Lynch Lynch Hasbrouck Heights, P.C.

Lynch Lynch Hasbrouck Heights, P.C.

The Lynch Law Firm, with offices in New Jersey and New York, has had a long history of success.

Firm Overview

Let Us Help:
If you are seriously injured on a construction site, in a car accident or with a defective product, you are often very concerned with getting medical care, paying these medical bills and figuring out how you will survive while you are out of work. It is important to act immediately. A consultation with a personal injury attorney is your first step. A personal injury attorney can assist you in determining whether you have a viable claim against those that have caused you harm, and to determine the sources available to pay your medical bills and lost wages. Once it is agreed to move forward with the case the attorney will handle all of the legal work relieving the client of some stress. After all, it's difficult enough having to deal with the physical or psychological damage caused by an accident. Sometimes a case can be settled without ever entering a courtroom. Leave it to legal professionals to get the matter resolved as efficiently, and smoothly as possible.

A Proven Track Record:
The Lynch family has been handling personal injury matters since 1942. You will find attorneys in our firm listed in the top 100 trial lawyers by The National Trial Lawyer Association. We also boast two attorneys with Life Memberships to the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, with only 1% of U.S. Lawyers being members. We take pride in what we do, and it shows in our results. The Lynch Law Firm rarely accepts the first monetary offer given, and will go after the compensation they know you deserve.

Willing to Go the Distance:
The Lynch Law Firm has had experience and success with a wide range of cases: medical malpractice claims, accidents, construction accidents, workplace injury cases, wrongful death suits, product liability cases, and even terrorism. Our attorneys will pore over every detail to ensure accountability. We will even take a look at your claim for free, to see if it is worth pursuing. You won't know just how much your claim is worth until you consult a professional. Our firm has been known to tackle cases that other firms have deemed too complicated to win. With sensitive and tactful business methods, we aim to make the legal process as rewarding as possible for our clients.
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Medical Malpractice
Lynch Law Firm of NJ has recovered millions of dollars for our clients, but timing is crucial!
You may only have 90-days:
Some hospitals in New Jersey are run by the State. Additionally doctors who are affiliated with these hospitals also practice in other hospitals. If you're case involves a doctor who is affiliated with the state of New Jersey, you may only have ninety (90) days from the date of the malpractice to file a notice of claim with the state of New Jersey or your claim may be barred.

Statute of Limitations:
Additionally, New Jersey's statute of limitations for medical malpractice actions is two years. This means that if the actual lawsuit is not filed within two years from the date you knew or should have known that there was malpractice, your case will be barred. Further, a great deal of work needs to be performed by the law firm that you choose before a medical malpractice complaint is filed. This includes:

Ordering all of the medical records:
Having the medical records reviewed by a physician in the specialty of the doctor whom you are suing
Attaining an affidavits of merit; and identifying the potentially liable parties, whether they be doctors, nurses, hospital or medical product manufacturers.
These steps can take many months. As such, it becomes more difficult for an attorney to take a case after too much time has passed.

We can help you...
We will assist you in getting your medical records quickly and will have them reviewed to help you determine whether you have a viable claim. We have a staff with medical expertise and we have dealt with experts in almost every medical field. As such we can have your case reviewed in a timely matter and let you know whether you a case.

Why Lynch Law?
Our firm has been handling medical malpractice cases for decades. We know how difficult they can be to prosecute and we know that obtaining the most knowledgeable, well qualified experts can mean the difference between winning and losing. Medical malpractice law is a highly specialized field. It requires a lawyer who can both understand the medicine and the law involved in such a claim. We have that experience. That is why we have such an excellent track record of success.

How to Get Started:
Once you contact our office, we will arrange for a meeting. We will take a detailed history and then arrange for the medical records to be ordered immediately. Once we review the records, we will let you know whether we feel you have a case. If you do have a case we will get started immediately and walk you through every step of the way.
Personal Injury
Lynch Law Firm of NJ has recovered millions of dollars for our clients, but timing is crucial!
You may only have 90-days:
There are certain time limitations in any personal injury case. Insurance companies need to be notified within a "reasonable" time after the accident or they may claim prejudice and refused to pay the claim. If a municipal entity or employee is involved, a notice of claim would need to be filed with that governmental entity within ninety (90) days of the date of the accident or the case may barred.

Moreover, getting an investigator to the scene of the accident or to speak with police officers or witnesses shortly after an accident can be invaluable. After several months, a police officer or witness may not even remember an accident. Surveillance videos often get taped over if not asked to be preserved. Other evidence can be lost or destroyed over time. It is important to act quickly

How we can help:
Once we have been retained on a case, we start our investigation immediately. This includes notifying all insurance carriers of potential defendants, sending letters out to potential defendants to preserve all video or other evidence of the accident itself, to send an investigator out to interview potential witnesses take photographs and perform a scene investigation. These initial steps can often make or break a case.

Why Lynch Law?
Our firm has been handling personal-injury cases for decades. We understand how to put together a case the right way. We know the value of retaining well-qualified, well-credentialed experts; getting quality exhibits, recreations or animations; and preparing extensively for trial. Our law firm spares no expense in getting cases ready for trial.

