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If you're looking for an attorney, you have a problem you need solved, and you'd like it solved in the most efficient and economical way. You want an attorney who can win your confidence and keep it throughout the legal process. You want results, and you want them achieved in a manner that reflects well on you and/or your business. Welcome to the Law Offices of Arthur D. Lake, LLC, a firm dedicated to providing sound, cost-effective legal services no matter the size or complexity of the case. Attorney Lake is committed to pursuing justice for his clients diligently and energetically, but with the utmost integrity. Arthur Lake is available to assist new clients in matters related to:

Alimony/ spousal support
Child support
Child custody/shared parenting
Postnuptial agreements
Prenuptial agreements
International divorce
Property division
Modifications of judgments
Business and commercial law
Real Estate Law
Criminal law
Juvenile law
Business Litigation
Mergers Acquisitions
Joint Venture Agreements
Purchase and Sale of Business Interests
Immigration law
Green cards/permanent residency
Student visas
Family immigration
Business immigration
Employment authorization documents
Employment-based visas
Empathetic criminal defense and family law attorney in Miami

The Law Offices of Arthur D. Lake, LLC treats each client as a unique individual and responds to that client's specific needs. In particularly emotional areas, such as criminal defense and divorce, Attorney Lake works with you to get past the emotion and identify your goals and objectives. From your initial telephone contact to your free consultation and through successful resolution, Attorney Lake listens to your concerns, helps you understand the relevant issues and counsels you to make the most informed decisions.

Miami immigration attorney has legal and personal experience

Attorney Arthur Lake is a caring advocate who has struggled with issues similar to those his clients face. Unlike many Miami divorce attorneys, he's actually gone through a difficult divorce, and he's an immigration lawyer in Miami, who is actually an immigrant to the United States. Attorney Lake is motivated to make your legal process as pain-free as possible.

Successful business background informs all areas of practice

Attorney Lake uses his MBA business training and corporate work experience to your advantage. Whether he's helping you form and grow your business or negotiating terms for a divorce settlement, Attorney Lake is a skilled manager who identifies and isolates obstacles, formulates solutions and accomplishes each necessary task on schedule.

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Skillful representation for the "dissolution of marriage"
In Florida, the formal term for divorce is "dissolution of marriage." Florida is among the many states that have done away with fault in divorce proceedings, so one spouse suing for dissolution need not accuse the other of any particular violation. This helps to maintain a measure of privacy even when the proceedings take place in open court.

To obtain dissolution, a spouse must prove three elements:

A marriage exists
One of the spouses has been a resident of Florida for at least six months (required even in cases of international divorce)
The marriage is "irretrievably broken"
There are two paths to divorce in Florida: regular dissolution of marriage and simplified dissolution of marriage.

Regular dissolution of marriage in Florida

Regular dissolution of marriage begins with one spouse filing a petition in the circuit court of the county where the couple last lived together or the county where either party now resides. The petition must allege that the marriage is irretrievably broken and state what relief the suing party wants from the court. After the petition is filed, a copy of the petition must be served on the other spouse. When service is accomplished, the summons is filed with the court, and the clock starts ticking for the respondent spouse.

The respondent spouse has 20 days to file an answer with the court, which may contest the action or counter-sue for divorce adding additional claims. Both spouses have 45 days from the filing of the initial petition to exchange financial information, including a financial affidavit (sworn statement of finances). If one spouse has an urgent need for spousal support or child support, the court may order a temporary hearing to consider such matters, in which case the financial statements are due a few days prior.

Couples should attempt to come to an agreement about as many elements of their divorce as soon as possible, including alimony, child custody, child support, modifications of judgments and property division. Working with their attorneys, in standard negotiation or mediation, they can draft a Marital Settlement Agreement, which the court will generally approve. This saves time and reduces expenses for the couple. An uncontested divorce in Florida can become final in as little as a few weeks. Issues on which the spouses cannot agree must be litigated in court and will be decided by the judge. Attorney Arthur Lake can answer your questions about divorce in Fort Lauderdale, Broward County and throughout Florida.

Simplified dissolution of marriage in Florida

The simplified process can be even quicker and less expensive than uncontested regular dissolution, primarily because there are limited rights to discovery of financial information and cross-examination of witnesses and parties. But couples must first qualify by demonstrating that:

They both agree to use simplified dissolution
They have no minor or dependent children
The wife is not pregnant
At least one spouse has lived in Florida for the past six months
Both agree on how all of their assets and debts should be divided
Neither wants alimony
Both agree that the marriage is irretrievably broken.
Appeals of divorce judgments

As with any judgment of the court, divorce decrees are open to appeal. However, judges are allowed to exercise a great deal of discretion in family court. Miami-Dade divorce lawyers must prove that the judge misapplied the law or interpreted facts in an unreasonable manner to have any chance of reversing the decision.

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If you need further information about dissolution of marriage in Florida, contact the Law Offices of Arthur D. Lake, LLC. Call or contact the firm's Miami office online to arrange a free initial consultation. Attorney Lake is also available to meet after business hours by appointment only.

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Child Custody
Negotiating resolutions that preserve parent-child relationships
The Law Offices of Arthur D. Lake, LLC is sensitive to clients' heartfelt concerns about the care of minor children and vigorously advocates for solutions that serve the children's best interests. Most Florida courts favor mediation to facilitate time-sharing or shared parenting plans. Mediation allows parents to manage the terms of a custody agreement rather than forcing a judge to decide.

