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Is mediation for you?

Are you going through a family law proceeding in
Minnesota? Do you want to avoid adversarial processes and court hearings? Do you
want to be treated respectfully in a process that you control? If yes, then
consider mediation first. Mediation gives you maximum voice as you work out your
agreements and maximum ability to tailor-make those agreements for your unique
situation. Mediation can also help parents build a positive foundation for their
children. You can help design the process to meet your specific needs.

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Rebecca M. Picard

Rebecca M. Picard is a mediator, conflict resolution coach, and Collaborative
Family Lawyer. She has considerable experience in civil litigation and family
law. Rebecca has mediated hundreds of cases, and has given presentations on
mediation topics locally and nationally. She was Chair of the Minnesota State
Bar Association's Alternative Dispute Resolution Section in 2000-2001. Rebecca
also has done extensive training in psychology, communication and personal
growth. She pays attention to research on developmental needs of children and
the effects of divorce on children, and is committed to improving the way in
which family law cases are handled. Rebecca is highly skilled at dealing with
both legal and emotional issues.