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Have you suffered serious injury or financial harm because of the negligent or careless actions of others? Contact our Chicago, Illinois office for a free case evaluation. Our full-service law firm serves individuals and businesses in Cook County and surrounding Chicagoland counties in a wide spectrum of legal practice areas, including: Auto and recreational vehicle accidents Workplace injuries (third party claims) Medical malpractice and professional malpractice Dangerous products and unsafe premises Wrongful death Employment discrimination / employment law Commercial litigation

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Articles Written

Value of an Auto Accident Claim

Created On: 06/14/2011

The value of an auto accident claim is never an arbitrary number; it’s based on specific calculations that take into account the extent to which you were injured. To determine the value of a car crash claim, injury...


Tips for Avoiding Cycling Accidents

Created On: 12/13/2010

In recent times, the United States has seen an insurgence in the number of cyclists sharing the road with drivers. Soaring gas prices, “going green”, and saving money on automobile related expenses...

Should I Have an Attorney When Dealing with an Insurance Claims Adjuster?

Created On: 12/06/2010

Each year, the insurance industry takes in nearly $250 billion in premiums from their customers. Generally they only pay out half that amount in claims, retaining the rest for profit. The insurance adjuster’s...