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Steve Gordon has been serving King County since 1982, with primary practice areas including personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, insurance disputes and other civil litigation. For injury cases, attorney fees are contingent upon recovery of damages by trial or settlement so people of all income levels can afford to get experienced professional help in dealing with insurance companies. No Recovery, No Fee. Hourly rates apply for other types of civil litigation.

Being injured (or having a loved one die) in an accident is painful and stressful. Nothing anyone says or does can make the pain of loss go away but sometimes it seems that insurance company representatives make it worse by minimizing the loss and offering pennies on the dollar for the true value of serious injury or death. Insurance companies hire trained professionals who will take advantage of your inexperience to settle your claim for less than it is worth. Get the help you deserve so you can receive adequate compensation for your injuries! Steve Gordon is a lawyer who genuinely cares about his clients and maintains direct contact with them (unlike most injury lawyers who delegate client contact to staff members). Steve is aggressive when necessary with insurance adjusters and defense lawyers but he remains sensitive to the needs of his clients. This combination of sensitivity and zealous representation has made Steve Gordon the personal injury lawyer of choice for hundreds of Eastsiders for more than 30 years. You deserve a personal injury lawyer who cares about you!
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11033 NE 24th Street, Suite 200
Bellevue  WA  98004
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Hourly Rates
Personal injury and other damages cases on contingent fee basis, other civil litigation at hourly rate, currently $300.00.

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Office Hours
Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM except holidays. Home & Hospital visits can be arranged.
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Monica Monson
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Languages Spoken
English as well as some Spanish (un poco). Translation services can be arranged.
Auto Accident
Personal injury and Auto Accidents
Personal injury and wrongful death claims for victims and their families, including car, truck, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian & bicycle accidents, catastrophic injuries caused by others, interference with business relationships, premises liability, claims against local, state and federal governments, and most other types of injuries and insurance claims.
Real Estate, Contract and Commercial Litigation
Real estate litigation
This includes but not limited to: quiet title, partition, adverse possession, boundary disputes, easements, Form 17 issues, real estate commissions, construction & repair defects, title insurance claims, suits between buyers and sellers, suits against HOAs & Boards of Directors, commercial landlord-tenant disputes, liens on real property, defense of real estate agents and brokers in licensing hearings, and most other types of real estate litigation;

Contract and commercial litigation
This includes but not limited to: breach of contract, partnership, corporate and other business entity disputes between owners or with third parties, collection actions, misrepresentation or fraud by vendors, problems with sales and leases, promissory notes, and other types of contract and commercial litigation.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Insurance companies and other gigantic corporations often deny people their rights in the search for ever-greater profits. I have always thought that people were more important than corporate profits (or ever-greater bonuses for insurance company CEOs), and I enjoy fighting for your rights against the rich and powerful. Given my attitude, it is not surprising that I have chosen a career as a personal injury lawyer.

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others?

I am a lifetime learner who has been reading law, history, biographies, psychology and other sciences for many years beyond my formal education. My undergraduate and law degrees were just the beginning of my higher education. I have learned a lot from my extensive reading, as well as from my pre-law experiences in the advertising and broadcasting fields. My pre-law professional background helped to prepare me to be an effective trial lawyer by developing my writing and speaking abilities. Of course, those writing and speaking skills have been sharpened by 30 years of practicing this type of law here in Bellevue.

What distinguishes your law firm from others?

Personal service. Most other lawyers meet the client, sign the fee agreement, and then have an assistant take all the client's calls thereafter. I believe in treating my clients as I would want to be treated myself so I personally deal with my clients. When you call me, I take the call myself or return it myself. Ditto for emails. Not only does this make most people feel better, it also gives me an on-going sense of how your recovery is progressing and gives me the opportunity to answer client questions and prepare the client for upcoming events in the course of the representation.

How frequently does your firm use mediation, arbitration, or collaborative law to resolve cases?

