Law Office of Steven P. Green

Law Office of Steven P. Green

Firm Overview

The practice of law combines the knowledge of the law and how it applies to you, AND how the attorney interacts with you. My goal is to provide to you the very best in legal services and advice while respecting you, my client. I aspire to always treat you as a partner in the process.

I use a common sense approach and make every effort to cost-effectively resolve cases. When the need arises, however, I can be an effective and aggressive litigator.

A key to success in any case is to meet the needs of you, the client. To do that I endeavor to get to know you, to understand what you are looking for, what you are trying to achieve. Armed with this knowledge of who you are, I develop a plan to achieve your goals.

Main Office

150 North Street
Suite 49
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Steven Green

name is Attorney Steven Green and my job is to assist you in
successfully getting through this difficult time. I am a skilled
advocate, communicator and mediator and I will put these unique
skills to work for you.

have also been trained in psychotherapy and have an MA in Counseling
Psychology. Combining the law and counseling gives me a unique
perspective and skill set. It is this combination of skills that I
bring to each interaction with my clients.

am here to assist you.  Lawyers have a unique relationship with their
clients: The only thing that matters is helping you achieve your goal.
Period. My goal is to bring transparency to the matter that we are
dealing with. In other words, I will communicate with you on a regular
basis. Whether it's by phone, email, or texting, I intend to keep you
fully informed about the process that you and I are engaging in. I also
intend to return your calls within 2 hours of receiving your message -
assuming I don't personally pick up the call - Monday to Friday during
business hours and ASAP on weekends. I know that for you this is a
difficult time...I respect that.

I am available for consultation anywhere in Massachusetts, at your convenience, any time, seven days a week.

  • Framingham State College
    Master of Arts , 1975
    Framingham, MA