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Attorney Lamy handles various legal matters pertaining to Personal Injury.

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Joseph R. Lamy

Personal Injury Attorney

  • Boston College Law School
    J.D. , 2008
    Boston, MA

Articles Written

Car Accidents Caused in Part by Snow and Ice

Created On: 12/08/2010

Many drivers are curious who is at fault for an accident caused (in part) by snow and ice. Since we are now in the midst of winter, this question is increasingly relevant...

Damages and Compensation for Pedestrians Injured in a Car Accident

Created On: 07/01/2010

There may be no more serious auto accident than those involving a car striking a pedestrian.  Unprotected pedestrians are likely to suffer serious injuries such as fractures, scarring, head injuries...

Understanding Massachusetts' No Fault Laws

Created On: 04/21/2010

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts maintains "no fault" laws pertaining to auto accidents.  Many people, both residents of Massachusetts and Rhode Island residents who are injured...

DUI in Rhode Island: Defenses and Penalties

Created On: 11/09/2009

In the State of Rhode Island, the first offense of DUI (driving while intoxicated) is a misdemeanor.  If you are pulled over by the police, you must comply with police request for your license and registration but you do not need to answer if they ask whether you have been drinking.  If police...