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Law Offices of Judy H. Barganier, P.C

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Serving families in Central Alabama for over 20 years.

The Law Offices of Judy H. Barganier, P.C. has the professional and personal background to understand, evaluate, and successfully litigate your cases in matters of family law, including divorce, child custody, visitation, alimony, property division, child support, post divorce modifications, all other facets of family and domestic law, and in the defense of criminal allegations of domestic violence and defense of all levels of sexual abuse allegations.

Our Commitment:
Our law firm is committed to providing the best legal services possible and attaining the best results possible for each client. Judy has distinguished herself through focused and effective legal representation in matters regarding Alabama family law and criminal defense of domestic violence and sexual abuse allegations, and she has proven repeatedly that there is no substitute for thorough preparation of each issue in each case. Our commitment is to zealously advocate for our clients, to add value as each client, and not ourselves, defines it, to listen intently to each client's concerns, to provide advice and judgment as to every detail of each client's case, and to maintain the highest standards of personal and professional ethics and continuing proficiency in the legal profession.

Our Legal Team:
Judy Barganier brings a sincere understanding and wholehearted diligence to every case she handles. Her experience as a prosecutor of rape, sodomy, child abuse, and sexual abuse crimes and as a prosecutor of domestic violence crimes provides her with experience in every detail and all aspects of some of the most difficult legal issues. Since she began working in private practice on issues involving divorce, alimony, property division, child support, visitation, post-divorce modifications, child custody law, defense, and appeals in the State of Alabama, her clients can rely on Judy's legal skills and expertise. She has built a solid reputation for truth, reliability, and credibility both personally and professionally.

As a former prosecutor, Judy has amassed extensive courtroom experience that is unmatched in many other Alabama family law practices. Building on that prosecutorial experience, our firm has become a regional leader, handling even the most difficult and complex cases affecting families. Broadening our knowledge base is vital to maintaining professional competency, which is why Judy regularly participates in and teaches continuing legal education seminars and staff training.

Our Involvement in the Community:
The support and betterment of our community outside our legal practice allows us to give back to the community and show gratitude for the blessings of a successful legal practice. Accordingly, we are involved in various community and professional organizations which advance our ideals in the broader community. Some of these organizations include the Montgomery Kiwanis Club, Experience Missions International, Common Ground Montgomery, the Montgomery Chamber of Commerce, as well as working directly on public school projects, participating in, and supporting various community projects.
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Child Custody
Law Offices of Judy H. Barganier, P.C will represent your Child Custody legal matters.
Nothing in family and divorce law causes more stress and creates more heartache, expense, and conflict than the issue of child custody. The way child custody is addressed by the attorneys and the court system itself can result in custody arrangements and awards that have long terms effects for the children and parents alike. Custody arrangements for children after a divorce are vital to their well-being. Therefore, it is all that much more critical that the attorney you chose to represent you when child custody is at issue has the utmost experience and understanding of and ability to use the law that is relevant to how your custodial rights will be allocated between you and the other parent. The issue of your child's or children's custody demands that you have the most experienced, knowledgeable, and progressive attorney possible to help you attain the best possible custodial arrangement for your family.
Child Support
Law Offices of Judy H. Barganier, P.C will represent your Child Support legal matters.
Areas of Law:
-Family Law
-Property Division
-Military Family Law
-Domestic Violence Defense
-Appellate Work
-Civil/Criminal Defense of Sexual Abuse Allegations
-Child Custody
There is no substitute for experience and preparation in all legal issues, but never more so than when you need or are faced with a divorce or legal separation.
You need and must have an attorney on your side who fully understands the legal and emotional ramifications of a legal separation or divorce and who has specific experience in every aspect of divorce and legal separation. Our firm has significant experience and understands the necessity of preparation in dealing with divorce issues, including but not limited to:
-Shared or sole custody of minor children
-Legal and physical child custody
-Child support obligations
-Visitation and parenting time
-Relocation or moving of your residency within or out of state,
-Periodic and rehabilitative alimony
-Alimony in gross
-Defense of claims for alimony
-Division of military retired pay and other retirement funds
-Division of business interests
-Business evaluations
-Forensic accounting needs
-Equitable distribution of property
A family crisis such as a divorce can tear apart a family much more than the actual dissolving of the marital bonds between the husband and wife.
When children are the subject of a custody dispute, the stakes are even higher and the issues, if not dealt with properly, can result in long term problems for the children and their families. Our experienced legal advice combined with our highly focused negotiation and litigation skills will help you resolve and move beyond stressful and complicated family law issues.
Military Divorce
The daily pressures of home life are magnified all the more for military families.
If a marriage fails or domestic violence is an issue, the laws regarding the military justice system are often complex. Legal issues concerning the preservation or division of military retired pay within the context of State law and federal law concerning Survivor Benefits Plan, Uniformed Services Former Spouses' Protection Act (USFSPA), 10 U.S.C. 1408, and all of the other issues that must be addressed when military service is part of a divorce situation require experience and knowledge that is well beyond many who do not routinely deal with military family and divorce law. Our law firm can help you navigate these difficult legal issues.

