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At Murphy & Rudolf LLP, we are dedicated to diligent case preparation and aggressive representation. Our attorneys know the value of examining evidence, hiring investigators, interviewing witnesses and filing legally significant motions.

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Criminal Defense
At Murphy & Vander Salm LLP, we represent adults, juveniles and college students who have been charged with crimes in Massachusetts
Our Worcester criminal defense attorneys provide aggressive defense against a broad spectrum of serious criminal charges faced by adults, juveniles and college students, including:

Drunk driving/OUI
Drug crimes
Violent crimes
Sex crimes
Federal crimes
White collar crimes
At Murphy & Vander Salm LLP, we defend individuals charged with OUI, OUI drugs, reckless driving and vehicular manslaughter. Our attorneys have dedicated their careers to criminal defense and know how to fight these charges.
License Suspension and OUI Penalties

If you have been charged with a first OUI offense, we may be able to get your license back for you within a week by applying for a hardship license. We will gather the necessary documents and represent you at the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) hearing.

The penalties for conviction of a first OUI offense may include:

Fines from $500 to $5,000
Up to two and a half years in prison
License suspension up to one year

The penalties for multiple OUI convictions are much harsher. People with multiple OUI charges usually have to go to trial. Under Melanie's Law, the state imposes stiffer penalties for refusing a Breathalyzer test and operating under the influence. Anyone charged with multiple OUI offenses will be required to have an ignition interlock device installed on his or her vehicle.

Even if you have already pleaded guilty, it is still possible to go to trial and win. You may also be successful at trial even if you failed the Breathalyzer test. Putting an experienced OUI defense attorney on your side is the key.
Sex Crimes
At Murphy & Vander Salm LLP, we fight sex offense charges from indecent exposure to aggravated rape. As a law firm devoted to criminal defense, we have the tools to aggressively defend clients against all types of sex crime charges.
Comprehensive Defense

We provide defense against all sexual offenses, including:

Sexual assault/indecent assault and battery
Rape and aggravated rape
Statutory rape (consensual sex) of a child under age 16
Rape of a child under age 16
Juvenile sex crimes
Indecent exposure
Solicitation or prostitution
Child pornography

In Massachusetts, a rape conviction can carry a lifetime prison sentence. If an offender is deemed a sexually dangerous person, he or she can be confined to a treatment program after release from prison. Our lawyers provide defense representation at sexually dangerous person commitment hearings.

A sexually dangerous person meets one of these three requirements:

Convicted as a youthful offender, and suffering from a mental abnormality or personality disorder
Incompetent to stand trial after being charged with a sex offense and suffering from a mental abnormality or personality disorder
Unable to control sexual impulses resulting in violent sexual misconduct; likely to reoffend if released

If you are found to be a sexually dangerous person, you will be committed for a period of one day to life. It is critical to have experienced representation on your side.

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