At mediation, Miami child custody attorneys acts as their clients' advisers and advocates. Attorney Lake educates you on the legal consequences of choices and negotiates with adversaries to achieve optimal terms in the time-sharing agreement. Attorney Lake's background as businessman and divorce lawyer make him uniquely qualified to assess the finer points of a parenting plan while ensuring that the agreement adequately:

Structures time to be spent with either parent (physical custody or visitation)
Designates authority for healthcare, education and welfare decisions (legal custody)
Develops a unified front on educational, religious, social, medical and disciplinary matters
Facilitates ongoing communication between parents with respect to future dispute resolution
If mediation fails to resolve your custody dispute, the court sets a date for trial. Arthur Lake is a determined courtroom advocate who capably asserts your parental rights as well as the best interests of your children.

Advocating for parents in visitation or custody disputes

Child custody can be the most fiercely contested issue of your divorce. In Florida, public policy favors time-sharing and shared parenting, so parents who seek sole custody can face significant legal hurdles, especially when they plan to relocate the children out of state. Often child custody lawyers in Miami must prove that too much contact with the other parent would be detrimental to the children. Attorney Lake has represented parents at trial in disputes over time-sharing agreements throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties that raised issues of:

Domestic violence
Drug or alcohol abuse
Sexual misconduct or abuse
Job loss
Grandparents' rights
Stepparent adoption
Denial of visitation
Absentee parenting
Abandonment or neglect
Termination of parental rights
Modification of court orders
In such disputes, the firm's goal is to advocate strongly for the client while employing tactics that advance the best interests of the children. When a judge's decree proves unworkable, the firm is prepared to represent you in a motion for a modification of the custody order.

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Attorney Lake has the skills and experience necessary to effectively negotiate an affordable resolution to your child custody dispute. The firm welcomes the opportunity to discuss your case with you during a free initial consultation. Call today at or schedule an appointment online.
Skillful management of all divorce issues
Divorce is a process of transition that should end with a manageable "new normal." Unfortunately, the life-altering changes that divorce brings to your family are often complicated and difficult to handle. Miami family law attorney Arthur D. Lake is a skilled manager, firm negotiator and empathetic counselor. He asserts and defends your interests as he guides you through the legal, financial and emotional issues related to family law, including:

Alimony/spousal support
Child custody/shared parenting
Child support
International divorce
Modifications of judgments
Postnuptial agreements
Prenuptial agreements
Property division
Juvenile law
Helping South Florida families through life's transitions

Attorney Arthur Lake understands that every family is unique, so every divorce must be managed differently. He works closely with you to identify your goals and focus on the realistic objectives necessary to achieve them. The firm recommends less confrontational means such as mediation to reach a lasting solution. Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) is cooperative rather than confrontational; it allows spouses to learn new strategies for collaborating, which they will need as they continue to parent their children. Miami-Dade family law attorneys realize that the court decides many issues on the basis of what is in "the best interests of the child(ren)." Divorcing spouses should show at least as much regard for the toll their litigation may take on their children.

Family lawyer in Miami-Dade, FL focuses on the financial impact of a divorce

Unlike many other lawyers, Attorney Arthur Lake draws on an extensive business and finance background to assist you throughout the equitable distribution and divorce process. Before assets are divided, they must be identified. If assets have been hidden overseas, they must be located and added to the marital estate. Attorney Lake has the experience to help you in identifying and repatriating assets that may be governed by the laws of a foreign jurisdiction. Florida law calls for an equitable distribution of marital assets, but there are numerous reasons why property may not be divided equally. The court will consider how and when an asset was acquired and even how a spouse might have contributed to its acquisition. A spouse's history of money management can also influence the allotment he or she receives. Arthur Lake has demonstrated a mastery of finance, in cases throughout Miramar, Pembroke Pines and Broward County. He can make your best case for a truly fair division of your marital property.

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When you need a strong advocate for your divorce and other family law matters, call the Law Offices of Arthur D. Lake, LLC. To arrange a free initial consultation, call or contact the firm's Miami office online. Attorney Lake is also available to meet after business hours by appointment only.

Arthur D. Lake

Prior to establishing the Law Offices of Arthur D. Lake, LLC, Attorney Arthur D. Lake worked as an economist, financial analyst, business manager, managing director of operations and director of government affairs. For two decades, he worked in various industries, including:

Central banking
Bauxite mining
Alumina manufacturing
Mortgage and offshore banking
Electric utility industries
In addition, Arthur Lake provided consulting services to governments, the boards of banks, trained managers and directors of Fortune 500 companies in economic and financial analysis, developed management systems, and assisted with corporate reorganizations. He has been directly involved in negotiating and concluding contracts for the purchase and sale of large assets, including an entire island and an 800-megawatt coal plant. These activities required extensive collaboration with attorneys including senior partners in very large law firms. Clients in Miami and South Florida benefit from Arthur Lake's extensive legal, business and international experience, as well as from the close personal attention he provides from your free initial consultation to the resolution of your case.
  • University of Miami School of Law
    J.D. , 2000
  • Dalhousie University, Canada
  • University of the West Indies, Mona, Jamaica
    B. Sc.
    Mill Reef Scholar, 19711974

Arthur D. Lake

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