Michael E. Zall

Michael E. Zall

Protecting Your Business, Brands, Ideas and Inventions.,Protecting Your Ideas, Inventions, Brands and Business

Firm Overview

Client friendly, experienced, and effective, are the terms that describe my law firm. I cater to those in need of quality Intellectual Property legal services, e.g., patents, trademarks, unfair competition, licensing and copyrights.

We obtain patents on your invention (in the U.S. and worldwide), and we counsel you on the use of your invention in your business, or selling or licensing your rights. We can give you expert guidance in most technologies, i.e., mechanical, chemical, biotech, business methods.We cater to those who not only want to consult in person at our office, but to those who find it more convenient to tele-consult by phone, Skype and/or e-mail.
We help you brand your product or service, through the selection of trademarks, protecting them, and enforcing your branding rights.

We assist you in your agreements with your business partners and in traversing the numerous legal minefields in order to avoid expensive litigation. If litigation is unavoidable, we attempt to effectively and economically resolve such dispute while enforcing and protecting your Intellectual Property Rights.

The firm was started in 2010 after I left a multinational corporation as VP, General Counsel and Intellectual Property (IP) Counsel to focus on the special intellectual property needs of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and independent inventors.

Example cases

I developed the trademark branding strategy and protection for a multi-national corporation involving hundreds of trademarks, numerous opposition and cancellation procedures, as well as trademark and unfair competition litigations in the courts.

Main Office
Two Yorkshire Drive
Suffern  NY  10901
  • (845) 357-6800
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Free Initial Consultation?
Yes, the time is "unlimited" (within reason).
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
• Generally, initial consultations are free. We can do a consultation in person at my office or, in many situations, over the phone and by e-mail.

• During the initial consultation, I will provide you with my recommendations on what services are best for you, your business plan and your pocketbook.

• I will outline the overall costs and provide you with an estimate of costs for each step of the process. In many situations, i.e., trademark applications, patent applications, copyrights, initial drafts of contracts, etc., I will provide you with a fixed price for each step of the process. In some situations, e.g., litigations, complex negotiations and contracts, I can only provide an estimated budget.

*General Counsel Services

Cannot afford or do not need a full-time General Counsel?
Outside general counsel services are available on a contract basis. I am a former General Counsel with many years of experience in understanding business needs and resolving the many issues that come up. I can provide you with general counsel services that can tie-up all those loose legal matters or handle that big issue that has just come up, whether it be in the IP arena or other areas of law. Negotiated fees are available on a per-diem, weekly, or monthly basis. If needed, such services can be rendered at your offices for periods of time.
Hourly Rates
$400 per hour. Most matters are handled at a fixed price, which you will know before entrusting it to me.

Office Information

Office Hours
Emergency After Hours

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

My deep interest in technology and in the law led me to become a Patent attorney which gradually expanded into product branding (trademarks) and the business relationships in which Intellectual Property is a key element.

What is your firm's point of view regarding clients educating themselves on legal issues?

The client that comes prepared is a blessing. They know the questions to ask, are able to comprehend the intricacies of Intellectual Property or Business Law that will be explained, and can understand the rocks and shoals that we will guide them through.

Is your firm willing to review documents prepared by clients?

I am willing, during the initial consultation, to review such documents, and, if possible and advisable, use them as the foundation for future work. It depends on the issues, complexity and also the client's basic knowledge of the area involved. At times, this can be a waste of the client's time and resources and ours, to go down the path they have selected. If so, they will be so advised.

Is your firm willing to coach clients who want to represent themselves?

It depends on the matter. On Copyright Registrations, I tend to do this. Trademarks and particularly patents are more complex and there are very few clients that have the experience to work with a mere coach.

Michael E. Zall

I started my legal career as Patent and Trademark attorney with Amchem Products, a major agricultural chemical and metal coatings company. After Amchem was acquired by Union Carbide, I moved on to Stauffer Chemical Corporation as Patent and Trademark Counsel, working on a broad spectrum of chemical and chemical process technologies. Greener pastures called, and I moved on to AMF, Inc. as Senior Patent and Trademark Counsel, specializing not only in leisure products (bowling, tennis, ski), but in high tech filtration, chromatography and biotech (Cuno Division). After AMF was restructured, I continued with Cuno, Inc. as General Counsel and IP Counsel.

In 1988 I started my law firm, Weingram & Zall (1988-1996), a boutique Intellectual Property law firm. Clients ranged from large multinational corporations to independent inventors. During my tenure at the firm, I counseled ASICS Tiger Corporation (now ASICS America Corporation) and then moved on to become their Vice President, General Counsel and IP Counsel (1996 to 2010). ASICS is a major global branded athletic footwear and apparel designer, manufacturer and distributor.

After leaving ASICS (2010), I decided to again open my own "shop" not only for assisting large corporations with their IP issues, but focusing on the special IP needs of small businesses, entrepreneurs, and independent inventors.

Throughout my legal career I have counseled private clients. My goal has always been to provide each of them with affordable, quality legal services that add value to their business.

I have been an in-house counsel (General Counsel, IP Counsel) for several national and multinational corporations and been in private practice. I understand the law and the business realities faced by my clients.

I am straight forward, I avoid complex legal jargon, and I explain complex legal issues in a focused, easy to understand manner. I work in an environment I enjoy, and that allows me to enjoy working on client matters.

Personal interests:

My family (including two grandsons), guitar lessons (eventually I will play "music"), running and hiking and, last but not least, my legal practice.

  • Bar Number: 1026434
    New York , 1974
  • St. Johns University
    Juris Doctorate , 1973
    New York, NY
  • Pace University
    Master of Business Administration , 1971
    New York, NY
  • The City University of New York
    Bachelor of Engineering , 1966
    New York, NY

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