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Divorce hurts, but it does not have to be nasty! Our experienced lawyers provide trusted, caring, and dedicated service to navigate you through the divorce process. The Atlanta Divorce Team. Helping clients through difficult times. Call us today!

Firm Overview

Our Philosophy

While we zealously represent our clients in the courtroom, we believe that fierce litigation is not always the best way to resolve a divorce. We try to resolve cases in an amicable and collaborative fashion whenever possible. If children are involved, it is likely that you and your spouse will face a lifetime of joint parenting interactions, despite the divorce. One of the least considered costs of divorce is how life's precious moments can become tainted with negative feelings between ex-spouses and we do everything we can to diminish this effect.

As not all cases can be resolved without resorting to litigation, we will recommend when it is appropriate to take a case to trial in order to seek a better outcome. We take pride in the way we manage cases and work closely with our clients. We assign tasks within our firm to the appropriate individuals and strive to maximize results while decreasing costs to our clients. We use the latest technology to be as prepared as possible for your case (including detailed financial analysis for complex financial cases involving substantial assets, high incomes, and small businesses). You will find that our divorce lawyers are prepared to help you every step of the way.

Types of Divorce Cases We Handle

We handle a large variety of divorce cases. From simple, uncontested divorces to complex, contested divorce actions, you will find our divorce attorneys are well versed on the latest laws affecting your rights in a divorce. We have extensive experience with cases involving substantial assets, high incomes, small businesses and hidden assets and believe that our financial analysis capabilities can help you address the unique nature of these types of cases. We have also handled a number of contested custody issues involving issues, such as: adultery, alcohol, drug abuse, and physical violence.

Contempt, Child Custody Modification, Child Support Modification, and Alimony Modification

A number of legal issues can arise after a divorce. If one spouse does not satisfy their financial obligations in the divorce, we can assist in contempt of court cases to help you receive what you are entitled to. If you have lost your job or are experiencing other difficulties which prevent you from meeting obligations from the divorce, we can help you seek a modification of your divorce decree to change your child support or alimony obligation. If circumstances have changed and you now believe that child custody and visitation arrangements should be altered, we can aid you in bringing those issues to the court's attention in an effort to modify child custody arrangements.

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Patrick Meriwether

Since 2000, Mr. Meriwether has focused seventy percent (70%) of his practice on family law and thirty percent (30%) on business law.  Through time, he has found that family and business law complement each other well in practice, as his skills from one area transfer easily to the other.  Business litigation cases tend to require fewer Court appearances, but the family law cases of Mr. Meriwether's practice has afforded him the opportunity to appear in Court more often and hone skills necessary both for family law and business litigation.  Mr. Meriwether's business litigation and transactional work provide the experience and ability to examine and tirelessly move through financial documents, both for business cases, including personal and small businesses, as well as family law cases involving large marital estates in need of equitable division.

Mr. Meriwether handles a broad range of family law cases, including divorce, adoption, child custody and support modification, adoption, domestic violence, and premarital agreements.  He regularly deals with marital assets ranging from those of little or even negative value to those worth millions of dollars, and competently calculates spousal and child support when applicable.


University of Miami, B.A., 1992

University of Florida, J.D., 1995



State Bar of Georgia (Member of the Family Law and Business Law Sections)
The Florida Bar
American Bar Association (Member of the Family Law and Business Law Sections)



1996, Georgia
1996, Florida

Robert Tharp

Mr. Tharp practice areas include both business litigation and family law matters. Much like his law partner, Mr. Meriwether, he finds that handling both types of cases provides unique advantages for his clients. His business litigation and small business experience helps provide extensive financial expertise in handling divorces with large, complicated estates. His family law practice helps provide more frequent courtroom experiences that help him to continue to learn how to best present cases in front of judges and juries.

Mr. Tharp handles a broad range of family law cases including divorce, modification actions, contempt proceedings, and appellant work. He regularly handles estates with large and unique assets, such as a business which can be difficult to value during a divorce proceeding. Mr. Tharp has completed formal mediation training and utilizes this knowledge to achieve favorable results while amicably trying to resolve matters for his clients. Although Mr. Tharp strongly believes that parties should try to resolve matters in a collaborative fashion whenever possible, he also willing, when necessary and appropriate, to utilize his extensive debate skills in a courtroom for his client’s advantage.

In addition, Mr. Tharp helped to establish and provided extensive hands-on service for the Urban Debate League program for high school and junior high school students. Mr. Tharp worked with establishing three of the initial Urban debate league programs in this country in Atlanta, Baltimore, and New York – a program that has expanded to 18 of the nation’s largest cities, served 311 urban high schools, 51 urban middle schools, and 37,000 urban public school students.


Emory University, BA 1993

Emory University, JD 1996