Judy Harrison Barganier

Attorney in Montgomery, AL

Private practice of law, 1992-1993. Deputy District Attorney, Montgomery County, Alabama, 1993-1998. Vertical Prosecutor - Domestic Violence and Sexual Assaults (children and adults victims) 1995-1998. Private practice of law, 1998. Editor, Alabama Case Notes, 1993- 1995. Co-founder - Montgomery County Task Force against Domestic Violence, 1994. Co-founder - Montgomery County Sexual Assault Response Team, 1995. Public Citizen of the Year - Montgomery Unit NASW 1996. Justice for Victims - Sunshine Center 1997. Leadership Montgomery, Class XIV, 1998. Alabama Law Institute Alabama Administrative Office of Courts Judicial Study Commissions: Protection from Abuse Legislation Revision; Development of Bench Manual on Domestic Violence; and Alabama Model Code on Domestic Violence. Member: American Prosecutors' Research Institute's National Center for Protection of Child Abuse; CHILDPROOF, Tulsa, Oklahoma; Stopping Violence against Women Conference, Monroe Louisiana; Law Enforcement Coordinating Committee Programs for the United States Department of Justice. Association of Family and Conciliation Courts Family Guidance Center of Alabama, Inc., Board of Directors 1993 - 1997 Columbia Regional Medical Center Board of Directors, 1997 Montgomery Unit, American Cancer Society, 1997 Kiwanis Club of Montgomery, 1994 - present Junior League of Montgomery - Sustaining Member.

Areas of Law:
-Family Law
-Property Division
-Military Family Law
-Domestic Violence Defense
-Appellate Work
-Civil/Criminal Defense of Sexual Abuse Allegations
-Child Custody

Experience & Credentials:


Admission Details:
-Admitted in 1992, Alabama
-U.S. District Court, Middle District of Alabama

Law School Attended:
Jones School of Law
Class of 1991
magna cum laude

University Attended:
Auburn University, Montgomery
Class of 1978

Birth Information:
Born in 1947
Birmingham, Alabama, September 30, 1947

Associations & Memberships:
Alabama State Bar.

Representative Cases:
S.J.R. v. F.M.R. --- So.2d ----, 2004 WL 1012892 Ala.Civ.App.,2004. S.J.R. v. F.M.R. --- So.2d ----, 2004 WL 1012892 Ala.Civ.App.,2004. J.H.F. v. P.S.F. 835 So.2d 1024 Ala.Civ.App.,2002. May 17, 2002 Procise v. Marler 833 So.2d 650 Ala.Civ.App.,2002. April 26, 2002 Horizons 2000, Inc. v. Smith 620 So.2d 606 Ala.,1993. April 30, 1993.
  • Jones School of Law
    Juris Doctorate, magna cum laude , 1991