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McCoy Fatula

McCoy Fatula is your legal solution for all your family law and civil litigation needs.

Firm Overview

McCoy Fatula law firm has local ties and have represented clients all throughout California, from Oroville to San Diego County. We have a significant presence in Placer, El Dorado, Yolo, Colusa, and Sacramento Counties.

We offer you a unique blend of community values, national practice experience and international training, all necessary in today's world.

We work with you, and for you, always placing your personal needs and interests above all else because we understand, at the end of any legal battle, it's still your life.
Main Office
Main Office
2270 Douglas Blvd.
Suite 200
Roseville  CA  95661
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First generation family lawyers with strong connections to the area. We work with you, and for you, always placing your personal needs and interests first because we understand, at the end of any legal battle, it's still your life.
We Provide Direct Solutions in Your Time of Need.

From the moment you walk through our doors, until your successful day in court, we customize legal solutions for your needs. We provide you with legal representation and advocacy of the highest quality during this difficult and stressful time in your life.

Our Sole Goal is to Solve Your Legal Problems.

Through our collective legal experience and technological expertise, we have created a direct and efficient legal representation approach to reduce costs and save everyone time. We collect the necessary information about your legal issues. We use outside experts and our own background and experience to conduct in depth investigations into the facts surrounding your problem. We analyze those facts to determine a strategy complimentary to your interests. We keep you fully informed and engaged each step of the way.

We Are Your Legal Solution.
We protect your rights,
Simplify the legal process and
Allow you to move forward with your life.
Whether you are ready to file your divorce or separation or need to respond to one right away, we are here to lead you through this most difficult time in your life. Let us worry for you.

We make this experience as painless as possible for you. Plus, we will contact your significant other, or their attorney, for you, so you never have to. We help you get through this.

We have seen too many people make rash life-altering decisions during this time. We have heard too many people tell us they avoided hiring an attorney because of the costs, but that it only ended up costing them so much more in the end - more time, more stress, more money. We are here to help you. Call today to speak with an attorney about what you can do.
Child Support
When life changes, we're here to get you the support you deserve.

Ex-Spouses move on.
Children grow up.
Needs change, support can too.
Whether someone started a new job, began a new relationship or the amount of custodial time has simply changed, you may be entitled to modification or termination of support.

With our extensive business backgrounds, we are trained and practiced in analyzing financial information, which means we know how to apply it to your situation and will advocate your need for modification so you can continue living comfortably and maintain that same lifestyle you were accustom to and deserve.
Child Custody
When circumstances change, custody should too.
Know your rights before you agree to custody divisions.
We can help.
Whether you have full physical or legal custody, joint physical or legal custody, just visitation or a combination thereof, the effects can be dramatic and long term.
Divorce Mediation
Confidential, Affordable, Reliable and Efficient.
Sometimes you don't need a judge to make the right decision.
Not all disputes should be handled in Court.

We understand some problems need to be handled in a private setting, away from the stereotypical relationship counselors and opinion-givers you normally turn to: family members, religious leaders, friends, support groups, therapists, etc. We are not therapists. We do not judge you. We offer a new approach, a real approach, a practical, logical approach focusing on realistic expectations and reasonable outcomes if this went through the Court System.

We provide families, couples, neighbors and friends a unique opportunity to meet with a lawyer outside of Court, in a neutral location, where neither party has the normal control or advantage, to help facilitate a solution. We apply our legal point of view to your problems and offer our experience with seeing these same disputes play again and again in Court to help you reach a faster, cheaper, more favorable resolution.

We manage your dispute, control temper flares and keep all parties focused on the end resolution. We help you reach a mutually acceptable agreement in a confidential setting. And, because costs are generally shared equally between parties, our entire resolution experience is much more affordable than hiring attorneys and going to Court.
Estate Planning
We prepare custom estate planning to fit your needs. Whether it is a basic will or a specialized trust, like a special needs trust or life insurance trust, we will help you get it down quickly so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.
With our recent move a huge success, we have brought on additional attorneys to meet the client's needs faster and more efficiently. Contact us today to get peace of mind tomorrow.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Efficiency and Excellence.

When you hire McCoy Fatula, LLP, you are hiring our firm, as a whole, not just one person. You get the minds of multiple attorneys and legal professionals, not just one, who will strategize to provide you the best outcome in your situation.

Stephen Fatula

A dedicated attorney with coast to coast experience. His deep care and concern for each client's problems is evident in his approach to every case.

Stephen M. Fatula, Jr. came to California after years of visiting family in the Silicon Valley and Bay areas. As a Pennsylvania native, he spent his childhood immersed in the local community through the Boy Scouts of America and local sports teams where he developed strong leadership skills and the importance of trust and honor.

Having a sense of civic responsibility, he enrolled at Wesley College, Delaware's oldest private college, with an unprecedented eagerness to get involved and help people. While pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies, Mr. Fatula selflessly tutored hundreds of students, founded multiple organizations focused on giving back to the community and published a scholastic article, all while graduating Magna Cum Laude, with minors in Chemistry and Biology.

Mr. Fatula graduated and immediately working for W.L. Gore & Associates, a $3 billion annual company and 14-year acknowledged "100 Best Companies to Work For" in the U.S. by FORTUNE magazine.

Before accepting a full-time position with W.L. Gore & Associates, Mr. Fatula was approached by Rutgers University School of Law and invited to attend. Mr. Fatula understood law school would provide a direct avenue to helping others and quickly leveraged the education into a dual MBA degree from Rutgers School of Business, recognizing the necessity to understand business when practicing law.

While earning his Juris Doctorate degree from Rutgers School of Law, Mr. Fatula was selected to participate in two esteemed programs, the Children's Justice Clinic and the Mediation Pro Bono Project, where he spent countless hours advocating and protecting children in Camden, New Jersey during the day and mediating simple and complex disputes after Court hours.

Upon graduating from Rutgers School of Law, Mr. Fatula promptly applied his new education and helped establish an educational products company out of San Jose, California, The Lumenaris Group, Inc. After being appointed as legal counsel in 2009, Mr. Fatula continued to hone his legal and business skills.

In 2012, Mr. Fatula moved from New Jersey, where he was providing legal services to multiple companies, including small and medium-sized law firms and Fortune 500 Company, Campbell Soup Company, to Sacramento, California with the intention to be closer to The Lumenaris Group, Inc. Within weeks, Mr. Fatula was hired at a small law firm and began representing clients interests in family law matters in Placer, Sacramento and Yolo Counties, where he worked with Mr. McCoy.

The two instantly recognized their legal and business approaches attributes were perfectly complementary to each other and within months began discussions of starting a partnership, reflecting upon their current model, incorporating points that proved successful and addressing and correcting those points that failed. Mr. Fatula brings his wealth of knowledge and applicable business and legal experience to McCoy Fatula.
  • Rutgers School of Law
    Juris Doctorate

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