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Firm Overview

The focus of the firm is helping ordinary people avoid disaster and to recover. This can happen in employment, accidents in your vehicle, and in criminal and traffic matters. This is where many good people can be helped greatly to keep their job, retain health benefits and a pay substitute if they were injured on the job, be protected in the event of a workplace or auto accident or from a defective product, and to weather an encounter with the criminal justice system and to avoid over-punishment and even to be acquitted. We also help people do their estate planning and sell their homes and businesses. You name it we've probably done it.

Example cases

A felon in possession of a firearm charge, in Federal court, client acquitted by the jury and another instance , succesfully defended the third and fourth breathlyzer refusal in one year period. I helped one client sell a business I thought he was selling too cheaply at $350k, and I sold it for $500k. I protected the City of Providence and its Water Supply Board from a $100,000 judgment, winning the appeal. I recovered approximatly half a million dollars in recovery for a man whose arm was pinched by a defective machine. I recently tripled the "severance pay" for a man who was terminated and another "employee" the right to return to his job after a suspension, or to receive a cash settlement.

Main Office
P.O. Box 25769
Providence  RI  02905
  • (401) 481-4744


Free Initial Consultation?
Yes , on the phone for say 15 minutes or so, no charge at all and in the office $100 per hour
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
Hourly Rates
Varies by the matter $200-$400

Office Information

Office Hours
9-5 and by appointment
Office Manager
Emergency After Hours
Languages Spoken
Helena, Portugese

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

It is a gift to be able to think and speak on one's feet or without a script and to ask the right questions. Oddly enough, this also helps you in drafting and writing because you can anticipate the issues that will arise. The same confidence allows you to draft in plain language.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

Research the legal issue but most of all organize your facts. I research everything and then I use that knowledge to hire a proffesional who will be often be able to help me best owing to my own investigation and most efficiently if I have organized the facts. Chronoligical ordering of facts is an easy productive approach. So much of what we do is knowing what facts matter and for what purpose, and how to present them and how the process operates

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

I am glad to as long as the presentation and amount are reasonable an they are organized in some way. Again, Chronological order is so helpful.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

I always coach on manner and demeanor and on keeping to the questions asked and especially, how not to let the opposing interrogator rattle or bully you. In criminal cases, I will very seldom want to put my client on the stand. In civil matters, I always tell my clients to tell the truth because in addtion to the ehtical and legal problems with lying, most peoeple are only hurting their cause by lying. The truth will come out and it is often the case that with the truth I can actually help them. Peoepl tend to see the "truth" in a very judgmental way and I can tell you that I can show you the same truth and argue it for my client.

Michael J. Gardiner

I spent two and a half years in a law firm while in school as a clerk, and then two and a half to three years as an attorney employed at a downtown firm. I felt the down-city law firm model might be cost challenged going forward and was eager to find lower costs and more convenience in the suburbs. Ironically, I returned to the city in a truly hybrid location that is very close to dwontown, walking distance to the courts, and yet is as accessible as any suburb location and with ample parking

I sing. To be able to sing, you must be sure of yourself. To sing a song you wrote, you must be sure of yourself, even more so. To sing, you must understand the power of the text, the music, the rythym..It is all an art of persuasive force. You bring that into your litigation skills and it is very powerful. Even a "rest" in music is important. I have won arguments in court without saying a sigle word other than my name and who I represent, because it is best to let the losing argument be heard. The court often challenges it and rules with no need to hear from me. I have bought and sold property and transacted business in many ways. These situations give a lot of insight in to motiviations and interests and paths for inquiry. I served in the military, worked in many jobs while working my way thorugh school, and have a broker's license and was one of six children. All of these experiences, focused by knowledge of the law and process, can be of great assistance in handling a case, positoning my client well, recognizing and reaping a good outcome.

I am able to stay calm and keep my peace under stress and therefore to perform well. I can be strident but I know how to dial it down and to be more precise. The courts odn;t like theatrics but they do love a good questions and a good argument based on facts and law.

Personal interests:

I like singing because the skills undelying a good job singing job totally transltae to litigation skills. I have often had to sing a song I just learned five mnutes ago. That is good practice for a courtroom.

  • Bar Number:
    Rhode Island , 2011
  • Western New England College School of Law
    Juris Doctorate , 1989
    Wilbraham, MA
    Within two years of Admission I successfully advocated in two Rhode Island Supreme Court Cases

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