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An Illinois accident and resultant injuries can happen to anybody at any time, and the effects can be life-changing. If you or someone you love has been the victim of nursing home abuse, a work related injury, an auto accident, or a slip and fall accident in Illinois the Illinois accident lawyers at Barry G. Doyle P.C. want to hear from you. Our law offices are based in Chicago, Illinois and we have dedicated our practice to serving Illinois accident and injury victims only - we never represent large firms or insurance companies.

Some Illinois accident lawyers will try to push you into making decisions about your case that benefit them instead of you. At the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle P.C, that will never happen. We believe that you are the one who should make the important decisions about your Illinois accident case, and we provide you with all the facts and information that you need to make a choice that is right for you - not us. We'll make our recommendations and offer guidance on Chicago law, but ultimately you need to be happy with the outcome, and your satisfaction is our goal.

If you are looking for an Illinois accident lawyer who will put your needs first, look no further than the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. With more than 15 years of personal injury experience, extensive knowledge of Chicago law, a promise that you won't owe us a dime if we don't make a recovery in your case, and free initial consultations for all prospective clients, you have nothing to lose by contacting us today.

Our Illinois accident lawyers specialize in the following areas:

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

One of the most difficult decisions a family can make is whether or not to put a beloved parent or grandparent into a nursing home. Unfortunately, even after much soul searching and intense research, when the utmost care is taken to find the perfect institution, the unimaginable can happen - abuse at the hands of the people you trusted to care for your loved one. If your loved one has suffered from a serious fall, physical or emotional abuse, bed sores or pressure ulcers, malnutrition, dehydration, restraint injury, or assault from a resident or staff member, Chicago nursing home lawyer Barry G. Doyle wants to hear from you. UPDATE: The chicago nurisng home lawyers at the law offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. have recently created a tool to help you file Illinois nursing home complaints.

Work Related Injuries

There are many ways that Illinois workers can suffer from serious injury on the job: railroad accidents, construction accidents, industrial accidents, asbestos exposure, loading dock accidents, and more. While the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act exists to protect your rights, you may find that in a complicated workplace injury case you don't receive the fair treatment or compensation that you deserve under Chicago law. In addition, claims can be complicated if a third party was partially to blame for your injuries. If you have any concerns about your work-related injury, please don't hesitate to contact Barry G. Doyle today.

Auto Accidents

If your life has been turned upside-down by a serious auto accident on one of the busy roads and highways that crisscross Illinois, you may not know where to turn for help. To add insult to injury, the insurance company of the negligent party may offer you a ridiculously low settlement, an amount that doesn't even come close to covering your expenses and suffering. Don't let heartless insurance companies take advantage of your suffering - what you need is an attorney who understands the tricks and traps of Illinois mandatory insurance law. Please contact Illinois accident attorney Barry G. Doyle to discuss your car or truck accident case and find out how we can work with you to secure the compensation you deserve under Chicago law.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Nobody imagines that they'll ever be the victim of a slip and fall accident, however it happens all too often to unsuspecting men, women and children in Chicago and throughout Illinois. One minute you can be going about your business shopping or running errands, and the next minute you are snared in a tangle of doctor's visits, medical bill payment laws, and rehabilitation appointments - not to mention the pain you're feeling from your Illinois accident. If you believe that somebody is at fault for your injuries, don't hesitate to contact an attorney like Barry G. Doyle who understands slip and fall litigation. You deserve compensation for your suffering, and the negligent party deserves to be held accountable for their actions.
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Auto Accident
Our Illinois auto accident lawyers help when car accidents result in serious injury.
Driving in Illinois can be dangerous business, and these dangers aren't confined to the big cities. In fact, according to the Chicago Sun Times, the state's top 11 interchanges for car accidents in Chicago were in the suburbs.

If you suffered a crash injury in a traffic accident involving a car, truck, bus, or motorcycle, or if you were involved in a hit and run accident, you know that the consequences of serious car accidents in Chicago can be devastating. If the accident is bad enough, it can seem as though your life has come to a grinding halt and you may need to speak with Illinois auto accidents lawyers about your options.