In May of 2013, we spent more than $300,000.00 preparing a single case for trial.
Our preparation paid off as we were able to obtain a multi-million dollar settlement for this client during trial. We believe that our experience, track record of success, and preparation for trial are second to none.

How to Get Started:
Once you call our office, we will schedule appointment for you to meet with us immediately. If you were in a hospital or are too ill to come to our office, we can arrange to visit you at your home or in the hospital. We will then take a detailed history of the events leading to the accident and use this to begin our investigation.
Auto Accident
Whether you're dealing with auto insurance, long-term disability insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance, or any other type of coverage, many people find that hiring an experienced insurance and injury attorney can help them get payouts.
The Lynch Law Firm represents clients with a wide range of insurance coverage and liability issues. Our attorneys have successfully represented policyholders in claims against a wide variety of insurance companies which deny coverage. We handle cases of first party claims, third party claims, commercial liability claims for auto, life, disability, fire, and for other kinds of insurance coverage. Whether you insurance company denied your claim, sold you inadequate coverage, or unfairly interpreted your contract, we can help.

James S. Lynch

While many lawyers never see a courtroom, Mr. Lynch spends much of his professional time in the courtroom arguing issues for corporate clients in complex business litigation, for individuals damaged as a result of safety violations, for patients seriously injured by hospitals or physicians who have failed to follow established rules for patient safety, and for individuals, classes or corporations who have been damaged by fraudulent or unethical business practices or defective products. Mr. Lynch and his brother Arthur Lynch are the lead trial attorneys for the firm. Due to their varied backgrounds and experience, James and Arthur often consult with and assist each other in preparing for trial and during trial. Please see Arthur Lynch's bio below.

James Lynch is admitted to practice law in the state and federal courts of New Jersey and New York. He is a well known and respected trial attorney with an excellent track record of success at trial. At the age of 35, Mr. Lynch won his first multi-million dollar case at trial. In that case, an insurance company offered $200,000 to settle a case involving a young man who suffered a disabling brain injury as a result of a car accident. The offer was low because the insurance company was certain that Mr. Lynch could not prove that the defendant caused the accident because the defendant left the scene and claimed he was only witness to the accident and not involved. Mr. Lynch's client, due to his injuries, could not testify. However, Mr. Lynch, at trial, was able to use the police accident reconstruction, maps of the scene and zealous cross-examnation to show that the defendant was lying. Although many lawyers would have accepted the $200,000, as the insurance company thought Mr. Lynch would, he turned them down and tried the case to verdict resulting in a multi-million dollar much needed recovery for his client. Mr. Lynch arranged for his client's recovery to be placed in a special needs trust allowing his client to receive the extraordinary care that he required. Other examples of Mr. Lynch's success in fighting for his clients at trial are found in the case results section of the web site.

He is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney, has been named to the 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Super Lawyer's list published in New Jersey Magazine; has been named to the New Jersey Top 100 Lawyers list; was appointed to the Board of Governors for the New Jersey Association for Justice; is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the AAJ NJ Educational Foundation's Speaker's Bureau, the American Association for Justice, the American Association of Justice of New Jersey, Trial Lawyers Care, the New Jersey State Bar Association, the New York State Trial Lawyers Institute and the New York State Bar Association.

Some of his verdicts and settlements have been published in The Association of Trial Lawyers Law Reporter, the New York Law Journal, the New Jersey Law Journal, the New Jersey Jury Verdict Reporter, the New York Jury Verdict Reporter, The Journal News, The Star Ledger, the Bergen Record and the Daily Observer.

Mr. Lynch has successfully argued in the Appellate Divisions of both New Jersey and New York, resulting in multiple published legal decisions in both states, including the seminal case of Mitzner v. West Ridgelawn Cemetery, recently cited by the United States Court of Appeals, Third Circuit.

He is an author and speaker in the field of trial practice and litigation. In addition to his publications in the New York Law Journal andthe St. Johns Journal of Legal Commentary, Mr. Lynch has published several books, including The 10 Commandments of Buying Insurance: An Insiders Guide to Purchasing Auto Home and Life; Ten Things You Need to Know if You Have Been Involved in a Car Accident in New Jersey and Ten Things You Need to Know if You Have Been Involved in a Car Accident in New York.

James Lynch is one of many respected trial attorneys in his family. In the early 1900's, his great grandfather was an attorney and then U.S. Congressional candidate for New Jersey (practicing in Paterson, NJ, then Washington, D.C.). His grandmother (Elizabeth T. Lynch), grandfather (Professor Arthur V. Lynch), uncle (Harry V. Lynch) and brother (Arthur V. lynch) were all attorneys. James Lynch is the fifth member of the Lynch family to graduate from St. John's University School of Law, where his grandfather (Arthur V. Lynch) taught trial practice and insurance law. His Uncle Harry V. Lynch was personal secretary to Admiral John McCain, Sr. (navy) before becoming President of the Orange County Bar Association.

James Lynch graduated from Don Bosco Preparatory High School in Ramsey, NJ, Fairfield University in Ct, and then St. John's University School of Law in NY. He is married to Katherine and they are the proud parents of five children.
  • St. John's University School of Law
    Juris Doctorate , 1991