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We specialize in representing families who have suffered catastrophic injuries or wrongful death because of a careless doctor, nurse, or hospital.

We never charge a fee unless we win your case. If we don't win, we don't get paid. We win over 90 percent of our cases. We look forward to winning your case.

What Is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice is when a medical provider (a doctor, nurse, or the like) fails to meet the standard of care in their practice or is negligent in their treatment of their patient. The result of medical malpractice can be catastrophic, leading to wrongful death, brain injury, paralysis, and more.

People who are victims of medical malpractice can experience any or all of the following:

Pain and suffering
Loss of income
Brain damage
Other serious injuries
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Medical Malpractice
Washington Medical Malpractice Attorney - Experienced, Dependable, Compassionate
Many people are injured by medical malpractice every year, but, sadly, few ever seek a lawyer's help. In fact, it has been estimated that 85% of people injured by medical malpractice never filed a claim.

According to an article recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, over 180,000 people die each year due to medical mistakes. This has become the third leading cause of death in United States after deaths from heart disease and cancer.

If you have been seriously injured, or if you have lost a loved one, due to medical malpractice, you should contact us immediately.

We never charge a fee unless we win your case. If we don't win, we don't get paid. We win over 90 percent of our cases. We look forward to winning your case.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

We are a law firm that focuses our talents on winning cases for badly injured victims of medical malpractice. Our goal in winning your case is to give you justice, a better life, and more financial resources for you and your family. We have strong Christian values and always try to put Jesus Christ first place in our lives. Email us for a free case evaluation today. Call us for prayer or a free Bible.

Reba Weiss

Reba Weiss provides immediate legal council for our Washington office. Reba began her career in 1982 as a prosecuting attorney, which gave her daily courtroom experience. As a prosecutor, she learned how to fight for her clients in court, and it's an attitude she still bring to cases today. If we need to take your case to court, she will fight vigorously for you.

Reba takes a collaborative approach to your case, which means she help you understand your role. Sometimes that means giving assignments you'll need to complete in order to make your case as strong as possible. She does this because by working together we can build the strongest case possible. Reba is attentive, dependent, hard-working and considerate to your needs and goals.

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