Our Illinois auto accident lawyers spend a lot of time answering questions from people who have been injured in serious Illinois car accidents. Here are answers to some of the most common questions our clients ask us.

What is the statute of limitations on my case? THIS MIGHT BE THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION YOU CAN ASK.
Is a left turn accident always the fault of the person turning left? People often misunderstand this!
The person who hit me doesn't have enough insurance to cover my accident, what can I do? You may be entitled to recover the full measure of your damages by making an underinsured motorist claim.
What time did my car accident happen? Find out why this might matter.
Was the other driver distracted by his cell phone? Watch this short video.
I was involved in an Illinois hit and run accident or the person who hit me does not have car insurance, does this mean I don't have a case? You still have a case if you have the right insurance.
I was in a car accident while at work, do I have a case? Actually, you might have two.
I was hit by a drunk driver, is he the only one at fault? It surprises people to know that many times there are several parties at fault!
How much is my DUI case worth? You may be entitled to receive additional damages.
How long should I wait to hire an Illinois auto accident lawyer? You shouldn't! Here are 5 reasons why.
I was involved in a serious car accident and I'm worried I may not be compensated enough, what can I do? Frequently there are additional sources of compensation.
Medical Malpractice
An Illinois Malpractice Lawyer Will Help You with Your Illinois Medical Malpractice Law Claim
There are few areas in the law as complex and difficult as Illinois medical malpractice law. Cases should only be pursued with the assistance of an Illinois malpractice lawyer and only in cases where there are truly significant injuries.

Illinois medical malpractice law focuses on cases of medical negligence. The issue of whether there was negligence by the healthcare provider is determined by whether the provider deviated from the standard of care for the profession. A medical malpractice claim or lawsuit must establish that the medical professional was negligent in giving care, and that this negligence caused your injury. These are difficult cases to prosecute successfully without the help of an experienced Illinois malpractice lawyer. There will always be a vigorous defense on the part of the medical professional.

Illinois medical malpractice law covers a wide variety of medical negligence cases. From the more publicized cases of common hospital infections to more obscure injuries such as intravenous extravasation errors; even documentation cases such as malpractice informed consent issues. These are all forms of medical negligence that an Illinois malpractice lawyer can help you resolve.

Before a medical malpractice lawsuit can be filed under Illinois medical malpractice law, there must be a statement by a qualified medical expert who has studied the medical records involved, stating that there is a meritorious basis for the case against the healthcare provider. That means a lot of research and inquiry must be done before the lawsuit is filed. The necessary medical expert may be out-of-state, giving rise to travel costs as well as the cost of their time and expertise. That expert must be willing to testify, which means more travel and time spent.

A great deal of detail must be investigated in order to build a valid medical malpractice case. This takes time and energy away from you and your family that could be spent dealing with your losses and grief from the injuries you have suffered.

The sooner you consult with an experienced Illinois malpractice lawyer like Barry Doyle about your injury, the sooner he can assess your situation, consult with his experts to determine if you might have a valid claim, and get started on gathering information and interviewing people.

Your family should be able to focus on healing from the injuries you sustained at the hands of your negligent medical providers, not dealing with filing paperwork and seeking medical evidence. When you contact an Illinois malpractice lawyer at the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. you're not only obtaining the confidence of years of experience with Illinois medical malpractice law, you're giving your family the legal representation they need to pursue the compensation you deserve.
Product Liability
Chicago Dangerous Drug and Defective Products Lawyers
People who are injured by a defective product may be able to pursue a civil suit against the product manufacturer to receive compensation for their injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages. This is known as a product liability suit, and it uses a legal doctrine called strict liability, or liability without fault. A victim of an accident or injuries must show that the injuries were caused by a defect in the product at the time it left the hands of the manufacturer in order to recover compensation.

There are three main theories that are used to recover compensation in a product liability suit:

1. Manufacturing defect - the product was manufactured in some way that it failed to meet the product specifications and this caused the injury or accident;
2. Design defect - the product was manufactured consistent with the specifications, but there was a defect in how the product was designed that resulted in the accident or injury;
3. Failure to warn - the product had a dangerous feature, but the manufacturer failed to properly warn the epxected users of the product about the danger.

