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What should you do if you are stopped for a DUI?

Category: Getting Help With a DUI, DUI Defendants Rights

When someone is stopped by the police, regardless of whether or not hey have been drinking, they are nervous and don’t know exactly how to act.


Restitution in a DUI Case

Category: Miscellenous, DUI Accidents

If you are involved in a DUI accident, not only do you have to worry about the regular penalties facing a DUI suspect, you have to worry about paying for all of the damage that was done.


What's The Worst That Can Happen for a Los Angeles DUI Arrest?

Category: DUI: Charges & Penalties, DUI Laws and Penalties, California

What’s the worst that could happen because of my Los Angeles DUI arrest? I HATE this question, and I get it almost every day. The truth is… it depends...


How Does a Wet Reckless Differ from a DUI?

Category: Fighting a DUI, DUI Defense

In Los Angeles County there is a big difference between a “Wet Reckless” and a regular DUI conviction. A “Wet Reckless” is a lesser or lower level offense than a DUI (or driving under the influence) charge.


DUI Defenses at Different BAC Levels

Category: Fighting a DUI, DUI Defense

My blood alcohol level (or BAC) was 0.08…is that high? My test results were .16 or .24…is that high? When someone first hears a BAC, or blood alcohol content level, they may not really know...


Can I Get a DUI at 0.07 BAC?

Category: DUI Basics, DUI Basics

Yes.  There are several situations where you could be found guilty of a DUI, even though your blood alcohol level was below the legal limit.  Whenever you are looking at a borderline alcohol...


Top 5 Mistakes People Make in Traffic Court

Category: Traffic Violations Q&As, Traffic Court

Over the past ten years, I have watched a lot of people walk into traffic court and make the same mistakes. If handled properly, traffic tickets can be won; but you must go into court prepared. Don’t make one...


10 Common Misconceptions About DUI in Los Angeles County

Category: DUI: State by State, DUI Laws by State, California

Over the past ten years I have spent a lot of time in the DUI courtrooms of the Los Angeles Superior Court; and I have heard people make the same statements to their friends, family, attorneys...