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CA DUI and Boating Laws:
Learn about laws related to DUI or driving with medications or drugs. Your Chico DUI lawyer will explain these laws and defenses. If you're arrested, call for a free consultation. Our DUI Law Firm is available in the evening, and on weekends.

How Our Chico DUI Attorneys Help:
We can appear in court on your behalf, evaluate every piece of evidence, prepare a defense strategy and save you money. An experienced Chico DUI Attorney can be invaluable. We'll manage your case around work, finals and winter break. If you're arrested at a DUI checkpoint, give us a call to discuss this.

Underage Alcohol Laws:
Young people make mistakes. A good kid may find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. A conviction for those under 21 are quite punitive. There is a mandatory 1 year driver's license suspension for any alcohol related conviction. Let our Chico DUI Attorney fight for your rights !
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For Consultation in Spanish, please contact 530-330-5396

For Consultation in Spanish, please contact 530-330-5396
We represent clients who've been arrested for a DUI or alcohol related offense. Some cases involve driving under the influence of prescription drugs or marijuana.
How Our Attorneys Can Help

Argue for you to be released on your "own recognizance"
thus saving you thousands of dollars in bail fees. Then you can return to your family, school or job and get back to your life.
We appear in DUI Court on your behalf
so you don't need to go to court for most of your case management. Don't miss school or work. If you live out of town, it could take hours to drive to court, wait for hours for your case to be called, then drive home. Let us appear in court and advocate for YOU.
Aggressively protect your rights from the moment we take on your case.
Contact DMV and schedule a hearing
so you can still drive and make every effort to arrange any driving suspension around your schedule and special concerns. You can have an attorney at your DMV hearing.
We make every effort to receive alternative sentencing
such as work programs, court observation, electronic monitoring, and medical/counseling programs instead of jail.
Our DUI firm manages your case based on your special concerns.
There may be dates when you really need your driver's license, or a job you may loose if you're in jail. We will learn about your concerns and work with the courts to set dates for a license suspension, court dates and jail or alternative programs. Your Chico DUI attorney manages your case for YOUR schedule and needs.
Evaluate every piece of evidence
File motions with the court to receive any missing evidence that can show your innocence such as witness statements, 911 recordings, and video interviews.
File appropriate motions to inspect the calibration of the equipment
used to measure your alcohol levels.
File appropriate motions to suppress any illegal traffic stop
or illegal search by the police.
Prepare a defense strategy for you in court.
If you have been arrested for DUI you must act quickly and contact the DMV to protect your driving rights.
Save You Money
If you have been accused of driving under the influence of alcohol, a professional DUI defense lawyer can be less expensive than just paying the fines. You will have points from the DUI and any other charges recorded on you DMV record. This makes insurance expensive, employers upset, license suspensions longer. We will go to court for you so you don't miss work. If your DUI lawyer can reduce your sentence even a bit, you will often save both the money and aggravation that accompany a DUI accusation.

How did your firm decide on the primary area of practice(s)?

Ms. Hearne is a retired Peace Officer for the State of California. "It's is exciting and an honor to be an attorney. I can advocate for my clients and help them through the legal process." Ms. Hearne has years of experience enforcing the laws of the State of California. She trained peace officers and teaches Natural Resource Law and Criminal Justice Evidence at the local college. "Being able to use my legal knowledge and skills to help individuals in my community is an opportunity to make a positive difference in peoples lives. What a blessing ! "

What experience or education distinguishes your lawyers from others

Chico State University Alumni
Honorably Retired Peace Officer
State of California Peace Officer Filed Training Officer
Certified in EPAS, PAS and Intoxilizer 5000, the equipment used to measure alcohol levels.

Susan M. Hearne

Lead Attorney Susan Hearne was a Peace Officer for the State of California for over 25 years, a Probation Officer in Riverside County, and a Deputy District Attorney in Butte County. She now uses those decades of experience in Law Enforcement to advocate for you. She trained police officers and teaches at the local college. If you need a Chico DUI attorney, call us.

Our Criminal Defense Firm has offices in Chico, Oroville and Orland. We serve Butte, Colusa, Glenn and Tehama County.

Our clerks and investigators include retired law enforcement officers, law school graduates, and staff with years of professional experience. We're a great team providing you with the skills and experience needed from a top notch DUI Firm.

We are able to offer affordable representation on your DUI, including driving while suspended, DUI causing property damage, and underage drinking issues. We protect each client's rights, freedom, and financial future, providing experienced advice and detailed information to individuals experiencing difficult times.

With a strong criminal defense team, we offer reliable advice, effective legal pleadings, strong advocacy, positive results AND reasonable fees. We conduct your Butte County criminal case with respect for the client, and an aggressive defense for you. Use a firm knowledgeable of DUI law. Consultation is free.

Law Office of Dane Cameron, Defense Attorney
State of California, Peace Officer
Butte County, Deputy District Attorney
Riverside County,
Juvenile Division Probation Officer

Teaching Positions
California State University, Chico
University of San Diego, California
California State Parks
Butte College, California
  • Chico State University
  • Northern School of Law

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