Product manufacturers take product liability suits very seriously, and you should not expect that you will be able to reach an out-of-court settlement with them for anything more than "nuisance value." The reason for this is that product liability suits call into question the safety of large numbers of products and a successful product liability suit can result in many claims being made against the product manufacturer. These are also very complex and expensive suits to file, so we strongly recommend hiring an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer to assist you.

IMPORTANT WARNING: In the event that you are injured by a product, you must be sure to preserve the remains of the product in the condition it was in at the time of the injury. This means that you should not throw out the remains of the product or try to repair it. The product must be preserved in the condition it was in at the time of the accident. Failing to do so can result in the dismissal of a product liability suit.

We are available to help victims of accidents and injuries and their families in a number of different kinds of product liability suits, including cases involving:

Dangerous drugs and prescription medications;
Dangerous and defective medical devices and equipment;
Dangerous children's products;
Dangerous and defective exercise and recreational equipment;
Dangerous and defective autos and other motor vehicles;
Dangerous and defective industrial equipment; and
Dangerous, tainted, and unsafe food products.

Product liability suits are complex, expensive cases to pursue, and you should not attempt to pursue one without having the help of an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer.
Trucking Accident
Our Chicago truck accident lawyers help drivers after their Illinois truck accident
Tractor-trailers have such great size, weight, and power that unsafe operation can cause serious crash injuries and death. Trucking companies must comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Standards in every aspect of their operations. Truck drivers are professionals who must have a commercial driver's license, or CDL, to drive a tractor trailer. When you've been involved in a trucking accident in Illinois, it's time to talk to a Chicago truck accident lawyer about your case.

The exacting federal regulations and the special training of the drivers of these powerful vehicles means that truckers and trucking companies must meet very high standards of safety in operating tractor trailers on the public highways. Unfortunately, truck driver negligence contributes to several serious and fatal accidents each year. In 2009 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported 90 instances of a fatal trucking accident in Illinois alone.

The nature of a trucking accident in Chicago Illinois can cause much frustration when you suffer crash injuries that severely impair your life. Unlike a car accident where you would most likely be proving the negligence of another passenger vehicle driver, pedestrian, or motorcyclist, in a truck accident claim you may be up against a trucking company. Their attorneys will have extensive knowledge of truck driver regulations, and your Chicago truck accident lawyer should as well.

A truck accident in Chicago, Illinois can occur for many reasons, including:

Unsafe tractor or trailer - The equipment, including all of the components of the power unit and the trailer, must be inspected to ensure that it is in safe condition to operate on the road. This is required to help ensure the safety of other drivers.
Unsafe driving practices - Truckers must follow not only the rules of the road like every motorist, but also must follow federal regulations. Additionally, their operation of their vehicle must take into account the special operating characteristics of their vehicle such as braking capacity and blind spots.
Overweight truck - Truckers must comply with maximum weight rules and regulations. Failing to do so limits the ability of the trucker to drive safely.
Driver was over hours - Many studies show that the effects of being over-tired while driving a truck has almost the same effect as being intoxicated on the ability of the trucker to operate their truck safely. There are hours of service rules for truck drivers, but these limits are often ignored in the effort to comply with the demands of their employers.
Truck underrides - Underride guards are intended to keep cars from going underneath the trailer. Trucking companies may be held liable where there is no underride guard or it is deficient.

The Chicago truck accident lawyers at our law firm have represented many victims of truck accidents in Illinois. In serious cases, trucking companies often send investigators and accident reconstructionists to help document facts which are favorable to the trucking company. Additional evidence favorable to the victim may be lost without prompt action by victims and their family to hire experienced, aggressive Illinois personal injury attorneys to help preserve their rights.
Workers Compensation
When injured on the job, your Chicago Workers' Comp may not be enough.
For many workers, on-the-job injuries are a fact of life. Everyone from factory employees to construction workers to nurses to secretaries to school teachers-no one is immune from the risk of injury at work. If you are injured on the job, you can pursue compensation through the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act. All employers are required by law to have Workers' Compensation insurance.

