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Bed Sores and Nursing Home Abuse

Category: Personal Injury, Nursing Home

What are Bed Sores, How do  they Form?


What is Medical Malpractice?

Category: Medical Malpractice, Medical Malpractice

Determining if you have duffered medical malpractice


What is No Fault Car Insurance?

Category: Auto Insurance Issues, Car Accidents

Many states, including Pennsylvania, have what is called no fault auto insurance. Some believe that this means that if they hit another person with their car, each party pays for his own damage.


Why can't I sue when I am hurt at work?

Category: Worker Rights, Workers Compensation Basics

Workers compensation laws prevent employees from being able to sue their employer, but make it easier to receive compensation after a work related injury.


Do I Have a Slip and Fall Case?

Category: Slip and Fall Accident, Slip and Fall Accident

I fell at a business. Can I sue?


What If Insurance Can't Cover Enough After a Car Accident?

Category: Auto Insurance Issues, Auto Insurance Issues

The minimum insurance requirements are not always enough to cover injuries following a serious car accident.


Medical Malpractice: Claims, Lawsuits and Legal Advice

Category: Medical Malpractice Basics, Medical Malpractice Introduction

Medical Malpractice is the negligence or failure on the part of a medical professional or a health care provider to meet the standards of good medical practice in the field in which he/she practices...


Inpatient Falls: Risk, Injury and Hospital Liability

Category: hospital falls, patient monitoring, Medical Malpractice in the Hospital Setting, Medical Malpractice Injuries

Hospitals are required to care for patients and ensure that they do not suffer further injury while being treated. One of the most common causes of patient injury is a fall from bed or  chair, or on...


What to Expect When You Go before a Workers Compensation Judge

Category: workers compensation judge,, Workers Comp Hearing, Pennsylvania

The workers compensation system was established to ensure that both injured workers and employers can get through an injury and recovery process with as little interruption, conflict, and...


Worker Rights Regarding the Independent Medical Exam

Category: independent medical examination, Workers' Rights, Worker Rights

There are thousands of workers injured on the job every year.  The law requires that most employers provide workers’ compensation insurance coverage to ensure that employees receive...