In King County Superior Court, EVERY case must be mediated before it can be tried. Mediation is a settlement conference with a professional trained to assist each side in understanding why a settlement might be better than going to trial. I have settled many cases with the help of a mediator. Arbitration is usually available only for smaller cases (such as King County Superior Court Mandatory Arbitration for cases under $50,000) or if the dispute involves a contract and the contract has an arbitration provision. Collaborative law doesn't apply to personal injury claims, where there is no possibility of one professional representing both your interests as a claimant and the interests of the insurance company that wants to minimize your claim.

Does your firm provide pro bono legal services or otherwise participate in your community?

Yes. Personal injury law (where the fee is paid from the monetary recovery) is unsuitable for pro bono work (because anyone can afford a contingent fee) so our pro bono work has been in other areas of law, such as foreclosure defense, criminal defense, and family law cases with real estate issues. We believe that pro bono work is an important way for lawyers to "give back" to the community.

Steven J. Gordon

Steve became a lawyer to give people a voice against careless drivers, callous insurance companies, incompetent builders, dishonest people & businesses, overgrown bureaucracies and other abusers of peoples' rights. His practice emphasizes all types of real estate litigation, personal injury and wrongful death claims for victims and their families, contract and small business disputes, property damage and most other types of civil litigation. "NO RECOVERY, NO FEE" contingent fees are available on injury/insurance claims with reasonable hourly fees for real estate and other civil litigation matters. Steve is a compassionate human being who also happens to be an effective trial lawyer. That's a strong combination to have on your side in settlement negotiations or in the courtroom. PERSONAL SERVICE GUARANTEE: Clients are not shuffled off to junior attorneys or required to communicate through secretarial staff, the way many other experienced trial lawyers treat their clients.

Steve is happily married, with three grown children and three grandchildren. Besides fighting for justice, his favorite activities include spending time with his wife and family, hiking, soaking in hot springs, travel, and reading. Before going to law school at UCLA, Steve sharpened his written and verbal communication skills as a copywriter/creative director at an advertising agency and as a radio personality at a commercial radio station in Southern California. These communication skills, combined with more than 30 years of trying and settling cases here in King County, make Steve a powerful and persuasive advocate for his real estate, personal injury and other clients.

Prior to beginning practice in Bellevue in 1982, I lived in Southern California and worked as a copywriter for an advertising agency and then as an on-air personality for a commercial radio station. While these jobs were fun, there wasn't enough meaning in them for me, so I decided to become a lawyer to have a more significant impact on peoples' lives. Fighting for justice on behalf of injured people gives me a tremendous amount of personal and professional pleasure. I have spent my whole adult life developing the abilities and personality traits necesary to represent people against insurance companies. The writing and speaking skills honed in the course of my advertising and broadcasting jobs (as well as 30 years practicing law) have helped me become a more effective communicator, and thus a trial lawyer more effective at asserting your rights. If you are having a problem getting adequate compensation for your injuries from an insurance company, I'd like to meet you.

I am happily married, with three children and three grandchildren. My hobbies include having fun with my family, reading history, biographies and science fiction, travel, wilderness hiking, soaking in hot springs and eating ethnic foods of every derivation.
  • Bar Number: Washington State Bar
    Washington , 1982
  • UCLA School of Law
    Juris Doctor , 1982
    Los Angeles, CA
    I knew from the first day of law school that I wanted to become a trial lawyer so I took as many classes as possible relating to litigation. In addition to classes, practicums and Moot Court competitions, I worked for the Los Angeles City Attorney during my third year of law school and had experience researching, briefing and arguing motions in court even before graduation.
  • San Diego State University
    B.A., cum laude, with Special Distinction in History , 1979
    San Diego, CA
    College was great fun! I attended for two years right after high school, dropped out to work in advertising, and went back to college after I decided to become a lawyer. I got to read as much history as I liked, was president of the history honor society, and scheduled my classes around my job as an on-air radio personality. I didn't have much free time but that doesn't seem to matter when you enjoy what you do.

Steven Gordon

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