Chicago Workers' Comp is a no-fault system. Regardless of whether you or your employer is to blame for the accident, if you were hurt on the job and were acting within the boundaries of your occupation, you are entitled to the benefits. However, if your accident was partly caused by someone else besides your employer or a co-worker, you may even be able to file a lawsuit to claim compensation from that person or company.

The attorneys at the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.C. have the experience needed to obtain the necessary information about your workplace injury, file the right paperwork at the right time and avoid all the "gotchas" that can trip up less knowledgeable lawyers. We focus on all matters of worksite injuries with lawyers who deal with train-related injuries to spinal cord lawyers-we have the knowledge and resources for all types of cases.
Wrongful Death
After an untimely wrongful death in Chicago, seek help from an Illinois accident lawyer.
Mr. Doyle has written a consumer guide to wrongful death suits in Illinois called Losing a Loved One: A Family's Guide to Illinois Wrongful Death Lawsuits. To obtain a FREE copy of Mr. Doyle's book, click on the book cover on the right side of this page or call our office at (312) 263-1080. In his book, Mr. Doyle sets forth some of the basic information that families in wrongful death suits need to know and more, including:

When a family member is killed in any kind of Illinois accident there is a potential for a case of wrongful death in Chicago. The liability of the person responsible for the death is determined by the law for that type of case, such as for car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall cases, FELA cases, construction accidents, medical malpractice cases, and any other type of case involving an unsafe product or other case which results in fatal injuries.

Components of an Illinois Wrongful Death Case

There are two parts to a wrongful death case:

The survival action - for the conscious pain and suffering and other damages the deceased person suffered before his or her death.
The wrongful death case - this is brought by the surviving family members seeking compensation for their losses.

The Illinois Wrongful Death Act

This law provides that the next of kin are permitted to receive compensation for pecuniary injuries resulting from the wrongful death of their family member in a fatal Illinois accident.

The term pecuniary injuries refers to:

The economic support that the next of kin would have received during the lifetime of the deceased.
The loss of society of the person who was killed. This means the loss of the family relationship.

The Illinois Wrongful Death Act was recently amended to allow the surviving families to recover compensation for their grief.

Who files the wrongful death lawsuit?

Only one person is permitted to control the claim for wrongful death in Chicago. If the deceased had a will, the executor of the estate would control the wrongful death suit. The executor has a legal obligation to protect all beneficiaries of the estate, and this means he or she has the duty to file a wrongful death suit if the facts warrant doing so.

If the deceased had no will, a family member must be appointed as special administrator of the estate. The special administrator, like the executor, has an obligation to protect the interests of all the beneficiaries of the estate.

Damages Recoverable Through an Illinois Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The total amount of damages recoverable in an Illinois accident resulting in death includes:

pain and suffering;
medical expenses;
lost wages sustained prior to death;
loss of economic support;
loss of society sustained by the next of kin; and
the grief experienced by the surviving next of kin.

The total dollar figure will vary from case to case, but the standard jury instructions given in every wrongful death case state that the law presumes the amount of damages sustained is substantial. There are also medical bill payment laws your Illinois accident lawyer will make sure are followed in seeking your settlement.

Medical Witnesses

An Illinois accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Barry G. Doyle, P.A. is able to identify key witnesses who can establish the amounts of pain and suffering prior to death. Poor witnesses are often medical personnel whose names appear in medical records only as a scrawled notation or an initial. Our strategy is to provide witnesses who can testify as to the final moments before death, providing a more powerful testimony.

Showing the Family's Loss

An experienced Illinois accident lawyer will explore the full extent of the economic losses a family sustains as a result of the death of a parent, spouse, child, or sibling. At trial, we show the jury how important the lost family member was through photos, videos, and stories. These show the value of each of us to our families.

Statute of limitations

The Illinois statute of limitations for personal injury and cases of wrongful death in Chicago is determined by the statute of limitations in Illinois for the underlying case.

For most cases, it is 2 years, but only 1 year for cases involving municipalities and other local governmental units. Your Illinois accident lawyer should be well-versed in the time limits for wrongful death in Chicago as well as other areas of Illinois. Careful investigation is often required to ensure a full recovery, so when you suspect that there is a basis for a wrongful death lawsuit after a fatal Illinois accident, you should act as quickly as possible.
Personal Injury
12 Questions You Should Ask After Your Illinois Slip And Fall Accident:
Do I have an Illinois slip and fall lawsuit? Answer these two crucial questions.

