workers' Compensation Law since 1994, helps injured workers in the Los Angeles Basin and Inland Empire get the compensation they deserve.

Firm Overview

I help injured workers navigate through the workers' compensation system, maximizing workers' treatment options and employment choices following recovery. I worked as a defense attorney for many years, and saw the worst insurance companies had to offer. I saw people fired for having sustained work injuries and it didn't sit well. So while I lose a lot of time and money trying the 'discrimination' against injured workers, I still do it.

On the other side of the coin, I understand some workers must get their job back at any cost, and others choose to close their case without every benefit in hand, plus not every person has the stomach for a trial. Whether the injured worker wants to fight to maximize every recovery at trial, or take less than they are due to minimize stress, I give them that choice.

My brother nearly died in an on-the-job police car crash in 1995. Broken ribs went undiagnosed for three weeks before the insurer authorized the right study and treatment.

I also represented injured workers for Brissman & Schlueter ("Of Counsel") through 2002. Since 2003, I represent injured workers (and some uninsured employers) as a solo practitioner.

Example cases

Thomas v. Bakers: Successfully challenged the requirement that workers may only use doctors in a medical provider network when the insurer refused to respond to their own doctors' requests.

Camacho v. City of Moreno Valley: Successfully proved applicant was terminated only as direct retribution for requesting workers' compensation benefits.
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I provide free initial 30-minute consultation (typically by telephone).
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The Workers' Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) Judge typically awards 15% of the final recovery (whether by award at trial or settlement). Nolo clients receive a discount from 15% of the final recovery to 12%.
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Workers Compensation
Get a REAL doctor and real answers from a former defense attorney who passed a special bar exam just in Workers Comp laws with over 25 years experience in Southern California comp. Se Habla Espanol.
The wrong doctor can end all benefits, unfair but true, so YOU need a REAL DOCTOR and soon. My 25-plus years in Workers Comp has shown which doctors on the Medical Provider Network can really help (and which to avoid like the plague). Now that nearly all treatment requests are denied -- non-certified -- by the adjuster and the wacky Utilization Review process, you need an experienced specialist who knows how to present the problems with the UR doctor's opinion to the workers comp judge. I did defense of workers comp insurers and school districts and counties from 1987 through 1995 and I know how they work (and I don't like it). I've been successful in Petitions for Increased Benefits per LC132a (the wrongful termination portion of the Workers Compensation Act) and Serious & Willful Misconduct of the Employer petitions... petitions most comp attorneys refuse to pursue (or just don't understand or file). I stick to Southern California claims but feel free to email questions to if you're out of the area and can't find help.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Hurt people deserve REAL doctors and real answers, so I left the Comp Insurance Defense industry in 1995 and started helping people really hurt on the job.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

I defended insurance companies from 1987 through 1995, and saw people lose their benefits by seeing the wrong doctors... and decided to help people get well instead of help insurance companies stay rich.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Nancy passed the Certified Specialist's exam for Workers Compensation Law -- an extra Bar Exam just in Workers Compensation Laws. Nancy files and prosecutes 132a Claims and Serious & Willful Misconduct of the Employer claims ... specialty petitions most attorneys avoid and won't try.

Nancy Wallace

I was a newspaper reporter and editor out of college, then the Public Information Officer for Western State University College of Law. At the law school, I discovered that I loved studying law, and WSU let me attend while I worked there. I passed the bar right out of law school and began with Parker & Dally, learning insurance defense, workers' comp defense, and estate planning.

I decided to relocate to the San Bernardino Forest and moved to Mark & Bolson, in workers' compensation defense (defending city Schools, county schools, County of San Bernardino, County of Riverside, and farmers). I moved onto Kegel Tobin & Truce in 1995, then joined Brissman & Schlueter in 1996 (now representing injured workers and their doctors).

My brother lost his home business, his job and his home from a work injury, the stress of which ultimately led to a fatal heart attack at age 50, so I know the worst that can happen when an injured worker is neglected and shuffled.

I get a detailed history personally from the client at the outset and relay that to the doctor so that the doctor's reports are accurate evidence upon which the judge can rely.

In addition, my newspaper reporting skills make for a very readable trial brief and appellate brief.
Personal interests:

Pittsburgh Steelers! American Tribal Style Belly Dance. Chinese Shar Peis (all seem to enjoy patting the wrinkly head of my latest Shar Pei rescue from the local shelter).
  • Bar Number: Bar Number: 141068
    California , 1989
  • Western State Universitey College of Law, Fullerton, CA
    Juris Doctor , 1988
  • California Polytechnic State University, Pomona, CA
    Bachelor of Science , 1981
    Editor Poly Post (campus newspaper), Defense Counsel Associated Students Court, and Editor OPUS (campus magazine).

Nancy Wallace Esq

Certified Specialist in Workers Compensation Law (Passed an extra bar exam just in workers compensation rules and codes). Defended workers comp insurance companies and counties and school districts from 1987 through 1995, learning their scare tactics and the doctor they use to wipe out people's recovery. Filed and tried LC 132a 'wrongful termination' and Serious & Willful Misconduct petitions for increases in benefits due to employer misconduct.
  • Bar Number: 141068
    California , 1988
  • Western State Univ. College of Law, Fullerton
    Juris Doctor , 1988

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