The Law Offices of Schneider and Stone

The Law Offices of Schneider and Stone

Schneider and Stone are attorneys committed to helping you walk away from our office better off than when you came in.

Firm Overview

Schneider and Stone are attorneys committed to helping you walk away from our office better off than when you came in. As attorneys, we pride ourselves in helping you understand your legal rights so that you can make smart decisions to achieve your goals. Our lawyers believe in taking the time to let each person tell us their idea of success and then talk about how we can help them move toward that success.

Every client is important and unique to us. In order for our attorneys to ensure the quality of your representation we guarantee that a lawyer will handle your case and be involved in addressing your concerns every step of the way.

Clients of Schneider & Stone come because they want someone to spend time helping them understand their legal issues. Those clients stay because our attorneys offer the advice that can make great ideas into realities, help keep families together, put an end to wage garnishments, and fight off adversity to save people's homes from foreclosure, their businesses from lawsuits, and sometimes their life savings with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy protection. We are attorneys committed to providing sound legal advice.

Main Office

8424 Skokie Blvd., Suite 200
Skokie  IL  60077
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Other Offices

1755 Park Street
Suite 200
Naperville,  IL  60563

Ben Schneider

Ben Schneider represents those filing for bankruptcy, facing family issues and working on business matters in the Chicagoland area. A qualified bankruptcy lawyer, Mr. Schneider assists individuals and families who have debt and need to stop creditors from calling. He provides personalized services to help you develop a proactive strategy for your financial situation.

Mr. Schneider takes a hands-on approach to bankruptcy and helps you determine whether you should file under Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13  bankruptcy and helps you make important decisions about your financial life. Mr. Schneider can help you keep your house even if you face foreclosure and can help you keep your car after bankruptcy. He helps business owners determine whether they should file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In addition, he acts as a divorce attorney and handles divorce, adoption and child custody matters.

Mr. Schneider earned a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies Degree at the University of Wisconsin in Eau Claire. During his time at the University of Wisconsin, he earned state and national public speaking titles, including the National Champion in Persuasive Speaking. He is published in the journal “Great Speeches.” Mr. Schneider earned a Juris Doctorate Degree at the John Marshall Law School, during which time he was the first alternate on the U.S. Debate Team. He continued his legal studies in post-graduate programs in Israel and New York. Mr. Schneider acts as the principal bankruptcy attorney at the Law Offices of Schneider & Stone, a firm he co-founded with Motty Stone.

If you have a bankruptcy or divorce question in the State of Illinois, please call Ben Schneider today for a free phone consultation.

Motty Stone

Motty Stone represents business clients across the United States with interests in the Chicagoland area. Mr. Stone acts as the legal eyes and ears for businesses of all sizes everywhere that need effective legal representation in the State of Illinois. A qualified lawyer, Mr. Stone assists business managers and owners who seek hands-on legal advice and representation for incorporation, employment, intellectual property and business litigation. Mr. Stone is experienced with negotiating business contracts for more favorable terms, drafting cease and desist orders, handling tricky employment situations and being available for any type of legal question you may have.

Mr. Stone prides himself on helping business owners and managers develop strategies for their businesses that will help them grow. Mr. Stone acts as the principal business and corporate attorney at the Law Offices of Schneider & Stone, a firm he co-founded with Ben Schneider. Mr. Stone also acts as a divorce lawyer, handling divorce, child custody and spousal support issues. Mr. Stone earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics degree at the University of California at Santa Barbara. He earned a Juris Doctorate degree at Chicago Kent College of Law. He holds a certification as a mediator at the Center for Conflict Resolution. While at Chicago Kent College of Law, Mr. Stone was active in the Moot Court Honors Society and Student Decalogue and wrote the award-winning paper, “A Comparison of Free Speech in Jewish and American Law.” Mr. Stone acted as a student clerk for the Honorable Margaret O’Mara Frossard at the Illinois State Appellate Court and was a Juvenile Institutions Officer at the Santa Barbara (CA) Probation Department. He is a member of the Illinois State Bar and of the Federal Bar. Heavily involved with the Skokie Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Stone is the appointed president of the Skokie Lawyers Roundtable, a discussion group for area attorneys. Mr. Stone believes in increasing his list of legal contacts in the Chicagoland area, so he may best serve his clients by providing them with additional services. If you have a corporate legal question and hold business interests in Chicagoland or in the State of Illinois, please call Motty Stone today for a free phone consultation.