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Mensah Law Office PLLC

Mensah Law Office provides estate and probate counsel to clients throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland and New York.

Firm Overview

The firm's founding member, Paul "Tony" Mensah, has a wealth of experience that he accumulated from his time working for a federal agency and serving as outside counsel for a Fortune 100 company, an investment bank, and numerous D.C. metropolitan small businesses. He also served as the Managing Partner of a District of Columbia general practice firm.

Tony Mensah saw an opportunity to bring all his prior experiences together to create a practice that better serves the needs of clients, big and small, by using modern technology and resources to bring in one word what many law firms have not brought to their clients convenience.

The mission statement for Mensah Law Office is, "Convenience, without sacrificing excellence in the areas of debt collection, estate and probate, contract and business law."

Do you want to learn more about obtaining legal services from Mensah Law Office? If your answer is "yes," do not hesitate to use our website to arrange a meeting with us or call us at (202) 895-1510 and let us know what we can do for you.
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Main Office
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Free Initial Consultation?
Yes and we make home or office visits for your convenience at no extra charge
Services Offered For Fixed Fees?
* Visit our website to see our retainer agreements for estate and probate services
* Basic Estate for Individual - $600.00
* Basic Estate for Couple - $750.00
* Regular Estate for Individual - $900.00
* Regular Estate for Couple - $1,350.00
* Complex Estate - Billable Hours
* Probate - Billable Hours
* Probate Litigation - Billable Hours
Hourly Rates
$300 per hour
Estate Planning
Estate Planning
An estate plan is a legal planning document created for an individual or a couple who desire to arrange, prior to death, for the transfer of their assets by legal process. The plan does not go into effect until after the death of the person or persons for whom the plan is created. The goal of most individuals or couples, in whose name plans are created, is to produce a document adhering to state and federal law that allows for them to transfer the maximum amount of their wealth to a person or persons pre-selected by them.

For estates where the total value of the taxable estate is more than $5,250,000 the federal estate tax laws are a major concern. Planning around federal estate tax laws may be required to ensure that the maximum amount of wealth is transferred. For the Maryland and District of Columbia resident, where the total value of their estate is over $1,000,000, the state estate tax laws can become a major concern and planning around those laws is required to ensure that the maximum amount of wealth is transferred.

Finally, Maryland is one of only a small amount of states, nationwide, that has an inheritance tax, (i.e. a tax levied on certain categories of beneficiaries to an estate) so planning may be required to address inheritance tax issues for Maryland residents.

Who Needs an Estate Plan and Why?

If you have a job, own property of any kind, have been through a divorce, and especially if you have children, you need an estate plan. When a legal professional drafts an estate plan you can set terms for who you want your property and assets to be distributed to at the time of your death. These assets can include:

-Bank accounts
-Investment accounts
-Retirement benefits
-Inheritance rights
-Life insurance policies
-Other transferable assets

An estate plan allows you to be very creative when passing along benefits, such as taking advantage of tax saving solutions, ensuring financial resources are available to minor children (until they reach your predetermined age of majority), or providing for charitable donations.

However, if you fail to create a plan, or if you do not have a plan drafted by an established estate planning professional you not only cease to have control over what happens to your assets but you will likely suffer the following consequences:

-No control over who gets parental rights over your minor children
-No control over who gets to enjoy the financial proceeds of your estate
-Family fights about how to distribute your estate, which can often end in very expensive litigation (meaning the proceeds of your estate is going to pay for attorney's fees in probate)
Probate & Probate Litigation
Probate is a legal process where a will is accepted by the court after the person for whom the will was created has died. Probate is also the process used for distributing the possessions of a deceased person who died without a valid will or some other estate planning instrument. The overwhelming majority of estates for deceased persons will go through the probate process.

Due to the fact that all estates that pass through probate are subject to the authority of local courts and rulings by judges within those courts, it is essential to have a solid understanding of the local rules of court as well as the rules for administering estates, distributing assets, paying creditors, and closing an estate, so as to avoid taking actions that are in violations of local laws. The failure to follow local rules could subject you and / or the estate to financial penalties. In the long run it is likely cheaper and safer to have experienced counsel by your side.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

While many firms boast about providing excellent services to their clients we like to leave statements about our firm to our clients. We also display publications, which provide summaries of our prior successes. For example, as you can see from our website, whether it was representing Hilton Hotels & Resorts as a collections attorney expert, or guiding an estate through successful litigation against Wall Street banks, Tony Mensah, principal at Mensah Law Office, has enjoyed proven success throughout his career

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Tony Mensah saw an opportunity to bring all his prior experiences together to create a practice that better serves the needs of clients, big and small, by using modern technology and resources to bringin one wordwhat many law firms have not brought to their clients convenience.

The mission statement for Mensah Law Office is, "Convenience, without sacrificing excellence in the areas of debt collection, estate & probate, and contract & business law."

What makes Mensah Law Office a success is not just satisfied clients or summaries of cases we have won, we will bring our services directly to your home or office through when we have our attorneys visit you. Legal counsel no longer requires the inconvenience of driving downtown or taking the Metro to receive services from your lawyerthat's what makes Mensah Law Office different. Check out our website ( for more details.

Paul "Tony" Mensah

5335 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W., Suite 440
Washington, D.C. 20015

Tony Mensah focuses his practice in debt collection, estate and probate, and business law. He regularly represents large corporations, small businesses, families, and individuals in connection with a variety of legal issues, which include:

-Setting up simple and complex commercial agreements
-Solving issue stemming from the failed performance of a contract
-Enforcement and litigation of contracts
-Setting up basic and complex estates
-Representing both plaintiffs and defendants in probate litigation

Tony Mensah has regularly appeared in District of Columbia Superior Court and the United States District Court for the District of Columbia. He has also appeared in state courts in Maryland (pro hac vice) and New York (local counsel).

While representing former and existing clients Tony Mensah has created thousands of commercial and estate planning related agreements geared toward maximizing advantages for his clients, while also providing protection against civil litigation. When litigation is necessary Tony Mensah is ready with more than a decade worth of trial litigation experience.

Tony Mensah's recent representations include:

-Recently obtained a settlement and a jury verdict with a total value of $702,322 dollars on behalf of an estate in a multi-count case, which included Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Raymond James Financial.

-Served as outside counsel to Hilton Hotels Corporation on a variety of issues related to complex business transactions, including the collection, review and litigation of unpaid commercial convention agreements.

-Recently obtained satisfaction of a $225,000 dollar judgment for Florida Aviation Company and a mid-major airline corporation.

-Recently obtained a substantial six figure employment settlement for a high ranking corporate officer.
Before forming Mensah Law Office, Tony Mensah served as the Managing Partner for a small District of Columbia General Practice law firm. Prior to that he clerked at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ("FDIC") in the General Counsel's office.

-Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law, Juris Doctorate
-University of Maryland Baltimore County, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science

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-Debt Collection
-Debt Relief
-Estate Planning
-Probate and Probate Litigation
-Contract Drafting
-Business Law

-District of Columbia
-New York
-Maryland (pending attorney's examination)
-United States District Court for the District of Columbia
  • Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law
    Juris Doctorate