I slipped on Ice or snow, now what? This is how Illinois slip and fall law determines liability.

Should I give a recorded statement for my slip and fall to my insurance company? What we tell our clients.

I slipped and fell on CTA property, is the CTA liable? You may be able to sue the CTA.

I slipped and fell while working, who is liable? You may have a third party liability lawsuit with the property owner.

What does it mean when the property owner fixes the hazard that caused my injury? It may not be the sure-fire winner you think it is.

How do I know if my slip and fall accident outside or on city property wasn't my fault? These conditions lead to outdoor slip and fall accidents.

My slip and fall accident was due to inclement weather, does that make it my fault? Not alwaysthe property owner might be responsible for hazardous conditions.

How do I know if my indoor slip and fall accident is the property owner's fault? The conditions can show the property owner is liable.

Will it help if I take photographs of my accident? Yes, but it depends.

Who's at fault for my slip and fall accident? This is how we determine who's at fault.

THIS MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION YOU ASK: What is the statute of limitations on my Illinois slip and fall accident?

Barry Doyle

The son of a law librarian and a real estate agent, Barry Doyle grew up in Evanston, Illinois. He is a 1987 graduate of Evanston Township High School. From there, he went to the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science in 1991. He returned to the Chicago area to attend law school at Loyola University of Chicago.

While attending law school, he clerked at some of the most prestigious plaintiff's personal injury law firms in Chicago. Mr. Doyle also did volunteer externships with Cook County State's Attorneys office and for former Magistrate Judge Edward A. Bobrick for the federal court for the Northern District of Illinois. While in law school, he was a Dean's List student every semester and received academic awards for his performance in Criminal Law, Insurance Law, Federal Civil Rights Legislation, and First Amendment Rights. He also received a Leadership and service Award before receiving his degree with honors in 1994. He finished in the top 10% of his law school class.

After graduating, Mr. Doyle took and passed the Illinois bar examination and is currently licensed to practice law in state courts in Illinois and in the federal court for the Northern District of Illinois.

Drawing upon his law school experiences and his desire to help injured people and their families in time of need, Mr. Doyle chose to enter the field of plaintiff's personal injury work. He has not and will not represent insurance companies.

Mr. Doyle opened his own law office in June, 2004 after spending 10 years as an associate in a number of highly successful plaintiff's personal injury law firms. He has represented injured people and their families in personal injury and wrongful death cases

Mr. Doyle is drawn to complex personal injury litigation and trial work, and has chosen to devote his practice to the representation of those suffering from serious injuries. To date, he has tried over 50 cases to verdict in jury trials, bench trials, and binding arbitration hearings and successfully reached settlements in hundreds of other cases.

Mr. Doyle is a member of the Chicago Bar Association, the Illinois State Bar Association, the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association, and American Association for Justice. He is a past co-chair of the Tort (Personal Injury) Litigation Committee of the Young Lawyers Section of the Chicago Bar Association. Additionally, he has served as a volunteer author for the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association of briefs before the Illinois Supreme Court dealing with topics relating to insurance bad faith and spoliation of evidence. Because of his deep interest in the field of nursing home abuse and neglect litigation, he has joined the Nursing Home Litigation Group of the American Association for Justice.

Mr. Doyle is a frequent writer and speaker on topics relating to personal injury law and civil procedure. He is a former Adjunct Professor of Law at Loyola University of Chicago School of Law, has spoken and/or presented papers at continuing legal education seminars for lawyers on the topics of accident reconstruction, proof of causation in personal injury cases, wrongful death litigation, and insurance bad faith claims.

* Nolo has confirmed that every member attorney has a valid license and is in good standing with the state agency that licenses lawyers. Any past disbarments and suspensions (with possible exceptions for minor violations or nonpayment of dues, in our discretion) will be indicated accordingly in the badge. Member attorneys are required to notify Nolo immediately if they become the subject of any disciplinary action by any state licensing agency.